Do not fly Emirates

In the light of recent suicide of one Emirates cabin crew, I got several emails about depression of cabin crew (I will publish some articles on that in the next few days). It seems to be much bigger problem than any of us suspect, though. And I believe that it is only a tip of an iceberg as I heard stories about alcohol and drug abuse among Emirates staff. This article is dedicated to all of the EK’s staff struggling to live and work in abnormal and stressful EK working conditions.  

I had several turning points in my life. My work with Emirates was the latest one. Don’t get me wrong. I am grateful that I have worked there and gained much experience and many friends. The only healthy way to survive this life is to see its best lights and to fight against its dark ones.

Of course, you can always, as most of the people, choose not to see the darkness and not to act on it, because you want to keep your job, or because you want to have a secure life, or because you want to be rich and powerful, or because you want to believe that you are better than others, or because you have to feed your family, or because you are afraid that darkness will overwhelm you.

World problems are not your problems specifically, but we are all part of those problems. We all have our part of responsibility in it. And if you are not happy, the only person to blame is you. Reality is yours to create it. There are no other people. Others have their own realities. Your reality is yours to make something of it and whatever you decide it to be, it will be. For sure. Just decide.

By my experience, the most usual thing that people do is denying their part of the responsibility. Emirates Airline managers made their realities by lying to themselves, They are not evil people per se.  At least most of them. They are not bad people per se. They just choose not to see. And when they do see, they are lying to themselves that they can’t do anything about it, that problem is bigger than them, that “This is Dubai” and that their hands are tied by local culture and laws. But they forget that they choose to be where they are and that those chosen positions influence thousands of lives. I guess the most painless way to live a life is by living it in oblivion and selfishness. Mr. Mattar, Senior Vice President of Airport Services, probably still thinks that his staff is happy and that they can have lunch for 2AED. Now he can go home and have a lunch for 200AED. But this is how lie works.

So, EK managers have no problem to post photos on Facebook from their expensive vacations, and photos of their houses and cars/motorcycles while people they are responsible for suffer. And don’t be naive – most of the people who are abused now if given a chance to become managers, would continue the circle of abuse. They convinced themselves that they earned it. Of course, people who don’t have feelings while abusing others are not happy or satisfied people. But system is made that way. Either adjust, keep quiet, keep your head down and believe in it (and be a manager or be abused for someone else’s profit – it’s all the same at the end of the day), either be an outcast, “crazy”, unfit and outlaw.

Of course, it takes a lot of strength to be an outcast. It often hurts. Mob will always attack you because you are the reminder how bad they are.

Why would, then, someone choose to be an outcast? By my opinion it’s the only way to a personal happiness. And I don’t think that an outcast has to live outside the system. I believe that outcast can be a manager in Emirates Airline. The common thing for all outcasts is that they don’t lie to themselves and they do the best they can to make their immediate surrounding a better place.

For example, an outcast EK manager would help a depressed staff to get a proper care. An outcast EK manager would smile to their staff, would appreciate their work with small rewards or even with words of appreciation only, they don’t cost. But EK managers don’t do this even if it doesn’t cost. Why? Because then they have to be honest to themselves and to admit their responsibility for someone else’s misery. They have to be aware of themselves and the consequences of their acts. And it hurts to know that you are the part of something that hurts so many people. And it hurts even more if you admit to yourself that you do it just for the money and personal gain. It hurts less to just tell yourself this is the way it goes and to go with the flow – convince yourself that you are better than others and be an arrogant bastard.

But you know what? Everything is forgiveable because you stop being a hypocrite the moment you admit that you are one.

For example, many people asked me if I would take the money for stop writing this blog. My answer was always: depends on my mood. If I am angry – no. If I am in need for money – yes. But you know what? I am not perfect. I am not a saint. But I would always tell you that I took the money to stop writing the blog and that my fight is over and that I did what was in my power and in my hands as a mortal human being to do. I think it’s honest. You can think that I betrayed my and your ideals and fight, but I TOLD YOU THE TRUTH. What’s more important: I TOLD THE TRUTH TO MYSELF. And I am not a hypocrite then. I did my best which is much more than someone else did (don’t worry, nobody offered me money. EK cherishes money more than their image. This was just an example based on my possible moral struggle).

So, no one has to change fundamentally and to be a better person in order for world to be a better place. You don’t have to change. You just have to tell the truth. To yourself first and then to others. It would be a good start. There is nothing wrong in admitting that you are wrong. You may even continue to do wrong, but don’t pretend it’s not wrong or that you are doing good. Have the courage to be an honest bastard, at least. And at least sometimes if not always.

