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Emirates flight attendant was asked for sex in exchange for better roster?

This is the e-mail I’ve got yesterday from one Emirates cabin crew. Apparently, the Crew Scheduling Department staff asked female crew for sex favors in exchange for better roster.

I haven’t noticed anybody mentioned The Crew Scheduling Department.

They are the ones that never come forward to help us, they change our flights as they like it (of course the reason is always “operational requirements”), they call us on our days off to work, blackmailing us, etc.(once I contacted them because they took away my rest day and gave me Bangalore. After I complained to them that it’s not legal,  they said : “OK,  ok, but just do the flight and we will give you off for your birthday.” How on earth did they come up with that idea? Keep descovering.
However, I want to write about one special story with the “ethical” member of the Crew Scheduling Department : Jose.
I came back late at the night after 4 hours delayed Glasgow (due to the snow) and I was supposed to show up for my early morning Bombay flight. I wasnt legal to operate Bom due to the long delay. I have phoned the crew scheduling as soon as I landed that night. (While in the crew bus) A guy (Indian by the accent) told me that they cannot do anything. I said I would have less than the minimum rest, I was dead tired and exhausted but too scared to call sick as I didn’t want any warning letter. They didn’t care.
Soon after I received a call from a mobile number that was unknown to me. I was wandering who that was because it was late at night … I heard an Indian on the other side, and he was asking me if I called to change my flight. After I confirmed he said let’s talk a bit and we will see. Talk about what ??? He was asking me if I have a boyfriend, where I live  and other personal things. I thought it was a joke up to the point when he told me to look at my roster on the portal. My Bom disappeared and another indian flight appeared! I was in shock! He said: “I gave you that flight because u will be back at the same time when I finish my duty.” And he asked if my flatmate will be at home. I was shocked ! However I stayed calm as I realized he is really in power, it was not a joke. I started telling him about my delayed flight, how exhausted I was, etc. He told me to have a look again at my roster. And he schanged it again but this time into Doha flight. He said it’s short flight and I will be rested so we can have fun after I comeback and he finishes his duty. (!!!) I continued with the same story about not being able to operate even the short flight as I need proper rest, etc.
He finally replied: “If I change it to off, what do I get …?”  !!!!
I tried to be diplomatic telling him how much I appreciate his help and he is a good person, etc. My roster has changed for the third time and this time it was REST. Which meant basically I don’t have any duty for the next day ……
(We were still on the phone and my roster has changed in front of my eyes 3 times ! )
We closed that phone conversation due to his interruption at work but he said he will be calling me back tomorrow. And he warned me not to give his phone number to anyone or to ask him about his name. I agreed.
The next few days he kept on calling, giving me the information about his department and how the things are bad there, about the shifts, about that he can help me only if I need to change the flight when the flight is during his shift, etc.
He kept insisting to meet up, so I agreed to meet him but at EGHQ. He told me to come to his department’s floor and to wait for him at the small kitchen there. The kitchen was opened for people as they would enter to get a coffee etc. So I felt safe while siting there. He showed up. Short and chobby Indian looking very professional. He was nervous to sit down and was moving around offering me coffee etc. Every time that someone would walk in, he would get even more nervous.  On the other side, I was very calm, I talked to him in a professional manner explaining that we are here to help each other between departments, it happened that he helped me, tomorrow he may need my help, etc.
I managed to read his name Jose that was written on his ID which was placed on his belt.
After short time I left, thanking him again.
He continued calling me on the phone like crazy afterwards! He was telling me I was beautiful and that he wants to sleep with me! He was saying it openly. I told him that if he continues bothering me, I will report him. Then he stopped.
Soon after, I was having a conversation with my manager Amelita Benett (Filippina) for other matter, however I still mentioned to her about Jose from Crew Scheduling department and everything that has happened. She seemed not interested, was telling me she has another meeting and that she cannot do anything about it. She didn’t care. Maybe she didn’t want extra work, but isn’t her role supposed to be caring about her crew ? She was a very unhelpful manager, but that will be my separate post.
This post is about a big shame of a man from the Crew Scheduling Department.
I still have his mobile number, so if anybody from EK management is interested in having it, they can get it through u, Dragana.
I doubt it. Because nobody wants to listen in EK. Nevertheless, I am very grateful for this blog and the chance to speak out as the truth must reach out the people. It shouldn’t be hidden.
Second e-mail:
I felt so relaxed after I sent you the email with my story because I know that it will reach out to people and that many ek high profile people will read it and hopefully take some actions … at least start monitoring that guy.

