The attempt of Emirates Airline to censor my blog

I’ve got an e-mail from (the publishing platform for this blog) today saying that an authorized person from the legal department in Emirates Airline made a complaint against my blog for violating DMCA (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act), requesting an immediate suspension of my blog contents.

WordPress replied that they consider the content of my blog as a fair usage of information for commenting and criticism and they’ve refused to suspend my blog contents.

Emirates Airline request from WordPress to suspend my blog

Emirates Airline request from WordPress to suspend my blog contents


Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech

Dear WordPress, in this world of hypocrisy, greediness, lack of humanity and harassment of individuals who dare to speak freely, I would like to thank you for supporting my freedom to speak and to criticise. Thank you, also, for your awareness of the fact that the Internet is the last shelter from the censorship and the global control of the information flow. You play a huge role in defending individual freedoms and better tomorrows. All the best to you!

Wordpress's e-mail notifying me that they will not suspend my blog at this time since they consider the usage of the information on my blog as a fair play

WordPress’s e-mail notifying me that they will not suspend blog contents since they consider the usage of the information as a fair play


28 responses to “The attempt of Emirates Airline to censor my blog

  • Anonymous

    Fly WordPress

    3 cheers

    Keep at it Dragana

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  • tagha1

    As long as there is “Injustice” and iniquity, you have to continue and if “for any reason” you stopped from writing, myself and many others would take over. I was challenged to post the “conversation” on this blog as many said that I don’t have anything or any proofs, I was down to earth against that but, I had to do it after the challenging messages and after many more things that I wished I never knew about the same…I will mention that soon.

    I think, it was worth giving you your EOS and your free repatriation air ticket as written in your contract and even more rather than having all this, it was really worth honoring and respecting what they have written in their contract and made you sign on it rather than break it. This reminds me of what they were telling me about my dues when I used to call them after ignoring my emails “This is our last decision, if you don’t like it, go to court!!”

    For my case, going to court is not an advantage as it would take a lot of “time” and could be years for pronunciation unfortunately, time against my medical situation….as I have to continue my treatment ASAP without any further delay and at least to kill the pain.

    We are looking for our legitimate rights that we have signed on.

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  • m_g_q

    Sad little world.

    Hedonistic little people.

    Will they never leave you alone ?

    Will they never show you respect ?

    In little over a month after the EKAS bomb was dropped online, they’d rather play it low profile rather than deploying the legal artillery.
    It’s called shooting your own foot.

    EK believe it’s too big to lose.
    I say they’re just too big to realize.

    WordPress told them to shove off ?
    It’s a victory for you.

    On se verra et on en discutera autour d’une bonne bière, mon p’tit Ben.


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  • Just_me

    It’s true that Dubai and Emirates function in a different way but they never forced you to stay there or to agree to the contract. It’s your own mistake for not researching the company and it’s employees before joining. You have the freedom to choose if you will stay with that employer or not. They have their way of doing things, I’m not saying it’s right, I’m not saying it’s wrong but to state that you have a University degree and that’s why they should treat you different is bulshit. If it’s not in the aviation field or a requirement for the position you held in the company it doesn’t have any value. Sad but true! It seems the reason for your blog is resentment and not the urge to change things in that company. This treat that you make here and the blackmale is repulsive. I understand you want your money back and your airplane ticket but my advice is to learn something from this and move on. You want money from Emirates to stop posting things on your blog…This is very sad! I see a little girl that lashes out to his ex :)). You have the freedom to choose in Dubai! Stay or leave. If you have higher principles you leave but you didn’t. “i’m open to discussion”??? what does that mean? That if they give you what you ask for then you will just give up on wanting to change things? So it’s all about the money, not principles. Good luck getting what you want but you have no respect from me.


    • admindragana

      Do you like your freedom to post comments here? Enjoy it, because you don’t have it where you are writing from.

      When I was fired I was asking for my rights guaranteed by the contract and the Law. I am still asking for that and only for that, nothing more. There can be no words of a blackmail. In fact, Emirates Airline blackmailed me when they threatened me with a prison to stop writing my blog.

      I am ready for a civilized discussion with EK in the sense that I do expect a civilized apology for their behaviour towards me and thousands of their employees. If you are reading this blog regularly, you can read that I was always expecting an apology and they know about it because I have told them that directly.

