Message from cabin crew to Terry Daly DSVP Service Delivery

For many years now employees of Emirates Airline are witnesses of deterioration of working conditions and violations of their contracts. Seems that pressure is so huge lately that employees have no other way to cope with incapable and careless managers but to establish secret societies (Emirates Illuminati) or to mock them on social networks and blogs. Emirates Illuminati website is blocked in UAE and one of the EK cabin crew’s Facebook page was shut down recently under the pressure of Human Resources managers. So much about freedom of speech – only managers are allowed to have it in Emirates Airline.

I will repeat – just about anyone can lead the company like this: not concerned for company’s future and people, not concerned about human and labour rights violations, but very concerned about bonuses and huge salaries that they get for making short-sighted and irrational decisions to make money on the expense of physical and mental health of their staff.

The newest ludicrous decision of powerless managers was to cancel self certification of sickness for members of cabin crew. This was management’s response to cabin crew’s chronic exhaustion due to long working hours and huge staff turnover rate. Shortage of staff is making headaches in Emirates Head Quarters as planes are grounded due to lack of staff.

In EK Airport Services, staff never had an option to self certificate. On the days they are sick, they have to go to any private clinic and pay for their certificate (around 100 AED). So, they are sick, but they still have to get up and go to the clinic, otherwise if they don’t bring medical certificate dated on the day they called sick, they will be marked absent. And they don’t have a clinic, they have to pay for their certification from their 3500 AED salary. This just proves how EK ground staff is discriminated and humiliated. 

Absurd management's decision.

Absurd management’s decision.

Cabin crew asked me to publish their response to Terry Daly Divisional Vice President Service Delivery’s e-mail which notifies crew on this new policy. They replied (in cursive) on every paragraph of Mr.Terry Daly’s e-mail (marked in red letters).

Screenshots are from social networks where employees talk about management’s unqualified and unfit decisions.

Cabin crew's response to Mr.Terry Daly's e-mail, attached in Word document "Motivation gone"

Cabin crew’s response to Mr.Terry Daly’s e-mail, attached in Word document “Motivation gone”

“Dear all,

There are some important changes happening in sick reporting and certification. I thought I should write to you and let you know.

What are the changes?
From 07:00 on 20 January 2015, cabin crew who are sick and unable to come to work will no longer be able to self-certify. You will need to visit a nurse at EGHQ to obtain a sick certificate. The nurses will be in a dedicated area on the ground floor called the Certificate Unit (CU) and they will be available 24/7.” 

Translation: from now on, we are not just abusing the cabin crew, ground staff, engineers and cleaners but also nurses with forced night shifts and work overload. Oh, and if I’m too sick to work, I’m also too sick to come out to public, to wait in a queue and to receive a certificate that I truly don’t care so much about.

“What will happen when you call sick?
When you call the Attendance Management Unit (AMU) they will arrange for you to visit a nurse at the Certificate Unit as soon as possible. The nurse will assess you and issue you with a sick certificate as appropriate.  This may be for either one, two or three days depending on the nature of your illness”

Translation:  take a 20minute bus ride to HQ with 39C fever, diarrhoea or a virus, infect everyone on the bus and in the headquarters, so that tomorrow 20 more people could call in sick.

“If you have recovered when the sick certificate expires you should simply report for your next duty.
If you continue to be unwell you should make an appointment at the EK Clinic for medical advice and support.”

Terry, have you been in the EK Clinic lately? Everyone knows you need to take a pillow and a blanket with you because it will be a 6 hour camp waiting in a queue. And I’m not even joking. Getting an appointment takes around a week
“If you feel better before your sick certificate expires (if it was issued for 2 – 3 days) simply contact the AMU and they will amend your roster. 

Why are we doing this?
This change will mean we can track sickness more accurately. Seeing a nurse means that if serious problems are indicated we can schedule you to see another medical professional more quickly.”

Who are you kidding, Terry?
“For those who are concerned about making sure that their sickness is documented, it will mean that this is done straight away.”

Who was ever been concerned?
“We do of course also hope that it will result in a reduction in crew reporting sick when they are actually able to come to work.” 

Finally, some truth, Terry 

“Does this replace the Walk-in Clinic?
The Certificate Unit is not a walk-in clinic. The team of nurses there will not be able to see anyone who has not called sick through the AMU. They will be able to provide advice on the majority of ailments, however are not set up to deliver treatment. Similarly, they cannot provide follow-up medical advice/support. For this, use the EK Clinic as you do today.”

Translation: you take a 20 minute bus ride where you infect everyone, just the nurse confirm your diarrhoea, without giving any medications.  And how again should I ever get better if I have to drive between HQ and home after every two days?