I also hope other girls will come forward and tell their stories because I am sure I am not the first one he tried to sleep with, nor the last one !

Thank you for giving to me and to other people a chance to speak out !
E-mail from a cabin crew who was asked for sex

E-mail from a cabin crew who was asked for sex


Cabin crew’s job satisfaction in Emirates Airline – survey results

It has been two and a half months since Head of HR department, very much respected Mr.Abdulaziz Al Ali, sent an e-mail thanking employees for participating in the company’s survey on job satisfaction and promised to share results. This survey was conducted soon after this blog started with its first post – Open letter to His Highness the Chairman of Emirates Airline (EK). And whilst three vice-presidents of Human Resources department were thanked for the service in EK and escorted out, they never sent a goodbye email, so we don’t know the reasons why their services were terminated. There is an assumption that they were fired for the devastating survey results. Despite the promise of sharing these results, employees didn’t get to find out what is happening in their own company so far. So, due to the lack of company’s survey results, this article will offer some poll results from independent third parties, conducted among EK cabin crew.

EK Employees asking for survey results on forum

EK Employees asking for survey results on forum

Since there is a lack of communication between managers and employees, staff has no other way to find out about happenings in their own company than to use Internet websites such as, besides this blog, Emirates Illuminati (blocked in UAE), and few more.

Just in past 5 days 80,165 people came to this blog in search for the information on working conditions in EK: Some of these websites are used as a source of information on employees’ job satisfaction by third parties. I will not reveal my sources (it is enough to say that I can defend myself in the court of law with evidence if sued for publishing this data), but I am presenting some of the results of one such survey conducted on a representative sample of EK cabin crew.

Results of this research are not surprising for those who are working or who worked in Emirates Airline. So, what is the real state of the employees’ and customers’ satisfaction in Emirates Airline?

Mr. Abdulaziz's promise to share survey results

Mr. Abdulaziz’s promise to share survey results

The most vulnerable groups of employees in Emirates Airline are ground staff in Airport Services – check in and boarding agents and cabin crew, while pilot‘s dissatisfaction is in constant growth.

The biggest problem of EK in these departments is huge staff turnover. And while managers will always say that this turnover rate is “expected” in big companies, they don’t have an answer for how to deal with it. Their only solution is to pressurize already exhausted staff to work over their physical and mental capacities and law limitations, which is especially dangerous in the Airline Industry. Another threat to the airline safety is lack of experienced staff, which is, again, another consequence of huge staff turnover.

Emirates Airline recruits thousands of very young people to ground staff and cabin crew positions every year to replace employees who massively resign. These people can not be trained fast enough to meet all the criteria for safe flying. And while they have the physical appearance and smile necessary for customer service delivery (at least in the first couple of months of a honeymoon period within the company) their life and work experience is insufficient for more serious tasks in airline safety. And when they reach the satisfactory level of this experience, they are fed up with injustice and pressure inside the company and they resign.


I am not inclined to believe that disposable staff policy is an unofficial policy in EK because nobody is that unreasonable to cut the branch they are sitting on. Or are they?

Company, also, makes huge and unfair differences between ground staff and cabin crew. Ground staff (doing the same customer service job) are discriminated on every possible level compared to cabin crew, who have much better accommodation, salaries, medical care and benefits. Knowing this it is just a devastating fact that cabin crew resign in such huge number. It means that someone is not doing their job while getting huge salary for it. How bad is that for business?

According to mentioned research, the biggest dissatisfaction of cabin crew lies (not surprisingly!) in the way their managers treat them, while they are reasonably satisfied with their benefits, accommodation and salary. But when it comes to communication, superior – staff relations and personal contact between managers and crew, survey results are disappointing and poor.

This particular research was conducted on a representative sample of cabin crew using scientifically recognized statistical methods and tests. There were difficulties during the conduct of the survey as many employees are afraid that expression of their opinion on company will lead to the punishment or termination of their service.

