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The glamorous life of Emirates cabin crew: sleeping on the airport floor

This is an e-mail I’ve got a few days ago. I will let you draw the conclusion about safety, EK’s organizational culture and fatigue. I will also let you wonder where the pilot and co-pilot slept that night.



Thank you for your blog. Emiarets is a terrible companyy to work for.
Please, do not display my email address or my name…..
This is a picture of Emirates Airline Crew sleeping on the floor. The JFK airport was closed and the company asked us to leave our hotel and go to the airport anyway and wait on the airbridge until they open the airport…..
The fact was that the airport was closed because of the heavy snow and we had to wait on the floor for several hours, more than 6hours…… We could not even use the
emirates lounge at the jfk airport. They told us to wait at the airbridge.

Not so glamorous Emirates Airline lifestyle

I’ve read this article on Yahoo Lifestyle yesterday and wondered how far can a pursuit for the profit go? And does doing business these days means only flooding the media with stories which promote your desirable image? Does any CEO or business owner today thinks they can resolve their inner organizational and human resources problems with a few positive image articles on the internet? How long before managers figure out that they cannot beat the internet because it gives an equal power to everyone, including those whose voice managers don’t want to hear?

I am not glad to see that EK managers hadn’t learned much about running the long lasting business. They are still trying to mask the problems with the old “high class lifestyle” public discourse, while their company is falling apart from the inside.

Is it that human conscience is limited with its own mortality so much that managers simply don’t care what will happen after they go, or they simply don’t know how to think in future terms? Maybe combination of both, but, in the meantime, while EK is struggling with its limited managers whose only job is, it seems, to drink Costa coffee in the HQ Costa cafe and to make sure that internet gets its daily dose of “Emirates high class lifestyle” articles, this blog will publish not so glamorous stories about the real lifestyle inside Emirates Airline.

I’ve got this story as a comment on my blog and decided to publish it as an article because I had similar health issues while I was working in EK (without health insurance!). When your employer doesn’t care about your health, I guess you have to take care of yourself and the internet can be a good doctor in the world which recognizes only money for its supreme leader.



“Dragna, I have been following your blog for about 2 years. I’ve resigned from EK in 2013.

I left because I felt we as crew were not treated fairly, there was no Support system we could rely on.
2012 I was diagnosed with a begnine tumor in my uterus, and after pleading with my manager to let me come home for the operation (because they wanted me to have the surgery in Dubai, and if so, I’m pretty sure I would have died,since I had complication during it), I was allowed one month for surgery and recovery.

Obviously it took more than one month, and while recovering I was stressing out, because I kept seeing flights being rostered, and, just because I hadn’t sent my doctor’s letter on time (I was at the hospital) stating that I was still in hospital and could not return.
There was no one in charge to contact directly (they were closed for Eid) and instead of being relaxed and advancing on my recovery, I was freaking out.

It was one of the most horrific experiences of my life.

Later I found out that the reason that tumor had developed was due to hormonal inbalance caused by lack of proper nutriton, rest and stress.
In conversation with at least 7 female crew, i found out that they too had had simililar problems, and had to have surgery.

My last year at Emirates I was A380 FG1, more than once I had to eat standing and while the service was going on. I would grab a bite everytime I enter the galley and chew before I took the next item of food to the customer. With On Demand service, breaks to eat are nearly impossible.

When I came back home for good, I had medical tests done and I was diagnosed with severe anaemia, not to mention that I fell into deep depression which I’m still battling with.

The good times of my EK experience were completely obscured by the many bad things that happened. Sad to say it.




“UAE expat faces trial over Facebook post criticising employer”

One of the rules of this blog, besides the rule to never mention other airlines in my articles in a negative context, is not to mention other events in UAE as well. This time I am making (hopefully) the only exception. The reason for doing this lies in the fact that I could be in the same position as this American citizen is if I stayed in Dubai and submitted my passport to Emirates Airline managers for visa cancellation, as I was threatened with prison as well. EK managers actually called my embassy to tell them that I can “end up in prison for writing things against Sheik on Facebook”. This claim was not true for couple of reasons. First of all I didn’t write against Sheik, I complained to him. Second of all I wrote a blog not a Facebook post.