“I understand that this is a major change to our sickness reporting procedures. It will likely take some time to settle down and I thank you for your understanding in the meantime. There are FAQs on the Cabin Crew Portal

There is also a place for you to post any questions.

Best wishes,


DSVP Service Delivery”


Management's ridiculous reactions to serious shortage of staff.

Management’s ridiculous reactions to serious shortage of staff.

Here are some responses that I got today from colleagues after they read the email. It will all speak for itself and project peoples’ misery, demotivation and pure helplessness:

  • * They are short of crew and this is what we get? They should stop buying aircrafts and start buying robots…

  • * This is the end

  • *Wonder how many people are going to call sick on 19th just to mark the end of an era!!!!!

  • * If u have diarrhea u get a warning

  • *They will give u panadol and send u to work anyway

  • *Pathetic, we’re being treated like little children in school…. No wonder everyone is leaving

  • *As if it isn’t difficult enough getting an appointment… now add diarrhea, headache, period pains, etc etc patients… Poor nurses will be overworked!

  • *Working in a company where bad ideas and inefficient policies are circulated on a daily basis, you’d think another new utterly sh*t sanction wouldn’t shock…

  • *Well there’s a way to get another few thousand to resign 

  • *Oh and What if i am suffering from fatigue !!! Do i have to wear my skirt as a top and the blouse as my bottom is to prove it !!!

  • *And there was me thinking Fascism was defeated…


Humorous answer of cabin crew to new sickness policy.

Humorous answer of cabin crew to new sickness policy.

Some time ago, the management launched the multi-sectors for the poor A330 crew (they now do sectors DXB-DOH-DXB-DOH-DXB, or DXB-DOH-DXB-KWI-DXB), where the crew spends around 12-13 hours at work, gives out four times towels, menus, toys AND full services and gets paid for the time spent in the air, which is around 4 hours.  This illustrates very well the fact that the shortage of crew is present.  The predictions based on common sense say, that even the last A330/A340 flight attendants are now going to resign.

I recently flew with a colleague who said, on his graduation day (completion of 6 moths in EK), there was 14 people less than initially in the training!!!!

Around four months ago a Facebook group called EK off topic was shut down by HR and a new group highly monitored by HR representative was established. This irritated huge amount on people who felt, their freedom of speech has been limited. And they resigned.

Today we get surprised with new sickness rules. If Emirates is so short of crew (yes, every week around 180 people resigning), then why on earth are the remaining people treated so horribly?  Maybe it’s a tactical move to get everyone on final warning at some point, so that manipulating and sanctioning will be easier for the management?

There are many “old” crew in the company, who remember the “golden times” with laid back briefings, excellent staff travels, lots of free time and salary that made you feel upper middle class in Dubai. What we see today are briefings where instead of motivation we are getting a moral (a whole 15 minutes of “Don’t do..” , “The customer is paying so much…”, “Be there..” “Say that..”, “Do that…”, “You are here to deliver the service..”, “ Customers are paying our salary..”, ”If you’re not doing (fill in the blank), it’s going to marked 1 on your flight review” etc etc etc), staff travel, where we get kicked off from the plane with confirmed tickets and salaries with all sorts of random deductions and missing allowances.  It’s turning into a horrible company to work for!

Black humour of EK cabin crew.

Black humour of EK cabin crew.

If I were an Emirates Airline manager I would be seriously ashamed after reading this. At least.




28 responses to “Message from cabin crew to Terry Daly DSVP Service Delivery

  • Anonymous

    “…call sick on 19th just to mark the end of an era!!!!!” hahahaha…..


  • Anonymous

    Mr. Delly on track for a new Porsche…

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  • Globetrotter

    This is insane, the more I read, they happier I am I left Emirates in October and the more I hate them I swear

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  • Anonymous

    I hope more crew wake up to the real value that they are and stop putting up with how undervalued they really are by this management…

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  • Anonymous

    Not to forget the 2 turnaround flights per day!!!


  • Anonymous

    Simple solution (in this completely wrong decision) would have been assigning 2/3 nurses per company accommodation to be on duty on rotation and ask live out crew to report to the closest ones.

    Like this, instead, “God knows taken from where” virus might be spread in:
    – Company transportation
    – Crew area on the ground floor of EGHQ
    – The whole EGHQ
    resulting in:
    – Clinic being overloaded
    – Nurses and doctors being overloaded
    – More people getting sick

    This looks even more a moody decision than “one guy is selling our loads… let’s not fire him, let’s remove them for everyone instead”.


  • Konchita wurst

    -Terry can get drunk and ride his Harley Davidson recklessly and end up in jail many times……NO PROBLEM!!
    -Terry can make the Canadian crew girl pregnant…..NO PROBLEM!!
    -Terry can introduce useless Nujoum at a huge cost to the company….NO PROBLEM!!
    -Terry can introduce the pathetic bidding system which never works….NO PROBLEM!!!

