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What happened to Elena?

This is the e-mail I’ve got yesterday worth of public and relevant authorities’ attention.

Dear Dragana,

I am also former Emirates crew. I had a pleasure to fly with Elena (the girl that was fall from emirates aircraft 2 days ago) couple of times and also we were meeting usually in costa for smoking every couple of weeks. She was one of the best people i have met in dubai. We talk a lot about her life , family and work. She was a strong woman. She was not taking bullshit from anyone. She was following the rules and regulations of the company because she like it and didn’t want to apologize for anything. She wanted to be purser one day. But even though she have been in the company for 21 years she was still SFS. As she told me they were considering her as too old and they wanted younger people for this role. This woman she was in Dubai sooo long doing her job that she really loved. And thats how they treat her. They haven’t make any investigation. In one hour and a half i consider that is not enough time for this, and they took off with the crew that just witness what happened They just didn’t want to leave the customers or the crew there to talk with any one. My question is did she suicide ? Did she fall ? Or was she pushed? As customers told they heard the crew arguing. What happened? .how can she open the 777 door with one hand and push it and fall if the media mention that she had in one hand a glass bottle.
She didn’t deserve this. She was a strong independent respectful woman.
Please get to the bottom of this.
Use your connections. Do what you can.
Best regards

Screenshot (23)



Scandalous data breach in EK

I’ve promised not to post new stories unless something really big or serious happens and it just did.

I’ve found out about a serious data breach in Emirates Airline. Namely, a whole list of crew, with their personal data, became available online!

I will not say where this list was uploaded, but I’ve got a confirmation that it’s legit and authentic.

Now imagine the quality of EK’s IT and data security experts when anyone with the access to the EKHQ’s computer can download and e-mail this crucial business data which supposed to be a strictly guarded secret for many reasons, especially in one airline company.

I guess that nepotism, wastas and corruption in EK are starting to leave deep and irreversible consequences for EK. Shame for Emirates Airline. I really wanted to love that place and I really wanted it to heal itself from devastating business politics as a proof that people are capable to think ahead and to take care for each other more than they care about money and power.

I am curious to read Mr. Tom Burgess’s comment on this news.


22016557_10155194447380958_437454487_nA person who posted the crew list on Facebook


Screenshot (714)Excel file with crew’s data (I’ve covered crucial data)

The glamorous life of Emirates cabin crew: sleeping on the airport floor

This is an e-mail I’ve got a few days ago. I will let you draw the conclusion about safety, EK’s organizational culture and fatigue. I will also let you wonder where the pilot and co-pilot slept that night.



Thank you for your blog. Emiarets is a terrible companyy to work for.
Please, do not display my email address or my name…..
This is a picture of Emirates Airline Crew sleeping on the floor. The JFK airport was closed and the company asked us to leave our hotel and go to the airport anyway and wait on the airbridge until they open the airport…..
The fact was that the airport was closed because of the heavy snow and we had to wait on the floor for several hours, more than 6hours…… We could not even use the
emirates lounge at the jfk airport. They told us to wait at the airbridge.

Emirates cabin crew raped in Emirates accommodation?

Another disturbing news coming from Emirates Airline about the treatment of female staff specifically.

Apparently one Serbian girl came to Dubai to work as a cabin crew for Emirates Airline recently. She was followed by the rapist and was raped in her apartment in Emirates accommodation just 8 hours after she arrived in Dubai!

Every Emirates accommodation building has a security. Ground staff accommodation has one security person in every building. Every visitor must call the person they are visiting to come down and confirm the visit to the security.

Every Emirates accommodation for cabin crew has wider security and cameras in the halls.

During every visit (even to your colleague in another building) you have to leave your staff number and to sign in and sign out your visit. Visitors are not allowed to stay after 1:00 AM without a permission. Visitors who are allowed to stay over night can not be of opposite sex, and for female ground staff they can only be their mothers and sisters. Male ground staff are allowed to accept their fathers and brothers for an overnight stay.

All Emirates staff pay for their accommodation and it’s not free of charge. So, even if staff pay for the accommodation they still have harsh restrictions regarding visits to their apartments.

Considering all of this it is just unbelievable that someone managed to pass all of the security check points and to rape a girl in her own apartment!

What shocks even more is the fact that this girl was, apparently, blamed for being raped (?!).

It is a known fact that Emirates Airline managers do not care about their staff’s well-being and safety, pushing them to work and fly well beyond physical and mental boundaries and against all legal frames. But this case just raises the issue of EK staff’s safety to another, completely scandalous level. 

This is the message which I have got today from one EK cabin crew:

Message from cabin crew about the raping

Message from cabin crew about the raping

I want to ask u as well if u know this sad fact happened on 26th of january,1 serbian girl came to dubai to be emirates cabin crew and was alocated in razooki bldg, al nahda. After 8 hours she arrived in dxb, 1 nigerian guy entered her bldg because the security was not at reception and followed her, entered her apt and raped her. The guy run away from the entrance of the bldg with the security already there, and afyer few minutes the girl appeared on the video shaking and crying… police was called but if course nobody knows who is the guy and the girl was told that “if she was raped, is because she was probably provocative to the guy and it’s not his fault” bla bla bla all same bullshit of dubai xxx.

Do u know anything about it? Im trying to find out with friends living in the bldg… one of the questions xxx, how come for our family to come into dubai they need so many papers, authorizations, visa andnfor anyone to enter the bldg innemirates accommodation and rape our colleagues is so easy??? Hiw mr. Terry daily and emirates expect us to be motivated to work if we know we can be the next victim of horrible crimes like this?


Hi Dragana! Thx for ur answer, this story is true cause i askes  xxx I asked s9me of my friends living there and on the bldg next door, kalifa, and they told me there was lots of police cars there on this night and all of them said is true story. I wanna find out who she is but they said shes back in serbia already.




As usual, this blog’s author is trying to double check all the information that she is getting. Nevertheless, Emirates Airline tends to cover up and hide these sort of incidents and they don’t want to talk to me, so I have no choice than to publish the news and ask Emirates Airline to deny it. If they have the proof that it didn’t happen I will delete the article and apologize.