Writings “against the employer” can be a reason for firing a person, but they can never be a reason to arrest someone and keep them in prison. At least not where people who are used to freedom of speech and freedom of criticizing are coming from. Most of the managers in UAE know this as they are coming from the same places.

Let me be clear about this: In this occasion I support writings against an unfair and abusive employers and mobbing. If someone offends you in your house, throw them out, don’t imprison them in your house and then judge them by your own standards.

In support to the freedom of speech and criticizing and in hope that this American citizen will be treated fairly and released from prison, I am re-publishing the article from Arabian Business website:


An American citizen arrested in Abu Dhabi after he posted a Facebook post criticising his employers and made derogatory comment toward Arabs has been freed on bail pending a trial on March 17.

Ryan Pate, a civilian helicopter mechanic, returned to the UAE last month and received a call from Abu Dhabi Police to come to the station.

On arrival, police informed Pate that he was accused of violated the country’s cyber laws for slandering his employer, who had brought the charges against him.

Now free on bail, the Florida native faces a fine of up to $50,000 and five years in jail.


US Representative David Jolly wrote to US Secretary of State John Kerry calling and UAE Attorney General, Ali Mohammed Abdullah Al Bloushi appealing for Pate’s release.

Jolly, in his letter to the UAE Attorney General, said Pate was arrested and charged for the Facebook message that he posted while on US soil.

“I fully understand the law of the UAE regarding social media and respect the sovereignty of your kingdom to defend and uphold its laws,” Jolly wrote in his letter.

“However, the Facebook messages that were posted by Mr Pate were written while he was residing within the United States. Under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, Mr Pate is protected under US law to freely express his opinion regardless of the content. As such it is deeply troubling that Mr Pate now faces judicial proceedings over an action that was done legally in his home country,” he added.

The charges of cyber slander against Islam and cyber slander against the UAE, have been dropped, according to reports, but Pate still faces charges of cyber slander against his employer and cyber slander against management.

Pate’s case will heard on March 17 in Abu Dhabi.

News from Emirates Illuminati website #4

No More Toilet Paper…

Oh dear. We can understand the sanitary napkins and cardboard – but TOILET PAPER? Prepare for some skid marks!



DATE:19th June 2014


REF. NO. :01/2014


Dear Occupants,

We request all occupants to refrain from disposing toilet paper, sanitary napkins, cardboard core or cloth in the WC of the bathrooms or in the common area toilets.

This is to avoid blockage of toilet drains due to the above reason. Further, other occupants and tenants are affected and inconvenienced due to the leakage caused by the blockage.

If the above is not adhered to, there will be a charge of AED 2500/- payable to Maintenance of the compound, to rectify the blockage of drains in case it is due to the reasons stated above.

We thank you for your co-operation and understanding in the matter.

Facilities Management Department

Screenshot from (in UAE) blocked page

Screenshot from (in UAE) blocked page

Story of an Emirates cabin crew who found another airline job

Hi Dragana!