    Now, a crew member wants to report sick coz, he/she has been over worked…THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM!!!!

    I swear to god, TERRY YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!!!

    Don’t ruin the work place we loved for years. Go back to where you came from and leave it to the professionals to run the company. CERTAINLY NOT YOU!!!

    PS: A crew member cannot swap over a swap, stupid language barriers, gender issues, and the excuses go on. At the least, make the crew feel good by giving them a simple request to fly to a favourite destination (or home) and allow a swap with less restrictions, and all can benefit on a win/win outcome.

    Music on deaf years?…….I wonder.


  • Fed up

    Most staff do not live close to the headquarters. With dubai traffic it could take hours just to reach the hq. After that they’ll need to take a token to meet the nurse and wait longer. Now God forbid if the cabin crew is suffering from diarrhoea or food poisoning are they supposed to go through all this ? to add to the misery the cabin crew will also need to meet a “qualified” doctor as the nurses are not qualified to prescribe medication and diagnose illness. Now in this melee just how is a sick patient going to rest?
    This new regulation will definitely end up taking someone’s life. Since Emirates has the legal system in its pocket, they can’t even be sued. I wish someone out there publishes Terry Daly’s email on to other public forums as well so that this policy can be mocked internationally.
    It looks like all the monkeys from the zoo are being released into Emirates as top management!!!!


  • Anonymous

    Just so everyone knows. To bypass the UAE law where all UAE resident have to have medical insurance. Emirates has brokered a special deal for grade5 and below for all medical treatments in Aster clinics across dubai.
    As per this medical policy, doctors cannot prescribe expensive medications or perform expensive medical tests on patients. Even if they do, the insurance company will not pass the claim. So when the staff move from the consultation room to the pharmacy or laboratory for the medications or medical tests they will either be given cheaper alternatives or nothing at all.
    Sadly this cannot be proved unless people are willing to share their testimonies.


  • Fed up

    Sincere thanks to you, Dragana. Hope and pray that Emirates is forced to change its ways soon.


  • Bella

    Unless the employees are going to voice their concerns over imposed de-humanizing rules, procedures and unfair working conditions, the managers will simply continue with their implementation and they may get away with it, relying on the culture of fear they had intentionally installed at all levels of the company. Unfortunately, this has been an on-going trend for the past few years – people would complain but eventually tolerate and just comply with the rules hoping it would’t get any worse. Obviously, what followed were more and more inefficient policy changes resulting in malignant working atmosphere which tested the loyal staff’s boundaries and inevitably led to a massive exodus which we witnessed especially last year. The situation now has clearly escalated to the proportions which are indeed intolerable. Wondering what would happen if a few thousand crew took a massive action right before this ridiculous new procedure was put into a practice and expressed how much they value their own physical and mental well-being….Would the management finally get the message that their working force is the most precious asset they depend on and must co-create with…?

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  • J.M.

    On top of it all some of us have even been removed from rosters, bullied and forced into loosing weight and making us feel bad about the way we look. In 2015 there is even such a policy!? And they to “try to make you feel better” say: oh! In my days people would get fired for being over weight so you should be lucky you have a job… Well I would be even luckier if I could just excel in my job without having to worry about my BMI.


    • admindragana

      “You are lucky to have a job” is a statement that implies deep mistrust in the skills and abilities that you will find another job. Since your superiors can’t know how capable you are to find another job, this sentence reveals something deeper, actually: their insecurities and doubts in themselves that they would be able to find another job. They mistrust themselves, so they project it in you.

      You have to be aware of this defence mechanism of your superiors in order to not let it influence you, hun.

      EK system is designed to take away your self-esteem and sense of a personal value, so that you can be easily manipulated into servile and obedient number with short expiry date.

      The trick is that you don’t let them use you, you use the system by taking from it what you need without emotional and mental investment. If you involve emotionally and mentally system will abuse you and throw you away.


      • Anonymous

        Very accurate statement – how would you counter the argument that: It’s business…nothing personal?


      • CupOfNoodle

        admindragana, I couldn’t have said it better myself. That’s exactly what they do- brainwash and belittle. When I think back to my time at EK, I can’t believe the stuff I put up with and accepted as truth. The poor treatment from passengers wasn’t suprising, but the real attack on my self-esteem came from coworkers and management. The end for me came when a very drunk passenger thew a blanket in my face when I ignored him… but that’s not even the worse part! During the briefing for the return sector, the purser had the audacity to call me out and say that I encouraged his behavior by approaching him. She never asked me what happened, just heard second hand and assumed I was to blame for his bad behavior. These are the same crew that will sing EK’s praises and say how “lucky” we are to have a job. It’s disgusting and mentally abusive.

