Update: this blog is completely banned in UAE

Good morning dear readers and supporters.

This blog is (should I say – finally?) totally banned in UAE (even for users of Etisalat as well).

This action of EK managers speaks for itself. One former employee’s blog is banned in the whole UAE. It means that EK managers are really upset with its content and instead trying to deal with the problem they have in an open and fair way, they’ve decided to resolve their problems with oppression and rule of fear again. No surprises there if I may add.

It all began with one bullying manager Anoma Manuel and her bosses who kept harassing me and all the ground staff for one year and a half. If Ms.Anoma Manuel was capable to resolve the issues she had in her department in other ways than molesting her staff, this blog would have never existed.

Article about the real reasons why Emirates Airline plans to employ 11.000 new staff has became viral and attracted more than 20.000 visitors. I guess that was one of the reasons why EK managers decided to block the website. Instead of attracting new staff with respectful treatment and good benefits, they have decided to continue to lie their potential new joiners.

Of course, this blockage will change nothing. Those who have read it so far will continue to read it via VPN, proxy websites or when they travel abroad. EK managers only blocked the website to hide the truth from themselves and maybe from His Highness the chairman of Emirates Airline but they can never hide it from their employees who feel the injustices on their skin.

You can read all the news on the (clear the cookies from your browser first and then type this address manually in your browser) and on the Facebook page (where I will be posting whole articles from now on). If the alternative website gets banned, I will open another website and repost every news from this web address, which remains the primary web address for “Truth about Emirates Airline Management” blog. This certainly does not match EK managers’ intentions as nobody here would like hundreds of websites about mistreatment of Emirates employees online.

I will just add that this banning violates the laws of UAE.

I appeal to Emirates Airline managers to try and solve the problems in a mature, fair and responsible way, by communicating with their former and present employees. Open and respectful discussion was always my goal here. 

Kind regards to everyone and never give up.



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