Scandalous data breach in EK

I’ve promised not to post new stories unless something really big or serious happens and it just did.

I’ve found out about a serious data breach in Emirates Airline. Namely, a whole list of crew, with their personal data, became available online!

I will not say where this list was uploaded, but I’ve got a confirmation that it’s legit and authentic.

Now imagine the quality of EK’s IT and data security experts when anyone with the access to the EKHQ’s computer can download and e-mail this crucial business data which supposed to be a strictly guarded secret for many reasons, especially in one airline company.

I guess that nepotism, wastas and corruption in EK are starting to leave deep and irreversible consequences for EK. Shame for Emirates Airline. I really wanted to love that place and I really wanted it to heal itself from devastating business politics as a proof that people are capable to think ahead and to take care for each other more than they care about money and power.

I am curious to read Mr. Tom Burgess’s comment on this news.


22016557_10155194447380958_437454487_nA person who posted the crew list on Facebook


Screenshot (714)Excel file with crew’s data (I’ve covered crucial data)


27 responses to “Scandalous data breach in EK

  • Paul Jones

    Keep Discovering

    On 24 Sep 2017 19:29, “Truth about Emirates Airline Management” wrote:

    > Admin posted: “I’ve promised not to post new stories unless something > really big or serious happens and it just did. I’ve found out about a > serious data breach in Emirates Airline. Namely, a whole list of crew, with > their personal data, became available online! I will” >

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  • Sodwee

    Yikes! Shit is about to hit the fan boys and girls.

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  • Anonymous 2.0

    Dragana I would like to share with you further corrosion and corruption of how HR has been functioning -can I please send you the detailed story. None of it is false and shocking how they managed to hire and spread incompetent zero-qualified staff around some of which after the HR cleanup have left and some managed to survive and move to different departments in time

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  • Anonymous

    Oh HR had a clean up!

    Some of them in HR have not idea of many things. I had come there for the interview and was hired. I saw the level knowledge and the ability of the HR staff managers and VP – Average. If I had continued there it would be a waste for me. they have no ethics no professionalism, nothing. They survive at the mercy of the management. and most of the decisions taken by the management are unethical. The HR guys there cannot say anything…real puppets


  • Anonymous

    Dragana I don’t think this is a fair post. If a staff in any company publishes confidential information online, how can one blame the company? You have a responsibilty as an employee not to post or share sensitive data that can harm you company.

    (Enter here how I am a management troll because my opinion does not agree with you or you followers)


    • Tim Nice but Dim

      Hello Emirates Troll. I see redacted information and a decent lady who could have done untold damage to the crooks and liars at Emirates. It shows the incompetence of EK IT if anything. Perhaps you would like to comment on ALL the illegal contracts that are nin-binding in UAE law. The fatigue. The crash at Dubai airport. Melbourne, the 777 Freighter in Quito, Moscow, Seychelles near miss. Shall I go on?

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    • Admin

      If I published the whole list, without censored parts, would that be fairer?
      This post is a fair warning to EK managers that their data are leaking so they can do something about it.


  • Anonymous

    Liber ahmed netter Kommentar wirklich und sicher hast du nicht Unrecht,aber du hast ein viel größeres Problem welches du so lange schon mit allen Mitteln zu verbergen suchst getrieben wirst du von der Angst es könnte eines tagesöffentlich werden, so mein lieber will ich dir helfen ,ich beobachte dich schon sehr lange ,weiß wann du auf diesen Blog Kommentare schreibst wenn du verhindern willst das irgendjemand von deiner dunkelten Seite erfährt,man muß wissen du hast das alles nicht gewollt bist irgendwie immer auf der suche ,falsch verstanden und musst mit Bedingungen und Umständen jonglieren die nicht einfach sind ,weiß Gott nicht einfach, du bist im wahrsten Sinne ein Wanderer zwischen den Welten ,ich habe noch nie mit dir gesprochen ,daher kann ich dir nicht sagen woher dein Hass rührt dein narzisstisches verhalten deine Angst deine Unfähigkeit zu Vertrauen ,es spielen sicher hier Lebens Erfahrungen eine große Rolle und wer macht besitzt ist vielen Einflüssen ausgesetzt,nicht wahr. So um jetzt mal genauer zu werden obwohl sich jelenas dubai Lolitas nicht besonders klug verhalten solltest du sie nichtso behandeln obwohl sie diese verdient haben,


  • Anonymous

    Harassment from Collection Agencies.

    There are collection agencies buying unverified debts for 1 to 2 cents on the dollar and trying to extort money from former employees, in addition, they are reverting to illegal activities such as posing as Interpol agents:

    Report and ignore them until they can validate the debt with legal documents.

    One particular agency, StanQuad, has agents scanning social media and contacting third party individuals in hopes of gathering further information.

    When asked if StanQuad was involved in money laundering schemes, they refused to answer.

    In the civilized world, that’s called Extortion!

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  • Anonymous

    StanQuad, highly suspect…I think their agents are fake too!

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  • Anonymous

    Please everyone lets promote Draganas blog on all cabin crew forums that are engaged with crew recruitments.If you know any of this websites or are members pls share ‘’.
    Dragana please keep punching EMirates with all illegal,dirty,unethical stuff they do.


  • Ricky Martin

    Is it true that DSVP of EG-IT is leaving? Has he been “asked” to leave?


  • Nujoom next

    Dragana please come back and publish more. I miss your news…


  • Laughter and Perseverance

    This site was sent to me by my ex. I’m honestly shocked and baffled! My ex use to work for Emirates and was constantly tired, in pain, and his contract wasn’t renewed. But he’s still in Dubai due to Emirates won’t release him yet. His health is deteriorating due to work but also according to him from me. What I don’t understand is why wont Emirates just let him go since they did not renew his contract.


  • EK truth speaker

    Please share this important info and how truly some staff are under tremendous stress – let us see if EK will cover it and say it was all her fault!!



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