This blog has been blocked in UAE

Dear Emirates Airline employees, supporters and readers,

This blog has been blocked in UAE for DU users. I have been told that Etisalat users can still read the blog.

I guess that Emirates Airline managers really don’t want the facts about their wrongdoings to be spread. In this way my blog joins other blocked website of Emirates Airline employees – Emirates Illuminati.

I guess that this is the best example how EK managers don’t allow freedom of speech and critique in their company. Instead of improving the working conditions and giving me my deserved end of service money, managers decided to silence all the voices of their employees. Really disappointing. website blocked in UAE for DU users website blocked in UAE for DU users

For all DU users this is the alternative website address where they can read news: (clear the cookies from your browser first and then manually type the address in your browser)

For all the rest old website address ( remains the primary source of information where I will publish the news first.

If the alternative website is blocked as well, I will publish a new website address again and again and as many times as it is needed, where DU users can read news from this blog.

There is one more possibility for DU users. If you want to read news from primary address you can still use VPN or some free proxy website (for example: where you can type “” and read the blog.

You can also find news from this blog on the Facebook page.


I just want to remind EK managers that blocking of my website (and Emirates Illuminati’s website as well) violates UAE laws as my blog “Truth about Emirates Airline management” does not fall under any condition which can lead to the blocking of one website in UAE.

These are the conditions for blocking the website in UAE, so you can decide for yourself:

“1. Internet Content for Bypassing Blocked Content:

This category includes Internet Content that allow or assist Users to access Blocked Content.

2. Internet Content for Learning Criminal Skills

This category includes Internet Content that either provide instructions for or identifies methods to promote, encourage, or provide the skills to commit illegal or criminal or unethical activities. These include bomb-making, phreaking (breaching phone security or phone service theft), scams and fraud, terrorism, evading law enforcement, stalking, lock picking, selling pirated material such as commercial software, music, videos, or others.

3. Dating Internet Content

This category includes Internet Content that provides online dating or matchmaking
which contradicts with the ethics and morals of the UAE.
Exemptions: Chatting services, chatting groups, social networking and forums.

4. Internet Content for Illegal drugs

This category includes Internet Content that provide information on purchasing, manufacturing, promoting and using illegal drugs.

5. Internet Content containing pornography and nudity

This category includes Internet Content that contains material of a pornographic nature, or relates or depicts acts of homosexuality, nudity and sexual material (including stories, jokes, animations, and video) or Internet Content that promotes sexual activity. It includes Internet Content which promote the distribution of above material (such as Peer-to-peer websites and links).

6. Gambling Internet Content

This category includes Internet Content that is relevant to gambling or such as
gambling links, tips, sports picks, lottery results, as well as horse, car or boat racing.

7. Internet Content for Hacking and malicious codes

This category includes Internet Content that distribute information and tools for hacking (root kits, kiddy scripts, etc.) that help individuals gain unauthorized access to computer systems. Also include Internet Content that distributes tools or information for producing and distributing malicious codes such as viruses, worms or Trojan horses. Exemptions: information security including ethical hacking.

8. Internet Content that are offensive to religions

This category includes Internet Content that contains material which expresses hate to

9. Phishing Internet Content

This category includes Internet Content where entities or persons falsely represent themselves as a ‘legitimate’ businesses or enterprises for the purpose of deceiving and obtaining from Users, valuable personal information such as bank account or email account information including details such as usernames, passwords, credit card details or bank account details.

10. Internet Content that downloads Spyware

This category includes Internet Content that downloads Spyware which gathers
private information of the users without his or her knowledge.

11. Internet Content providing unlicensed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service

This category includes Internet Content that allows access to services which are prohibited in accordance with the TRA’s Voice over Internet Protocol Policy.

12. Terrorism Internet Content

This category includes Internet Content of terrorism groups and related Internet Content that support terrorism and publish and distribute materials for terrorism or include material for training and encouraging terrorism or help to serve terrorism groups such as funding, facilitating communication and other direct and indirect services.

13. Prohibited Top Level Domain (TLD)

This category includes Internet Content under a Top Level Domain names which offends against, is objectionable to, or is contrary to the public interest, public morality, public order, public and national security, Islam morality or is otherwise prohibited by any applicable UAE law, regulation, procedure, order or requirement .


13 responses to “This blog has been blocked in UAE

  • FearNoMan

    Have you any idea how much tyrants fear the people they oppress? All of them realize that, one day, amongst their many victims, there is sure to be one who rises against them and strikes back!

    Banning this blog proves they fear you and what you are exposing,do not stop what you are doing!! you are exposing a toxic culture that could potentially one day kill many people (of course i hope to the gods not!!)

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  • Sodwee

    Yeeeehaaa ! The rebellion strikes back ! Keep at it. Truth always prevails.

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  • Anonymous11

    Etisalat blocked the blog as well. And now I stopped beleiving in anything in this country, government is not genuine! What a shame! Such a beautiful place & kind community run by power maniacs! We all know what are the consequences, history proved it. Guys whoever can read this blog please don’t feel afraid or ashamed to teach your friends how to use vpn.

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  • tagha1

    This is absolutely ridiculous!!! Which laws does this blog violate…they didn’t even respect Human Rights law, would they respect freedom of speech….this is really ridiculous!!

    I am just wondering, are we creating stories here….if you are refusing to publish anything without any legitimate evidence to challenge them…does that mean that we are creating stories!!Even your own articles and posts, you have recorded what had happened exactly by their own voices to stop misbelieve and query!!

    In fact, I’ve been contacting some international medias so as to shade some lights on this blog but, I didn’t get a reply and probably now, I can understand that.