Finally, we came to the title of this post. My fight “against” Emirates is not a fight against Emirates. “Do not fly Emirates” doesn’t mean a call to not fly with Emirates. Emirates is just a metaphor for lies and deceptions. And the whole world is established on deceptions and oblivion. EK managers are often comforting themselves with this fact: “it’s like this in every company”. I’ve heard this phrase so many times and whenever someone said it to me I knew that I am looking at the person who is walking the easier path of self deception. And I don’t mind people lying to themselves, I mind that they hurt others. This is why I started this blog and this is why I am still writing it. Do not fly Emirates means – do not lie to yourselves.

I got over my termination even before I was terminated. Maybe even before I was employed in EK. But Emirates Airline is the first company which gave me the profound knowledge on how every false system works. Most companies hide behind human and labour rights. Some of those rights are implemented and working, some of them are violated or even not implemented. But at least these rights stand as an ideal principle which is to be pursued by human rights activists and courts of law.

Emirates Airline (as a bunch of other companies all around the world as well) is the most outrageous lie I ever encountered to. And the most inhumane one. And besides the effects on my health (thyroid gland malfunction and disturbed peace of my mind) it left a deeper trail. It left a vision of future whose contributor I don’t want to be. I am taking my part of the responsibility in building that selfish, oblivious and inhumane future. I am not frustrated (at least not that much), I am not a rebel, I am not an anarchist (primarily). I just took the responsibility for my part of reality. And now when I am a hypocrite (and we all sometimes are) I can say it out loud and by doing so – clear myself of any further hypocrisy. That is what inner peace and happiness are for me.

Fight your fights people. Don’t be afraid to stand for yourselves. Love and respect yourselves. Forgive yourselves. Take the responsibility for your lives. Enjoy the ride. No one said it’s an easy ride, but if you overcome some difficult bumps I can promise that it won’t get less bumpy, but you will start to overcome the obstacles much easier. And then you will have the time to look around you and enjoy the ride.

Writing this blog is part of my ride.


16 responses to “Do not fly Emirates

  • Anonymous

    Give me only half of whatever you are taking before your posts and I should be high enough for the entire month!! lol


  • Jimmy

    I am working backward on analyzing your fine blog and comments. 2/25 8:59 is yet another paid Emirates defender.

    S/he has called you a druggie that isn’t competent to comment.

    I am reading pure beautiful philosophy in the original post, so I think such an attack is unwarranted.


  • M.E

    Thanks Dragana for writing this blog! I wish there were more people like you who have the guts, brains and intergrity who dares to stand up for these companies. I guess im not the only one who has worked for Etihad and can say that its EXACTLY the same there! Thank you Thank you Thank you for speaking up!


  • Frustrated

    Every single article you post is 100% EK.!!!! I think more people should follow and write their experiences.Great job Dragana don’t give up

    Liked by 1 person

  • Anobodyunitedandstrongdividedandwefall

    Hello dragana i was afraid to write but not anymore. I chose to face my fears. You can use this article as a testimony. Its real factual and tangible proof exist for every single claim made herein.
    And hoping that these people will sacrifice a bit of their coin for changes to the better for everyone not only themselves….
    The truth of the matter is that instead of learning from what is going on these people, whoever they are who take the decisions, they are becoming more cruel and inhumane just for the sake of making more and more money, good people, productive people, resign, or get sick, and the people who are negative, backstabbing , useless, but excell in flattery , and are counterproductive, and opportunistic, tend to stay.
    cabin crew from other major airlines fly less and these airlines have profit, there is no divide between them and ground personnel, and there is no fear so they work very comfortably, cabin crew in emirates is worked to the….. Death or exhaustion, some destinations that should be layovers are turnarounds, rest while inflight is the bare minimum to stand on your feet, rest at the layovers as well, Lufthansa, klm, air France and the American major carriers, as well some Asian ones for example, depending on wether they started day or night has 2 or 3 days layovers while for the same destinations, emirates has ….24 hours, and Lufthansa and others still make money, now because emirates fly so much and is so aggressive the Americans want to review the “open skies” policy, cabin crew fly now a hundred or hundred plus hours on the month and it is considered normal?further more,in other airlines but not in emirates, there is sometimes a second set of crew to take over so the crew that started can get well rested and be stress free and happy, in emirates crew will fly non stop with two hours thirty minutes rest on a thirteen hour flight that should be illegal, not talking the “rare” times crew need to be awake more than twenty four hours with a toothless smile on and operate due to “operational reasons”
    in emirates all revolves around service, all is dictated by the service department, even legal rest which is a major safety matter, money is tossed like candy when it comes to service, trying new useless burdening procedures which add up to the million things one has to remember, for example open juices and expensive wines are tossed into the toilet in the end of each flight, and the poor cleaners cannot even touch the remainders which are safe to eat but it is preferred to be thrown instead of given to these people who are paid a hundred or maximum four hundred dollars a month, and all this is thrown as if they come from an infinite source, service time is increased to the detriment of rest, which could be easily balanced by a happy face with less garnish and more genuine smile if the rest instead of nonstop we “don’t care”service.
    In other airlines service does not dictate anything when it comes to rest and safety and there are not so often changes nor so radical.
    The relations with seniors are most often a relation of fear of reporting and fear of accountability, instead of friendliness and support, and all this because people are genuinely afraid.
    even when Emirates staff travel on the other airlines are treated much better than when other airline employees try to travel emirates.
    It is not normal to leave your house to make a career and ending up dead or with psychological problems and an alcoholic or drug addict, it’s just a job.
    Airports have curfews Dubai works 24/7 365days non stop, it’s their way to make money and income, but the ground staff is paid tax free peanuts, and cabin crew and flight deck are under paid considering the amount of work they produce, flight deck works ninety hours or more and had its over time limit increased recently
    Happy people are productive, as Terry Dally says ” I might not remember you, your face, or what happened, but I will remember how you made me feel” this goes for the majority of the fifty seven thousand people working there, so be careful.
    We are many you on the other hand …. 😉


