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News from Emirates Illuminati website #2

Social Media Registration & Login Now Active!



We are pleased to announce that you can now create an account and log in using your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts. There is still the option to create an account by the more traditional manual registration.

Creating an account will allow you to post in our Forums, 2 of which are viewable by any visitor to the site, along with a 3rd private forum for members only.

Commenting on our blog articles is handled by the Disqus commenting platform, which also allows the use of social media to create an account or, if you wish, you can comment anonymously.

We look forward to your participation on the website and hope to create a lively community with a lively debate!

Be seeing you…

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Do employees who post comments on my blog get fired?

Fear of posting comments on this blog became very present in Emirates Airline. This is what I have heard. People are afraid that their e-mails and phones are tracked down. There is even a story that couple of employees are fired for posting a comment or a story here, or to be precise: for “publishing articles against UAE”.

While I find this story funny, I admit that there is a possibility that staff is bullied for posting here, since MAS Samir Al Tamer told me on one of our meetings that “staff is fired for posting something about the company on Twitter” and one staff complained to me that they got a final warning for posting something involving Emirates on their (locked for public) Facebook wall. I was constantly warned that I am “monitored” by my managers, so these kinds of threats are nothing new in EK.

Some of these fear stories are probably spread on purposely, to prevent many people from posting here; but I am pretty sure that most of these stories are invented by some staffs themselves because this is how fear works: you know that your fear strategy is successful when people start to scare themselves with the stories they invent without anyone’s help. So, EK has an outstanding fear strategy.

Let me repeat: I find it unfair and false to accuse me or anyone else of writing “against UAE or His Highness Sheikh Ahmed” on this blog. Only malicious people can mix a serious critique of a company’s management with a critique of a country. I have even expressed my respect for His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, UAE and its people many times. So, there can be no words of doing anything against the UAE.


Thousands of people read this blog on a daily basis and I know that blog is popular, but since its initial post which had 271 comments, not many people are commenting now. I can understand why. But it seems that my invitation raised some dust inside the company.

This is the deal: nobody can change your lives instead of you. Nobody can expect to seat passively and to wait someone else to change things for them. I have provided the space for your voice to be heard, where I don’t publish rumours, just received e-mails and testimonies. If you are afraid of being tracked down there are many ways you can hide you IP address and be anonymous on the Internet (google it). And if you are afraid to send an e-mail or a comment from UAE, send it from another country. Many of you travel often. And if you are just afraid and don’t want to do anything – don’t. But remember, fear is the worst disease of the human race. It stops every evolution of mind and spirit; then again – it is totally irrational and it doesn’t present a real threat. I was ready to lose my job so that nobody else has to.

EK managers will eventually understand that rule of fear is impossible in today’s world, because it can easily fall apart with just one person who doesn’t feel scared. And if they really want to change something and to continue like a modern, powerful and civilized company, they will encourage their staff to speak freely and appreciate creative thinkers and bravery. If they want to be in the middle ages, where they are heading now, they will maintain the rule of fear until the next person’s blog.

And I am not convinced that anything will change until some civilized moves, like apologies, are made.

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If you are fired for posting on this blog, please let me know on 

Where is HH Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum?

His Highness’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts have disappeared from social networks. At least they are not there under his name which he has used before – Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

When I first started this fight against injustice in Emirates Airline I went to the Chairman’s office couple of times, I sent HH Ahmed an e-mail, my embassy sent him an e-mail and I sent him messages on Facebook and Twitter (he was very active on those two accounts under his real and full name). I never got any response from him.

Maybe I am making a mistake or HH has blocked my accounts and that is why I can’t find him on any of his public profiles on social networks. Maybe His Highness just doesn’t want to answer the Open letter and many other questions about working conditions in his company shared by many people on Facebook and Twitter, so he has decided to vanish from the Internet and public eye.

If this is true, it’s a real shame since I did have a hope in his fair reaction in this matter.

I also hope that HH is well and that his health condition is not the reason of his disappearance.

Open letter

Open letter to HH the Chairman of Emirates Airline is shared on Twitter many times.

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Open letter to HH the Chairman of Emirates Airline is shared many times on Facebook as well.