    Dear Dragana,

    With earliest, I recommend sending the articles by emails to UAE followers and to try with our friends here to break proxies and maybe by sending special links to them.

    Try to keep in touch with international medias by explaining what happened exactly to your blog that was supported with facts with every published article asking them to interfere as this blog didn’t violate the state rules, it was just criticizing what is happening in Dubai’s largest company that is away from its rules as high managers there don’t like to be criticized.

    DU and Etisalat companies shall be legally asked about same as this would have a negative impact on their legitimacy of banning sites for no valid reason.

    Finally and the most important thing, this will make the whole world wonder about EXPO 2020 as service provider companies all over the world shall get an order from the court to ban a website explaining in details why it is inappropriate to view this site specially when it dose not interfere with politics or any other reason that is against the UAE laws.

    Good luck.


  • Random guy

    Dragana can u pls revert back to your wordpress site. It was a letter of time they would ban it – WordPress blog was free no? Pls revert back – this sort of clamping down on a conversation about the truth of ek corruption is rubbish. And they want expo2020. One thing is clear – YOU HAVE RATTLED EK MANAGEMENT. Mostly greedy greedy people – who claim billion dollar this and that, so mug sponsorship yet doesn’t give a proper bonus not even basic medical care!!!! They are not world class – they are classless and if they don’t get better they will lead to a sad sad fall – Emirates airlines needs to fix themselves – the management that is!

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  • Fredy Salinas

    The United Arab Emirates, like several countries around the world, blocks websites so that people inside the country cannot access certain content. While this is a form of censorship, it can be circumvented by the use of tools. The most popular tool to use is a virtual private network, or VPN. While there are other methods to circumvent censorship, such as web proxies, VPNs provide a simple way to access an uncensored Internet.
    I use Free Proxies to unblock them, there are many free proxies like which works fine in UAE too and are great way to access restricted content without paying.

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  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it wonderful that you have to pay huge amounts from your salary to Etisalat and Du. The duopoly of telecom providers in the UAE that don’t let you use Skype. Viber, Tango or Whatsapp phone calls etc. They spy on you but claim to uphold Human Rights. Additionally, they add illegal fake apps to your phone. EK also spy on their staff using their own intranet. And ther eare no Unions or Labour Law. Where do I sign up? Oops I can’t as there is a hiring freeze! LOOOOOL


    • Anonymous

      Why you pay more for internet in the UAE
      Lindsay Carroll
      December 28, 2014 Updated: December 29, 2014 11:22 AM

      Choice of internet provider unlikely to drive down cost, analyst predicts
      Choice of internet provider unlikely to drive down cost, analyst predicts
      TRA confirms du and Etisalat ready to offer broadband and fixed-voice services across the UAE
      Du and Etisalat go head to head for fixed-line customers
      Etisalat chief executive says public-private partnerships key to universal broadband access
      Calm seas in the UAE telecoms sector, but choppy waters ahead
      ABU DHABI // Domestic broadband internet in the UAE is among the most expensive in the Arabian Gulf and the country ranks only 55th worldwide for broadband affordability.

      Kuwait provides the best service and the UAE also falls behind Qatar, Oman and Bahrain in the annual report by the International Telecommunication Union.

      However, the UAE was ranked sixth in the world for the affordability of mobile phone services.

      Experts say the disparity exists because providers Etisalat and du compete for mobile-phone customers, but not for fixed-line internet users.

      “Basically the two operators compete everywhere in cellular services,” said Jawad Abbassi, general manager of Arab Advisers Group, a research company in Jordan.

      “Wherever you are in the country, you have a choice of subscribing to du or Etisalat,” Mr Abbassi said.

      But with fixed-line broadband, there is only one option. “If you’re in Dubai Media City, for example, you only have du to be able to use broadband service. This means there is less competition.”

      The UAE was also ranked behind Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain for affordability of most types of mobile broadband services.

      “People using mobile broadband tend to be higher-income people, and the top operators are less likely to offer them major discounts,” Mr Abbassi said.

      The UAE was deemed the most dynamic in the ICT Development Index, which compares information and communication technologies among countries, showing the largest improvement in the past year.

      The country ranked 32nd out of 166 countries in the index, compared with 46th last year. Denmark was first.

      The UAE’s increase is “mostly due to the expansion of wireless-broadband penetration”, which doubled from 45 per cent in 2012 to 90 per cent in 2013, the report said.

      Household internet connectivity levels and the increase in mobile telephone penetration by more than 17 per cent in 2013 also boosted the UAE’s ranking, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority yesterday.

      The rankings are “significant achievements”, said Mohammed Al Ghanim, director general of the TRA.

      “With 88 per cent of individuals using the internet, the UAE is significantly above the world average of 40 per cent. This is a testament to the penetration and quality of services provided by the information and communication technology sector.”

      The UAE and Bahrain also achieved the highest rank worldwide for the proportion of the rural population covered by a 3G mobile network or higher. Both countries had 100 per cent coverage.

      In many other countries the ITU identified a divide between urban and rural areas.

      “ICT performance is better in countries with higher shares of the population living in urban areas, where access to ICT infrastructure, usage and skills is more favourable,” it said.

      “Yet it is precisely in poor and rural areas where ICTs can make a particularly significant impact.”

      More technological development in these countries could be linked to progress towards the Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations, the ITU said.

      The UAE has sought to foster competition and improve telecommunications infrastructure and services and a “knowledge-based online community” was key to that development, which will help business, Mr Al Ghanim said.

      The ITU released the index as part of its year-end Measuring the Information Society Report, which analyses available statistics from 2013.

      No one from Etisalat or du was available to commen



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