      Emirates Airline managers and presidency think that they can use people’s health and strength for a lousy salary and law-violating treatment, and then replace them with a fresh meat to exploit for their billions of yearly profit. Well, they can try it but this blog will produce articles until they give me and the employees what they are entitled to by the Law and human and labour rights.

      I am also a reasonable person and if someone convince me to shut down the blog, I will do it. But you have to have very good reasons, otherwise, I will publish your unconvincing and ridiculous reasons as well.

      There is one saying in Serbia: a thief thinks that everyone else is a thief as well. If you have the thinking of a thief, don’t project your perspective of yourself on me. You don’t respect yourself and that is why you don’t respect anyone else, while I respect your freedom to speak and this is why your comment is not modified or deleted and you can be paid to write that comment, for example.

      Emirates Airline had few options to shut down or prevent this blog. First one was to listen to its staff when I was still employed there. They didn’t. Second one was to fulfil their contract obligations towards me before I started the blog instead of chasing me out of the country like a dog. They didn’t. Third one was to apologize. They didn’t. Fourth one was to try to influence WordPress, they couldn’t. They have only few options left and then I will stop listening.

      Money played no role here because EK was forced to change some things inside the company fast, before media come to investigate. So, my principles remained unsold and they changed at least some of the things we tried to change while I was working there. And I brought the attention of the public to the Emirates problem. My morale and ethic system are already saved and proved. People should change the world by themselves, not to expect that someone else will change it for them.

      But these attempts to imprison me and then silence me may cost. More than money, sometimes. And this is the rule of life. Some things become bigger than its maker and then they cost a lot more to both of the sides. Writing of this blog already costed me a fear from death threats and UAE prison, stress, frustration and a crazy persistence.

      EK company became bigger than its makers, as well, so managers can’t control it any more. This is why we all (present an ex employees) pay our price in damaged health and ruined mental condition.

      I would say that we paid our price already.

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      • Just_me

        Asking a manager how much money she’s making is not right in any company. Its not a part of the work ethic an employee should display anywhere in the world. If you value yourself you leave and find another job. I wouldn’t have accepted the position in the first place because I do my research before accepting a job offer. To asume that I’m paid for what I’m saying here is proof of that saying you have In Serbia. Money is not what drives me. I’m sorry for your situation but you can sue and get your money instead of writting things on a blog. If you wanted people just to write here how sorry they feel for you and how this company is the big bad wolf then your expectations are wrong.


        • admindragana

          You should write your name and background before we continue this discussion. Hiding behind the anonymity of the internet and giving statements like “I do my research before I accept an offer” is childish and funny. This is the first place on the internet that provides a potential EK employee a full information about working conditions inside EK.

          Some people are free and some have a mentality of the slaves, because they do need a boss to tell them when and what to think. Some rules are there to prevent you to be free and to prevent justice. “Don’t ask your boss about the salary” is one of them. Totally irrational rule, but slave-mentality people respect it because they were told to respect it.

          Free your mind of prejudices and be free. If you want to be free, that is. If you haven’t noticed, I know how to defend myself, even I don’t feel sorry for myself.

          People who experience injustice and greediness and then keep quiet about that are the killers of the healthy society and that is why this planet is in one of the worst moral and ethical crisis ever.

          Maybe you are paid and maybe you are not. It would be better that you are, since then I can get your motives to write such a voluntarily slave-driven comment. If you are not – well, there are many other internet places where you can defend a manager asked about the salary by his staff. This blog here has a deeper story then you have managed to read. Or read it better, maybe you will get it soon and then we will have a subject to discuss.

          This exchange of comments between you and me is pretty empty and waste of everyone’s time.

          I little bit of imagination doesn’t hurt.


          • Just_me

            Not asking your boss about his salary is not slavery is work etiquette something you know nothing about it seems. Knowing what my boss is earning won’t change anything. If she didn;t have a goo salary would it have made you feel better about the job? It seems you made a stupid choice about a job and you sticked with it because you enjoyed Dubai and this empty life over here. The question is why did you stay in this job for so long and didn’t leave sooner? It can’t take you more than 3 months to realize what is going on. A few euros and a plane ticket is not worth my time and if I was you I wouldn’t waste my life on this petty revenge I would get a proper job since you have a university degree and think so highly of yourself (and so little of others) that shouldn’t be so hard. Or is it? 🙂


          • admindragana

            It is obvious now that you are provoking and this is my last answer to you. Every next comment where you are repeating yourself will be deleted as a spam message.