        BTW, I resigned shortly after that incident and had no trouble finding a job back home. I actually went though a kind of “deprogramming” with my new job…. I began to realize that I would work for long periods of time and forget to take a break or use the bathroom. I even began to notice my lack of assertiveness and unreasonable fear of my manager… all side effects of my EK brainwashing. I’m happy to report that I now work at a job I love, with a manager I love, and for a company I love… not out of fear- but out of respect for how great they treat their employees and how everyone contributes to create a company culture that fosters trust and support. I’ll never regret my time at EK, but I hope more crew will come to realize that they deserve more then being “lucky” to have a job, but deserve to be “lucky” having a job that values them as a person! That will never happen at EK.


  • Imagineth

    I’m so enjoying it, thank you thank you thank youuuuuuu!

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  • Anonymous

    A synchronized mass exodus might be just what the company would require to be given a wake-up call about their mismanaging for years on end.


  • Anonymous

    The exodus is imminent. Staff have just about had it with EK .Incompetency is across the board.They forget that you can only push us to a certain point. D- Day is approaching!!!!


  • ExEmployee

    Unfortunately, things will never change at Emirates Airline or within the organization’s management. The truth is the management don’t care. During my years at Emirates Airline I saw staff and management come and go. However, the toxicity within the organizational culture remained and gradually became worse.

    Throughout my years at Emirates the majority of employees I engaged with complained about the poor management and workplace conditions. Over the years I heard rumours there would be an exodus of employees or masses of employees going sick as an expression of their disgust of the management. It never happened. Disappointingly, the management don’t care as they know employees will resign, or be terminated, and are easily replaced. There are thousands of people lining up to fill the positions.

    I personally experienced an incompetent management. I even had a colleague commit suicide as a result of poor Emirates’ management practices. The management quickly covered this over, said forget about it and move on. Nothing changed and workplace conditions continued to erode fueled by harassment, bullying, ego and fear based leadership.

    Websites like this are important for spreading awareness. However, they only go so far. The only way to create substantial workplace change at an organization like Emirates is to have the majority of employees join together and take action against the company. The action needs to effect the company’s operation and bottom line to the point where workplace policies and standards are forced to change. This will not only make a statement to Emirates Airline, but also to the UAE and the world. If Emirates Airline wants to be the global carrier it aims to be, it will need to adopt new workplace practices.

    The statements written about the behaviours in Terry Daly’s personal life are irrelevant. I do agree with the author that they do not represent the behaviours of an effective role model. I could convey countless stories of shocking personal behaviour displayed by Emirates’ managers. These stories would fill several books and make an enjoyable read. But I wouldn’t waste my time. The management does not care about what is said because they have the upper hand and they know it. A number of managers are also immune and no matter what happens they are protected from their actions. If you want to get the management to sit up and listen, come together and take a stand so the actions effect the operation. This will be a direct hit right to the heart of Emirates.

    It’s easy to hide behind an alias on a website. It’s a different story when it comes to taking action. Employees have a lot of benefits to lose, including financial security, career prospects and lifestyle choices to name a few. This is a big risk to take and it’s understandable why employees are afraid to voice themselves.

    Sadly, if the employees don’t come together and take action, fait will intervene. We’ve seen it all before at the world’s greatest airlines and Emirates is not immune. The loss of an aircraft will solidify the organization’s decline and bring it down like a house of cards.

    People, come together and build a safe and healthy organization from the inside out. It’s now time to go beyond websites and blogs and take action to do something about it. Only by having the numbers and taking action will influential change take place.

    Liked by 1 person

  • adminhas

    What are the signs of an abusive partner? Everything I read here is actually what people go through when they are in abusive relationships. They keep beleiving things will change after and will overlook all the toxic things in that relationship for a few mere benefits.

    What happens when the person has the courage to escape that abusive relationship? They grow, eyes become open…etc etc etc

    There is a reason why 3 major US Carriers are calling on the white house to review the Open Skies policy with Gulf countries and i hope they do. This will teach them a lesson and will be the start of their downfall.

    Liked by 1 person

  • testimony

    The nurses at the new certification unit are not real nurses – at least they dont look the part! I recently tried and tested this new sickness procedure and it is a headache (no puns intended). The phone calls, the appointment, the journey to hq, … when you are really sick you just want to rest. The girl/nurse was reading from papers printed out by the company on three major ailments crew suffer from (ear pain, common cold, sore throat). Then still while reading to me the print-outs she advised me to drink plenty of water and take vitamins, panadol AND ibuprofene (later on the pharmacist explained that I should only take either or but not both – talk about professional nurses!!) and of course the famous olbas oil. I knew beforehand she would tell me to take those. Oh and clarinase.


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