Just thought I would share with you my Emirates experiences to use or not use as you wish!
I joined EK in January 2012 and was assigned a room in the now non existent Hamad Lootah Building. After one week (when I learned how to log in to our lovely portal) I saw an email from Accommodation stating that I had to move by the end of that week to a vacant apartment in Al Nahda in a new building, or into a vacant room.
Imagine you’ve just unpacked, you’re stressed, at Training College with a bunch of “seniors” speaking to you each day like you are a retarded onion…and you have to move, again!
Whatever, it’s just teething problems.
After two months, I had just started flying and all of a sudden my appendix burst on a flight back from Doha. Luckily my senior there was a caring, professional adult and took me immediately to the clinic on landing which happened to be closed.
There was however one doctor working late who took one look at me and took me straight to hospital where I received emergency (life saving) surgery. She stayed there with me and also contacted management on my behalf.
When I came out of hospital after a week, there was only one more week covered by a sick note. Towards the end of that week, that AWFUL telephone rang in my apartment and it was my manager Hassan el Dimassi. His first question to me was “when do you expect to be back at work?”. Nice.
I had a prolonged recovery which took almost three months. I was petrified I would be fired but I couldn’t work, and I was frightened I wouldn’t be able to do my job properly after three months off. I developed  sleeping problems.
Despite Doctor’s notes, I still had to go to Attendance Management meetings where I met Michelle Dmello for the first time. An awful woman who doesn’t care about people in the slightest. I had to have a disciplinary hearing with my new manager, AM, and HR immediately after a TRV turnaround. Thankfully my Doctor insisted on being present and she spoke on my behalf as I spent most of the meeting in tears.
During the time I had been off, I used up the statutory sick pay. After this, you stop receiving your basic salary. One month, my payslip read -500 AED. I owed EK money for being unable to work. My stress and anxiety levels increased.
Two months later, although back flying, my sleeping was terrible and all the initial signs of depression began to show. Things finally came to a head when my ex committed suicide back in my home country. I spiralled into a severe depression and could barely get out of bed. I lost a lot of weight and weighed only 46kg. I could hardly make a cup of tea, let alone serve 310 pax in economy on a day flight to Glasgow. I was signed off sick from work again, but this only increased my problems as I had these sick days deducted from my salary again.
I went to EAP and saw their head of Psychology, a local lady who was terrible at her job. Hard enough to talk about anyway, she said of my ex’s suicide “We treat people with much worse problems than you dear, inshallah your sleeping will be fine.” A great, supportive response to just another staff number who can’t sleep.
Eventually I saw another psychologist in EK, without who I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. She was nothing short of amazing. Emirates DO have the staff who genuinely care about others, but they are few and far between.
I returned to work but never managed my sleeping problems and still went to work with that awful anxiety and suffered panic attacks at least once a week. I won’t go into detail with all the Image & Uniform stuff and all the ridiculous other things you have to deal with at work with seniors and management but I never fully enjoyed my time at Emirates after this.
I met Michelle Dmello once more after I developed food poisoning in Brisbane and had to stay downroute. I had called sick too many times over the year; reasons for which she had in front of her. So, I began with the obvious which is “how do I come to work when I am so weak I can barely get myself to a bathroom every five minutes?”
Well you heard it here first. That thing that people just love to get on purpose and spend three days in agony on a drip in a hospital is avoidable. She’s a joke. When I said something to this effect in the “meeting”, she told me I had an attitude problem and needed to be careful what I said. Fear/reporting/blahblah.
You and so many others are right when you say that this fear and reporting culture results in an unhappy, unhealthy workforce. I have now moved to another airline where sadly a lot of the “office culture” remains the same but the conditions of my contract far outweigh those of Emirates and overall I am much happier….and I can sleep like a normal human being again!
Cabin crew's email

Cabin crew’s email

Update: this blog is completely banned in UAE

Good morning dear readers and supporters.

This blog is (should I say – finally?) totally banned in UAE (even for users of Etisalat as well).

This action of EK managers speaks for itself. One former employee’s blog is banned in the whole UAE. It means that EK managers are really upset with its content and instead trying to deal with the problem they have in an open and fair way, they’ve decided to resolve their problems with oppression and rule of fear again. No surprises there if I may add.

It all began with one bullying manager Anoma Manuel and her bosses who kept harassing me and all the ground staff for one year and a half. If Ms.Anoma Manuel was capable to resolve the issues she had in her department in other ways than molesting her staff, this blog would have never existed.

Article about the real reasons why Emirates Airline plans to employ 11.000 new staff has became viral and attracted more than 20.000 visitors. I guess that was one of the reasons why EK managers decided to block the website. Instead of attracting new staff with respectful treatment and good benefits, they have decided to continue to lie their potential new joiners.

Of course, this blockage will change nothing. Those who have read it so far will continue to read it via VPN, proxy websites or when they travel abroad. EK managers only blocked the website to hide the truth from themselves and maybe from His Highness the chairman of Emirates Airline but they can never hide it from their employees who feel the injustices on their skin.

You can read all the news on the (clear the cookies from your browser first and then type this address manually in your browser) and on the Facebook page (where I will be posting whole articles from now on). If the alternative website gets banned, I will open another website and repost every news from this web address, which remains the primary web address for “Truth about Emirates Airline Management” blog. This certainly does not match EK managers’ intentions as nobody here would like hundreds of websites about mistreatment of Emirates employees online.

I will just add that this banning violates the laws of UAE.

I appeal to Emirates Airline managers to try and solve the problems in a mature, fair and responsible way, by communicating with their former and present employees. Open and respectful discussion was always my goal here. 

Kind regards to everyone and never give up.