            When there is a huge injustice inside the company, when there is a huge inflation and prices going up, it is very important to know whether your company is respecting your work. Salary is one way of respecting you. If your manager is getting crazy higher salary than you it means that the company doesn’t respect you.

            Another issue was Ms. Anoma’s behaviour at the open forum. She provoked my question by unprofessional and arrogant onset. My question came as a rhetorical one. If you know what a “rhetorical” question is.

            Work etiquette exists to ensure mutual respect between employees. Managers (especially at the open forum) behaved in an unprofessional and arrogant way, like they were there to make their staff a favour. This etiquette can’t be valid in only one way (staff towards manager) if a manager doesn’t know how to behave towards its employees.

            I stayed in the company for one year trying to adjust and to be a good employee, to learn new skills and to gain airline industry knowledge. All of that became impossible due to humiliating conditions and law and contract violations.

            I am mentioning my degree just as an argument that educated people can not be treated as donkeys because they do have a sense of self-value. And I don’t mean of university degrees only, I mean of all the people who are familiar with the rights which belong to them and who know that their private lives do not belong to the employer.


      • Anonymous

        Just_Me you must be in a position of authority and privilege to make the comments you do. This blog is an attempt to voice the many grievances faced by EMIRATES AIRLINE employees across MANY DEPARTMENTS. This organization has been getting away with major HUMAN RIGHTS AND LABOR INJUSTICES – behind the sophisticated branding is nothing but VULGARITY.

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  • mups

    Unfortunately Emirates can never back down on this nor offer you a public apology or admit wrong doing. It will set a precedent and open the flood gates of disgruntled staff complaints. Like the USA does not negotiate with terrorist for the same reason…i fear you will never get the “justice” you require or deserve. Emirates is a great place to work but has some of the worst management in the world. But their focus is not the traditional “manage the people” it is the bottom line- period. I agree you should know the limitations of working in this part of the world. Its all great until you fall fowl of the law or the country or company..then you will be out on your ass just like you have experienced. Im happy here but i know one wrong move and i will be out on my ass just like you and i have a senior position…its no different. If you are not local you are just a commodity. I understand and accept that. I wish you good luck and commend you for your bravery and persistence.
    There is NO excuse for greed,extortion and disrespect where ever it may rear its ugly head in the corporate world or on a personal level…these concepts are killing the planet and should be exposed at every opportunity.

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    • admindragana

      Nobody is expecting EK to back down and I am not a terrorist. They have nothing to negotiate with me, but among themselves.

      I am telling the same thing the whole time: EK is (was) an OK company, management is simply so incapable that it is very rare in the history of a whole corporate sector that so many unskilled people managed to get high positions. Emirates is paying the price of the constant discrimination by religion and origin (of the passport) and sudden and not very well planned growth. When you select your managers by discrimination criteria, you get a bunch of people who come to work and take a salary, not managers.

      I am not writing against EK but against managers. I was loyal to the company as well and I wanted to stay and work there.

      In this case, the biggest mistake of the management is to consider me as an enemy. I am far away from that. Actually, I am very opposite of that. Being against something doesn’t automatically mean that you hate or want to destroy it.


  • Cabin Crew Community

    Dear Dragana,
    We’ll done!

    The cabin crew community is on your side…

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  • tagha1

    That’s very true Dragana…and I say, who is stepping on the rules and laws that are on their books ONLY is EK and not the staff, managers are their to humiliate staff and never encourage them to work properly…..just listen to the recordings you will definitely acknowledge that. You know, most of the staff are over qualified for their current positions when they were recruited, majority have university degrees, some of them are professionals in a sense they are engineers and even more as I’ve seen a doctor!! What makes them join the company is the interviewers….as they promised them of positions in no time….ask how many staff left from Brazil for example!!!

