Update from Tom: Gary Chapman

Another blog update from Mr Tom Burgess, former Senior Vice President of Emirates Group IT.

The blog is about rotten EK management structure and corrupted, dishonest, incapable and manipulative senior EK managers with Gary Chapman, president Group Services and Dnata, as their leader.

I have previously provided my thoughts and experiences of the other four members of what I affectionately (honestly!) call the ‘Gang of Five’, so now I turn my attention to Gary Chapman. Like most people who have worked in the Emirates Group, I have heard many stories about, and views of, Gary Chapman. This is natural, given his position. But I will base what I write solely on my own experiences. Gary Chapman was happy to see me fired based on second hand information which was not true, but that is no excuse for me to alter my standards. I will cover my personal experiences with him later on in this update, but I will first make some observations on what we can all see.

The Emirates Group is in disarray. Profits are down, Group headcount is far in excess of what can be afforded and staff morale was low even before the redundancy programmes commenced. For a number of years everyone has seen the need for serious change, but all we have observed at the top has been a serious case of paralysis. The situation is now so bad that someone from outside of the Group has been brought in to sort out the mess. The acute problems in the airline cannot be laid directly at Gary Chapman’s door and I am sure that the Group has enjoyed a steady flow of income thanks to Gary’s business acumen, but the performance of support areas for which he has responsibility has been a major contributor to the problems that are now evident.

Bringing in a highly experienced fresh pair of hands is a good start, but I wonder how the obvious changes that are required are going to be implemented. When I was in the Group, I did not meet anyone who had experience of complex and major change programmes. There was limited depth in terms of day to day man management skills and, apart from the late Sir Maurice Flanagan, nobody was seen as a traditional ‘leader’. Combined, these issues posed a significant risk so the Leadership Development initiative was launched. But what has that achieved? Demonstrably very little as the Emirates Group management structure remains as it has been for many years, just layer upon layer of supervisors, each ascending level proudly boasting an even bigger capital S. Who has responsibility for Leadership Development? Gary Chapman.






15 responses to “Update from Tom: Gary Chapman

  • tagha1

    I start to believe that it doesn’t matter who you are and what your qualifications are to hold a senior position in Emirates Airline cause everything is written in their books I mean, Emirates has a lot of advisers and consultants to set its growth business plan so it doesn’t make any difference if it hires this guy or that as at the end, he should follow what its consultants say. However, appointing this guy could be more beneficial for the company for future purposes and aspects for example, having more than 25 daily flights to London UK or more than 100 weekly flights to Australia needs “someone” who can convince their governments to accept EK request and this “someone” has to be one from them and do more than what they ask for like building a stadium or resorts or hiring hundreds of their people or….etc.


  • Fris Cord

    Gary is a nice bloke and one of the only competent managers in the company. You are an angry ex employee who just comes across as bitter


    • Admin

      We can’t discuss whether Gary is a nice person, I’ve never met him. But we can discuss his business results and his treatment of employees. They speak enough of him.


    • A380 Lover

      Fris. Your comment says it all. A Management Troll. I guess we should infer that Gazza is one of only a few competent managers in EK and DNATA? Are the rest incompetent? We all know they are. He presides over a failing empire. By your logic, because what happened to Tom was a long time ago its ok?! Really? Gary is unable to find a job elsewhere. All those senior muppets from the UK are going to be toast soon. To all the readers here, if you work for EK and DNATA, back up all your emails and document any wrong doing. Sell it to the press when you leave. Watch the job losses in the new year. All thanks to the lovely Gary. Competent to destroying jobs but can never admit responsibility. Anyone in DNATA heard the rumour of Corruption over the supply of chicken breasts to DNATA Catering????


  • Anonymous Person

    Gary might be a nice bloke but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have minions to do his bidding. Also he has to sometimes listen to his DSVPs. Don’t forget this happened few years ago when they did whatever they wanted. You simply sound like a management troll Fris Cord. Even if he was a bitter ex employee doesn’t mean all the current employees are super happy. Emirates is now removing staff every week and will do so over the coming days and months.If all pans out then the corrupt ones will go as well including Patrick Naef. Tom Burgess was used as a scapegoat for something that was a failed project – now everything is starting to show…..


  • Anonymous Person

    Another small update from Costa HQ as we enter the new year

    A little bit of a punch to the grade 9-11 category including VPs. Not that these mostly irritating managers need any and hardly anyone is getting a promotion these days. But as of today anyone who wishes to get an interest FREE loan to buy a car will not get any. The ones who already have the loan can still continue to pay back. So that benefit is over – slowly the benefits get cut. What they should do is also cut the profit sharing that they get which anyone under grade 9 doesn’t. Imagine a whole bunch of uneducated grade 9 who can’t even name a plane we fly gets seperate profit sharing that lower grades don’t get. UNFAIR. What Mr Meuller should do is actually find the staff who work MORE than the grade 9s and give them better benefits. I think emirates is the only organization in the world that has MORE support staff than cabin crew and flight deck. Also the only company in the world that hire Grade 9 based on favoritism than qualification. But all the truth shall come out soon

    In some reshuffle all CCDM cabin crew duty manager and FDM flight duty manager jobs are merging into one position. They are reducing now to 5 positions instead of the 10. All grade 7 in cabin crew duty briefing have all been made redundant. It’s a good punch to terry daly the famous cabin crew svp who has so much children around the world they lost count. He has been caught so many times drinking driving that police probably let him pass now because they have always let him go. Once again the truth shall come out soon

    No matter what justice does prevail slowly – thank you dragana for keeping this page alive and we hope Mr Meuller is reading

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  • Anonymous

    Dnata! Racist Company.they are known to discriminate against nationalities The whole top management are messed up fellows like Steward Angus and Ross they need to be kicked out first.


  • Dnata no matter

    As does Derek Swan. And Robin Padgett


  • Alan Wood

    The rantings of this disaffected employee are quite sad.

    If you work in the UAE, get used to a culture different from that whence you came. Don’t attempt to bend what exists into what you believe it ought to be. High level patronage and loyalty do sometimes exist to the detriment of commercial progress and allegations of individual incompetence just waste energy. Wasta is real.
    Growing organisations collect large overheads of staff and departments that eventually need shaking out … nobody should be surprised that hard decisions about reducing costs are taken.
    I do know and respect Gary Chapman, in fact I worked for him. He has far too much on his plate to be the least bit concerned about tripe like this.



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