    • administratordr

      Thank you for the comment and bravery. It will be published as a separate article.

      Btw, those are not Terry Dally’s words. Somebody else said it. Terry can just quote them.


    • Juls

      Bravo! You point everything that i realised as well…especially the fact that they expect us to carry a bad of 50 kg of blankets (which that’s my body weight) to help the cleaner but they dont give them some food or drinks which are leftovers and im sure they would be very greatfull for them ) let’s not talk about their annoyingly delays that its a must in this company where crew have to beare after the exhausting flight and etc …


  • Jennifer

    Dear All,

    I am just wondering why you are so surprised to be treated like that?! I feel very sorry for you all and it should not be, but the appeal of the job is completely different now that it was ten or twenty years ago, Emirates or not. Cabin Crew belongs to the unqualified jobs nowadays. Read the requirements for applicants again, after all it is very basic, justifying the high number of candidates.


  • Jennifer

    I am just saying that I am not surprised about such a treatment in that part of the globe. Read about the country, the region etc. before applying for a job there, especially for an unqualified job.

    I just wish you all the best with your blog, I just found it by chance.


  • Katleho

    After reading the above I am concerned about the working conditions of those working in middle Eastern countries.When reading the blog I soon realised that Emirates Airline’s rapid growth was achieved through the exploitation of men and women not to mention some of whom who are struggling to feed families abroad. Jennifer regardless of a persons occupation , one shouldn’t exploit human beings in an effort to gain success as that is morally wrong . Emirates and a plethora of Middle Eastern companies are out there operating at the expense of basic human rights . for example builders are building stadiums but the basic right to life is endangered as a person dies every 2 days during the construction of these hunks of metal.The managers beat the constructors and not to mention the appalling living conditions of these poor workers being treated like the slaves used in the building of the pyramids in Egypt. The alarming working conditions are a cause for concern and as a result we should not be silent about the struggle of many but let us help liberate the freedom a multitude.


  • What Emirates Airline meant for me? - Andra Tomescu

    […] I have had this question in my mind for a while, Dragana’s post, especially the quote below, gave me the necessary courage to organize my thoughts and write about […]


  • Lena

    Wow, I wish I knew about this blog before I ever got on an Emirates flight! I had a miserable experience flying back from Auckland, as some genius decided that 2 toilets were adequate for 56 passengers, and apparently won’t be told otherwise. (The toilets available in economy class were equally blocked and in appalling condition) When I tried to raise this health and safety issue with Emirates, I was told the facilities were adequate and wouldn’t be changing, so I needn’t worry my little head about it. (I’m paraphrasing, but just barely!) Honestly, who (outside of a 1950’s Soviet Gulag) actually thinks 2 toilets are enough for 56 passengers?
    I am seriously worried that I have caused a problem for the flight crew, who were the ones who told us they were aware of the problems caused by a lack of facilities. They begged the passengers to complain to Emirates, and I stupidly told Emirates this. Having read stories of “the golden cage”, I worry that this advice has come back to bite the flight crew in the derriere, as Emirates does not like whistle blowers.


  • ben

    it is a slavery in this place and nobody seems able to stop it. I am here to do what ever I can, I tell everyone I know that if you have a basic human empathy, if you have little bit respect for human rights for real, you should not buy tickets and fly emirates..


  • Anonymous

    Our management came up, overnight, with a 50 year old limit for cabin crew, meaning if youre 50 or approaching, your contract would not be renewed. She was 48, so you do the math.

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