80,165 visitors in 5 days

80,165 visitors in 5 days

These are some of the survey results:

A Cabin crew’s satisfaction with benefits and working conditions:

  • 68,12% of examinees are generally satisfied with the job of cabin crew in Emirates Airline. This is a solid result in Emirates Airline’s favour, although company should not underestimate dissatisfied percentage of crew.
  • Only 37,68% of examinees find working conditions on board satisfactory, while the majority – 62,32% find the them unsatisfactory or remained neutral.
  • 73,92% of cabin crew are satisfied with benefits (salary, accommodation, transport…). This is also a good result. It would be interesting to compare this number to the number of people satisfied with benefits but working in ground staff. I predict immense difference.
  • 69,57% of examinees are not satisfied or remained neutral in answering the question about their rostering and flight time limitations. This result proves that cabin crew are pushed to their limits and overworked.

B Crew’s satisfaction with management style, communication and working atmosphere:

  • This result is alarming56,52% of cabin crew find that their work is not acknowledged by the company. 27,54% of examinees remained neutral.
  • 66,67% of examinees are not satisfied or they remained neutral when asked about their satisfaction about the way the company communicates information to them.
  • 49,27% of cabin crew doesn’t feel that their company (managers) support them. 28,99% remained neutral, which makes the total number of 78,26% of cabin crew who are not satisfied or don’t know how to feel about the support they are getting from their superiors or they don’t want to tell. Very worrying number which demands immediate attention.
  • Another terrible result is acquired in answering the question whether employees feel that they can voice their opinion without the fear of being punished for it. Disastrous 71,01% answered that they feel afraid to express their opinion on work while 14,49% remained neutral.
  • Another destructive result: 66,66% of cabin crew feel maltreated by the company. 23,19% remained neutral.

C Cabin crew’s engagement in achieving company’s goals:

  • 81,16% are interested in the company’s affairs.
  • 85,51% of cabin crew are proud to work for the company (good result) and 72,45% would help the company to reach its goal of being among the most successful companies in the world (also very good result).

What can we learn from these results?

We can learn that cabin crew are fairly satisfied with their working benefits (salary, accommodation, medical care, face cards…). They feel pretty proud of working for such a big and known company. Most of them would help and are helping Emirates Airline to achieve its goals and vision. Most of them do care about the company’s image and are interested in internal happenings. So, what is the problem then?

Maybe this commenter described it in the best way:

Although my story in general was not sad, between 2006 and 2008 I witnessed many changes within EK, mainly the beginning of the “report” system, the increased workload, the switch from a personalized to a staff number relations and many more. I witnessed the jump to the new HQ, which contributed to the massive growth of overexcited managerial staff. All of them trying to prove themselves came with ideas, some were pure demonstration people’s servility with no positive benefits. I witnessed many of the qualified staff go, because they were fed up with the all growing number of restrictions, penalties, insane rosters, and last but not least the spreading fear. Many of these people were seniors who used to protect their staff. Eventually in 2008 I handed my resignation as well.

The comment about EK's decline

The comment about EK’s decline

Majority of cabin crew are not satisfied with their working conditions when it comes to the way management and superiors are treating them. The percentage of dissatisfied people is alarming and it is the reason why so many crew resign, despite their relative satisfaction with working benefits. This fact just proves the catastrophic state of human resources in Emirates Airline and rotten, bossy and authoritative organisational culture imposed by incompetent managers.

Rule of fear is evident and proved in the percentage of the crew who are afraid to express their opinion (around 70%!).

Majority of the crew doesn’t feel appreciated or supported by their managers, who are not capable to deal with the growth of the company and lack of staff in any other way than to exploit and overwork their crew, while not even appreciate or respect their efforts and hard work.

Even if nobody in Emirates Airline cares about humanity, they should understand that humanity and successful business are in direct relation. In Emirates Airline’s case it turned out that having so many disgruntled former employees willing to publicly provide their opinion on their ex employer was not a good idea. And it seems that it’s better that your employees do not leave the company hurt, angry and humiliated, because they are part of your image as well.

You should care about your staff. Even if they are staying in the company for just a couple of years and leave. Even if they are just in transit. Why? Because your customers’ dissatisfaction with demotivated crew attitude is growing in recent years. Just in EK business class negative feedback about your cabin crew makes 40% of all complaints. Because demotivated crew lead to lousy customer service and that leads to customers flying with another airlines. Because demotivated staff are not ready to go that extra mile that you need desperately to beat your strong competition. And unfortunately, a small piece of chocolate given during the forced training, which is Ms.Anoma Manuel’s idea of motivating her staff, will not work.