    Staff are always waiting for the yearly bonus and before that date comes, seniors would say because of fuel high prices (even though, I don’t think that EK pays for market price), or because of EK orders of new planes, or and or…etc just to make staff lose hope on that. I think staff should get 14 months salary (not weeks) in a year as most of airline companies do in addition to the bonus!! EK doesn’t have shares in the stock market that would reflect on the yearly income however, it has many successful investments in Dubai and in many cities all over the world probably this explains why EK have some 20+ flights to uk and some 90+ flights weekly to Australia!!!

    EK used to fill the planes tanks in Dubai to the max and decrease the number of passengers and their belongings when the prices go high and fill only with minimum at the outside stations, if EK pays for the current fuel market price in Dubai, why doesn’t continue as normal when the fuel prices go high!!! In 2008, many companies have declared bankruptcy and some of big companies did merge to keep surviving and some of them join in an alliance but, EK was buying new planes (touch wood!) and staff had to join their colleagues all over the world….It is true the EK didn’t lay over or superfluous staff as it needed them but managers used this to threat staff because of the same.

    Once again, staff didn’t create all this but managers and seniors did, it is wise to return back to the books and give the rights and make your staff happy cause happiness always join the positive productivity… took me almost 3 months of waiting after my medical termination to get (some of) my dues and you knew that I was in real pain of the tumor that your illegal working environment had caused and you knew that I had to start treatment ASAP to prevent another hemorrhage as in the medical termination was written within a month….humanity may overrule the “one month” and make it less but you took a longer period thanks to HR Manager Mr Fernandez.

    Dragana just go ahead and keep writing till you get what you think it is your rights.

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  • Ann

    Just-me. wow.. You attempt to shut down the author… without even stopping to proof read your comment? Do you know just how you sound, misspelling even the most basic of words while trying to assert your ‘authority’? Interesting…………….


  • Somewithpersonality

    I’ve recently got in the possession of this link and as i heard about u before it really got my attention …after reading everything u post i’m happy to say i’m not the only “crazy” one . It’s so much injustice here that i don’t know where to start with. And for the people who subscribed below i’m sure ur frustration started with the fact that u don’t have a degree and u feel very happy how ur treated here as u don’t have other option in life…it’s sad to say but ur stuck here! and as much as u realize this further u manifest it on crew colleagues that you see with personality or at least with a better background of your….the most frustrating part for u “people” is when u hear them saying they will resign cause they can’t take it anymore and they know they can do and deserve better….and then u start bulling them. This is not only a treatment received from managers with their low iq who are also slaves but with a higher salary …it’s practiced between colleagues especially SFS/ PUR who are bulling lower gr …for having a “personality” and not bending their head …This job is for limited people indeed …and unfortunetly YOU will be the only ones remaining here ….i feel SAD for you! And for you DRAGANA i don’t have anything else just RESPECT keep it up you have all our support !

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  • Jade


    What is all this talk about people with/without a degree? I think that whole subject is being thrown well out of proportion! I worked in EK for a year and worked with people with and without degrees and some with masters…it made no difference to how they felt about the job. Some of them were just taking career breaks or had just graduated from Uni. I myself do not have a degree but that didn’t mean I was going to sit back and let this awful company treat me like I’m something they have stepped on in the street. And where I’m from, you can get a decent job without a degree (with the right amount of experience) and still be able to work your way up and improve in that job. I left EK and had a job lined up for me back home already…so I don’t really get what you’re talking about in the start of your post.


  • Consider this blog as a way for your voice to be heard | Truth about Emirates Airline Management

    […] I have published the Open letter to His Highness and the article about the attempt of EK to censor my articles, blog was on the list of 100 most read WordPress blogs in the world, taking high 7th […]