This blog has been blocked in UAE

Dear Emirates Airline employees, supporters and readers,

This blog has been blocked in UAE for DU users. I have been told that Etisalat users can still read the blog.

I guess that Emirates Airline managers really don’t want the facts about their wrongdoings to be spread. In this way my blog joins other blocked website of Emirates Airline employees – Emirates Illuminati.

I guess that this is the best example how EK managers don’t allow freedom of speech and critique in their company. Instead of improving the working conditions and giving me my deserved end of service money, managers decided to silence all the voices of their employees. Really disappointing. website blocked in UAE for DU users website blocked in UAE for DU users

For all DU users this is the alternative website address where they can read news: (clear the cookies from your browser first and then manually type the address in your browser)

For all the rest old website address ( remains the primary source of information where I will publish the news first.

If the alternative website is blocked as well, I will publish a new website address again and again and as many times as it is needed, where DU users can read news from this blog.

There is one more possibility for DU users. If you want to read news from primary address you can still use VPN or some free proxy website (for example: where you can type “” and read the blog.

You can also find news from this blog on the Facebook page.


I just want to remind EK managers that blocking of my website (and Emirates Illuminati’s website as well) violates UAE laws as my blog “Truth about Emirates Airline management” does not fall under any condition which can lead to the blocking of one website in UAE.

These are the conditions for blocking the website in UAE, so you can decide for yourself:

“1. Internet Content for Bypassing Blocked Content:

This category includes Internet Content that allow or assist Users to access Blocked Content.

2. Internet Content for Learning Criminal Skills

This category includes Internet Content that either provide instructions for or identifies methods to promote, encourage, or provide the skills to commit illegal or criminal or unethical activities. These include bomb-making, phreaking (breaching phone security or phone service theft), scams and fraud, terrorism, evading law enforcement, stalking, lock picking, selling pirated material such as commercial software, music, videos, or others.

3. Dating Internet Content

This category includes Internet Content that provides online dating or matchmaking
which contradicts with the ethics and morals of the UAE.
Exemptions: Chatting services, chatting groups, social networking and forums.

4. Internet Content for Illegal drugs

This category includes Internet Content that provide information on purchasing, manufacturing, promoting and using illegal drugs.

5. Internet Content containing pornography and nudity

This category includes Internet Content that contains material of a pornographic nature, or relates or depicts acts of homosexuality, nudity and sexual material (including stories, jokes, animations, and video) or Internet Content that promotes sexual activity. It includes Internet Content which promote the distribution of above material (such as Peer-to-peer websites and links).

6. Gambling Internet Content

This category includes Internet Content that is relevant to gambling or such as
gambling links, tips, sports picks, lottery results, as well as horse, car or boat racing.

7. Internet Content for Hacking and malicious codes

This category includes Internet Content that distribute information and tools for hacking (root kits, kiddy scripts, etc.) that help individuals gain unauthorized access to computer systems. Also include Internet Content that distributes tools or information for producing and distributing malicious codes such as viruses, worms or Trojan horses. Exemptions: information security including ethical hacking.

8. Internet Content that are offensive to religions

This category includes Internet Content that contains material which expresses hate to

9. Phishing Internet Content

This category includes Internet Content where entities or persons falsely represent themselves as a ‘legitimate’ businesses or enterprises for the purpose of deceiving and obtaining from Users, valuable personal information such as bank account or email account information including details such as usernames, passwords, credit card details or bank account details.

10. Internet Content that downloads Spyware

This category includes Internet Content that downloads Spyware which gathers
private information of the users without his or her knowledge.

11. Internet Content providing unlicensed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service

This category includes Internet Content that allows access to services which are prohibited in accordance with the TRA’s Voice over Internet Protocol Policy.

12. Terrorism Internet Content

This category includes Internet Content of terrorism groups and related Internet Content that support terrorism and publish and distribute materials for terrorism or include material for training and encouraging terrorism or help to serve terrorism groups such as funding, facilitating communication and other direct and indirect services.

13. Prohibited Top Level Domain (TLD)

This category includes Internet Content under a Top Level Domain names which offends against, is objectionable to, or is contrary to the public interest, public morality, public order, public and national security, Islam morality or is otherwise prohibited by any applicable UAE law, regulation, procedure, order or requirement .