40% of complaints is a negative feedback

40% of complaints is a negative feedback

If you read this blog devoided of anger towards its author, you may be able to comprehend the extent of the human resources disaster in your company and to start with damage control and introducing some sustainable policies in order for your business to survive challenging airline industry conditions.

I will not write all of my ideas on how to improve your business, as it is an expensive knowledge and I worked hard to gain it. I trust you have enough money to employ some competent people to help you resolve the issues. And to help you even more, I hope that I will soon have survey results for the Airport Services ground staff, where are I expect a real tragedy.

Bottom line and the most important question for managers is: if your employees care for you and company’s image, how is it possible that you don’t care about them?

Emirates Airline was a nice place to be not so long ago. Even I feel proud for being a part of EK at some point of my life and was careful about its image while I was working there. But managers didn’t seem to understand the importance of respecting their loyal staff and dialogue, so in the same way they usually “push” people to resign, they pushed me in making this blog by forcing me to escape the country and by not paying me my EOSB.



Why Emirates Illuminati website is blocked?

Today’s article is encouraged by two things that happened to me. One is this article (part of it is quoted below) and another one is that I have sent text message again to head of Emirates Human Resources department Mr.Abdulaziz regarding my “end of service” benefit (no answer yet).

I must admit: my experience with Emirates has led me (and it’s still leading me) through various emotional states. From disappointment (which happened first), through surprise via being hurt and angry to, finally, peace of my mind. This peace is not definite, though. It is often interrupted with my memories from EK and old emotions haunting me.

Today I am disappointed again. What was I expecting? First of all, I was expecting at least one decent manager ready to fulfil their legal obligations towards an employee. I was expecting some awareness about deep division between management and other company’s employees who are doing almost all the work. I would never have a heart to be a manager who doesn’t care. This is why I am not one. Capitalistic system doesn’t need people who care, who are aware of other people’s misery and all the unfairness happening in the world. I feel my responsibility whenever I do or don’t do something. And there are many people like me. It’s just that they are ignored, bullied and silenced in this mess of the place we are living in. Emirates Illuminati are among these people.


One of the three core elements of capitalism is competition. Capitalism is a limited bi-polar construct in that it requires a loser for every winner. This is the true trickle-down effect as a large portion of the working class struggles for basic housing and to put food on the table, aided and abetted by the watering down of capitalism as we outsource labor to non-capitalistic countries, becoming complicit in human rights violations by those willing to turn a blind eye.

Too many people, even in this country, are struggling for access to basic shelter, food, water, healthcare and higher education. Competition has wrought enough damage to each other and the planet, creating parasitic-type conditions.

World peace will forever remain elusive as long as we battle to secure our own survival, blind to the realization that our neighbor’s well-being is vital to our own. As a species, we are interconnected and inseparable from each other and from our ecosystem. The greater truth that no mainstream economist has dared state publicly is that capitalism is not sustainable.

Instead of debating outdated economics, let us come together to forge a new path—one that is practical and truly provides equal opportunity for all, even those desiring to live a simple life. Capitalism served us well, but it’s become evident that working together cooperatively rather than in competition is the foundation for a new economy and peaceful world.

I like Islamic religion. I like basic postulates it preaches. I consider them deeply humane and love driven. Especially the ones which teach about helping less fortunate people and sharing with others.

When Edgar was called for a meeting with one local manager regarding his position at the airport, he was told by that manager that I am telling only lies on this blog. If I am sure that manager was lying I would never mention this fact, it’s just that I am not so sure that manager was lying about his opinion of my blog. It is very possible that he actually has the impression that I am writing lies here because he is living in a different reality where he likes to believe that his employees are happy.

Mr. Mohammed Mattar (Senior Vice President Airport Services) told me the same thing: “When I go around the airport I see happy people.” I looked at his eyes then and I still think that he was sincere. He really does think that his staff is satisfied. He has particularly one opinion common with his countryman HR Manager Maktoom: people should have enough money to survive and if they manage to survive they are happy. But what if I tell them that after my first blog post I got many messages and many of them were from local check in agents and supervisors? That I’ve got a support from local people? Isn’t it paradoxical and ironical that one (former) expatriate has to fight for your own people’s well-being, dear local managers?