  • Edgar

    My name is Edgar, 31 years old , hungarian citizen. I was on my way to visit Brisbane, Australia on the 7th of december this year, when the whorst nightmare that I could dream of began, without me realizing that… On my arrival, a lady from Immigration stoped me and begun asking me all kind of questions, about my visit in their Country. They probably didn’t like my passport and also didn’t want to believe me when I was telling them that I was actually intending to visit a friend over there and It should have been a surprize…so they decied that they have a surprize for me also: that is Canceling my visa and sending me home the next day.
    After I have been kept 8 hours in an interogation room , like some sord of a criminal , they sent me to a deportation facility ,where they keep people, who are about to be sent home to their country. At 9 pm the next day , they sent for me, and they said that ,I will be sent home . Before putting me on the plane ,a lady called “Jo” ,from Emirates Airlines office, from Brisbane , asked me if I have money to pay for the return ticket, to wich I answered that I don’t have enaugh founds. She said, that it’s no problem, they (Emirates)will pay for the ticket anyway. After my arriving to Dubai International , where I should of had a connection later that day to Bucharest, an agent from Emirates picked me up from the Airplane , kept my documents with him in an anvelope and esocrted me to their office ( EK INAD/DEPO HANDLING OFFICE – transfer desk “J” , Dubai International Airport ,Terminal 3). They showed me a bill that I supposed to pay: it was the ticket from Brisbane , untill Dubai. So they lied to me, they were not going to pay for my ticket .
    The intresting part of the story starts only now : When I told them, that I cannot pay for the ticket, because I don’t have the money, they said that ,it’s no problem, they will keep me here, they will give me food, and I can LIVE here, untill I pay them the return ticket. And they were saying this very ironicly, with a big wide smile on their face …At the begining I thought that they are just trying to scare me and when they will realize, that I don’t have the money to pay the ticket, they will send me home. But it turnes out, that I was very wrong….two days have passed since I arrived, and practically I’ m living on the terminal ,just like in that movie with Tom hanks ” The Terminal “….people are allready saluting me , staff members I mean, who see me walk around every day…they give me food vouchers 2-3 times a day so I can go and eat at the fast foods from the Terminal ,but except that I’m practically living on my own here . The Hungarian Consul called them and tried to convince them to give me back my passport at least ,so that I can fly home, but they are refusing to do that , wich after everyone’s opinion is against my human rights. How can they retain my passport when they are just a company (Emirates) ,not any kind of autority , like Police , Immigration, etc ….I even tried getting back my passport wit the Police , and even them , cannot do anything ,because legaly they are protected(Emirates)
    It seems like ,that I will be living on the Terminal for a long time, because they decided to keep me here, untill I will pay , so considering that I don’t have the money to pay the ticket , I will be living on Dubai International Airport. What’s next ? Me searching for a job on the Terminal ?! …
    It is absolutely incredible what is happening to me…even my friends from home said that this is a story, that should make the Evening news…but who cares about one person in such a big Airport, and in such a Famous City….outside these walls, life continues to go on naturally. I wonder what I need to do , so that someone observes my situation and really does something about it ?
    Or maybe , I will be spending Christmas together with the staff of Emirates ?… that would be hard to forget right?
    I hope my voice , more exactly my words are being red by the right person, someone who still has some human responsability and tryies to make a difference in our society….OR we can just close our eyes, and lift our shoulders , because it’s not our problem…


    the moble number of their office (where my case can be checked) is :
    their email:
    you will find a photo attached with me and other 6 person with similar problems, who are practically living in EK Office’s waiting room on this Terminal .


    • admindragana

      Dear Edgar, if you didn’t commit any crime NO ONE can take away your passport and freedom.

      If EK doesn’t resolve your situation in the next day or two, I will write about your case.

      Keep record of everything. Film it, make photos and keep every document they give you.

      Inadmissible or not, you still have your rights. If there is no crime (and apparently there is no crime, since you are not in prison) this is pure violence and human rights violation.


  • Edgar

    *Sorry, it’s impossible to attach photos


    • tagha1

      Dear Edgar,

      I am so sorry to hear your bad story…..I was Emirates Public Relation Officer before and I was dealing with inadmissible and such cases, apparently the lady who stopped you is from EK Security and yes, they have full authority that’s why you have to cope with them, just be “friendly” with them and listen to whatever they tell you… me, they are friendly more than you can imagine even though, they don’t show it, don’t worry and stay calm as they are working on a solution behind the scenes. I will tell you what to do exactly just email me on

      Good luck to you.


  • Edgar

    Thank you for the suggestions and for lifting my moral in the first place !
    I am holding on, although this is the 3th day, that I have spent here. I still cannot believe that something like this is possible in the 21st century. Justice will be made sooner or later. I will have no rest, untill that happens.




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