There is not much I can do and say that will change abusive new world order. Luckily, that order is currently falling apart because it was never sustainable. People made the system and people will take it down. Not primarily because some of them are aware and humane, but because something that abuses people to the extent that it creates 99% of exploited population and 1% of extremely rich and privileged people is doomed to fall down or end up in extinction of human race.

Emirates is a huge and relatively independent company and it has the strength to impose its own rules and ways of doing business in the market. It is such a shame that it became an instrument of evil rather than instrument of sustainable living. Future of world’s economic system lies in sustainable business because of the simple fact that there is no production without natural and human resources preservation and these resources are brutally wasted now.

People always don’t have time. They are always in the rush for (more and more) money. They want everything here and now. This is why sustainable business is still at a concept level. It was never truly implemented. You can hear managers and campaigns talking about corporate social responsibility and sustainability, but almost all of that talk is about marketing and making more profit by appearing that they care, by misapplying the concept.

Another unfortunate fact is that sustainable business sometimes requires more than one life time to start bringing benefits. People are in a hurry to enjoy their money here and now. And I can understand that urge in expatriate managers but I am really concerned that local managers don’t see that their own company is preparing the ground for its own disappearance. Moreover, the company which could ensure the future and economic stability of UAE is, actually, exploiting its own people and resources for money which is not eternal per se.

So, when employees who are thinking about sustainability raise their voices, everyone should listen to them. By speaking of their own benefits, they are advocating everyone’s benefits actually, dear managers. Including yours. This is why it is very disappointing that Emirates Illuminati website is blocked in UAE. Members of this secret society have sent symbolic warning letters to managers in the Headquarters. Instead of acknowledging civilized criticism, managers decided to ban them. It’s not even incompetent. It’s a childish and immature move.

In the quotation below you can find categories of websites banned in UAE. Emirates Illuminati website doesn’t fall under any of mentioned categories. So why are they blocked? Because one company, which falsely advertises itself as modern and democratic, is treating its employees as replaceable and overpaid half slaves (you have the freedom to choose whether you will work for them but you don’t have the choice to speak up and ask for humane working conditions).

Blocked Emirates Illuminati website

Blocked Emirates Illuminati website

The biggest disgrace are western managers who could never do in their home countries what they are doing in UAE. Instead of showing to locals and the whole world how business can be done in an ethical and sustainable way, these managers exploit and ban even their own countrymen (!). This is how selfish little people build the future. And this blog is here to keep the memory of their “good” work.

I will republish news from Emirates Illuminati webpage here. You can also find “Emirates illuminati” page (and mentioned warning letters to managers) on this blog. I don’t know who they are but I sympathize with their emotions and goals and I support their non violent, intelligent and witty way of expressing discontent with greediness of managers and maltreatment of employees.

I will also insist on what belongs to me – my End of Service benefit. 

Prohibited Content Categories
1. Internet Content for Bypassing Blocked Content
This category includes Internet Content that allows or assist Users to
access Blocked Content.
2. Internet Content for Learning Criminal Skills
This category includes Internet Content that either provides instructions for
or identifies methods to promote, encourage or provide the skills to
commit illegal or criminal or unethical activities. These include bombmaking,
phreaking (breaching phone security or phone service theft),
scams and fraud, terrorism, evading law enforcement, stalking, lock
picking, selling pirate material such as commercial software, music, videos
or others.
3. Dating Internet Content
This category includes Internet Content that provides online dating or
matchmaking which contradicts with the ethics and morals of the UAE.
Exemptions: Chatting services, chatting groups, social networking and
4. Internet Content for Illegal Drugs
This category includes Internet Content that provides information on
purchasing, manufacturing, promoting and using illegal drugs.
5. Internet Content containing Pornography and Nudity
This category includes Internet Content that contains material of a
pornographic nature, or relates or depicts acts of homosexuality, nudity
and sexual material (including stories, jokes, animations, and video) or
Internet Content that promotes sexual activity. It includes Internet
Content which promote the distribution of above material (such as Peer-toPeer
websites and links).
6. Gambling Internet Content
This category includes Internet Content that is relevant to gambling or
such as gambling links, tips, sports picks, lottery results, as well as horse,
car or boat racing.
7. Internet Content for Hacking and Malicious Codes
This category includes Internet Content that distribute information and
tools for hacking (root kits, kiddy scripts, etc.) that help individuals gain
unauthorized access to computer systems. Also include Internet Content

 Happy holidays.

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