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‘Emirates crews extremely fatigued’: Exhausted pilots tell RT of disturbing conditions

It’s so sad that Emirates Airline managers were warned in more than a year and a half ago that public will soon know about the bad treatment of their employees and the violation of labour rights and that their image and brand will be ruined. They’ve got that advice as a threat when they should have got it as an advice in a good will and do everything to improve working conditions.



How safe is it to fly with Emirates – testimony of one cabin crew

After many recent plane crashes safe flying has become a regular topic in media. Not without a reason.

This is just a first article in series of articles about illegal and safety endangering practices in Emirates Airline (EK). Since the safety problem in EK is so big, it requires many inputs from cabin crew and pilots, which I am lucky to get on a regular basis so that I can make a full picture of safety deterioration in Emirates in past few years.

According to pilots and cabin crew, flying with Emirates Airline is less safe than it used to be. One could ask why is that? Answer is simple: greed, money and management’s incapability to deal with the growth of the company.

As usual, I have no intention to advise anyone not to work or not to fly with EK. Instead, my intention is to leave a trace about the fact that employees of Emirates Airline were worried about their safety and the safety of the passengers even before any serious accident occurred (and let’s hope it will never occur).

It is very easy to blame the flight crew for errors in flying the plane. Media will always assume that crew was well rested, well paid and motivated to work. Especially when they write about Emirates Airline, because there is a false public image about working conditions in EK.

Well, EK flight crew is exhausted with short layovers, unpaid extra working hours, working more than legal flying hours, lack of leave and vacation, inability to report sick or fatigued without being suspected of lying about it and new questionable procedures of authorities which make easier for all of this to become legal.

These articles have the purpose to warn on flight crew’s exhaustion and incapability to fly the planes safely due to fatigue, lack of motivation and weariness issues.

First input about onboard safety is coming from cabin crew. Service delivery department in Emirates Airline is in chaos right now. Thousands of cabin crew are resigning and there is not enough crew to operate the flights, so some flights are delayed. At the same time, management has no answer on this shortage of staff than to make more pressure and make it harder for crew to report sick, forcing them to fly even if they are fatigued and to make them do couple of turnovers per day or have illegally short layovers. The same thing is happening with EK pilots.

The next two quotations are from persons who sent me their inputs on cabin crew’s opinion on onboard safety.

Concerned email

Concerned email

“I just wanted to tell you about something I heard today…. There was a flight today that departed at 5pm to NY and Cuz of delays caused by bad weather the crew will have 10 hours layover after God knows how many hours flight… And u know that those 10 hours will become 7 or even less Cuz of the time lost with transportation from airport to hotel, etc. I heard from a “friend of a friend” that some are planning to send a complain to  GCAA.
I wish u could investigate more and post it on your blog.
I’m glad I could help with some info.”

I have checked this info with EK cabin crew and this is what I’ve got:

Input from cabin crew about illegal layover.

Input from cabin crew about illegal layover.

“Dear Dragana,

I do know actually. The layover was 15 hrs, whereas in JFK the journey from the airport to the hotel on an normal snow-free day takes approx 1 hour and we get the wake up call the next day 3, 5 hrs before departure. A simple calculation will show, that the crew had 10 hours rest after nearly 15 hour flight (17 hour duty). I will include a screenshot of trip details of the particular flight for you.

Complaining to GCAA makes no sense as we all know that H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoom is the chairman of Emirates Group AND a chairman and board member of GCAA. This flight is most probably “legal”, because the official rest time is over 11 hours.

The only option I see, is to give these pieces of information to international media or to question this legality from FAA. Although the rumor says, EK paid a fine for this action…

I personally find it outrageously irresponsible from EK to endanger and play around with the safety of 500 passengers and 30 crew, only to prove their ability to disrespect and ignore all the advices and forecasts from the US.

On this day some 1,400 commercial flights were canceled, according to American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest and US Airways were among many airlines that announced winter-weather waivers. Most will allow passengers flying to or through the Northeast to make one itinerary change without paying a change fee. The companies  carrying out these 1’400 flights found the necessary assets in their budgets in order to comply with safe practices in aviation. But EK is willing to possibly loose 530 people,  to operate with totally fatigued crew who cannot be held responsible for any unsafe decision, who’s reaction to possible hazards like fire, smoke or disruptive passenger are at their lowest, just so that they won’t loose money and wouldn’t have to deal with a problem –  where to book these 500 people if all the flight to JFK are always oversold?

Would love to hear managements comment on that!”

Layover duration in the EK system.

Layover duration in the EK system.

It is such a shame that morally corrupted managers managed to damage such a big company so much in such a short period of time. Or as one pilot said it on one website for professional pilots:

“Perhaps someone can provide some examples of situations where pushing things – people or machines – to the absolute limit, had a happy ending?”


What is going on with Emirates Airline?

This post is a sequel to my previous one (click here).
Things in EK are simply going worse day by day and the first one to feel it are hard-working employees. Things weren’t good when I first joined the Group, but they became much, much worse in just a short period of time and the management was lazy or incompetent enough to continue the arrogant and repressive communication with the staff who pointed them to the fact that things are rapidly falling apart.
The biggest problem of EK is its managerial structure. While they are ruining the company with their negligence, rule of fear and sticking to the ridiculously luxurious benefits, loyal employees are constantly talking about the decay of the company, sometimes being punished because they don’t want to obey irrational managerial policies and decisions. It is only then when loyal people start to talk in public, on blogs and forums.
After couple of my last posts, I do expect from Mr.Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airline to publish another distracting interview about Malaysian Airline plane disappearance (without any evidence and arguments) (click here) and I do expect bunch of e-mails like this quoted one which I don’t publish since this blog has different goals than to interfere in big inter-airliners games and manipulations:
Hi Dragana,
i just want to bring attention to you regarding a recent tim clark interview with Examiner, he commented about the disappearance of MH370, He is blaming Malaysian Crew of doing it …hes a nerd lol…the funny thing is he blamed the captain he said they have the largest fleet of 777 and the crew are not trained to deactivate the tracking device of the flight responder, it seems hes idiot  or he has a point …LMFO the deactivating button a 10 year old can push it …and deactivate the flight tracker,anyway it was on yahoo news today and it was just absurd to read that..from all what he said i just think he said that to degrade Malaysian airlines blaming their crew because Malaysian is one of the most challenging and competitive airlines to EK in the area specially Australian Sector.
Screenshot (65)

The example of e-mails that I don’t publish and discuss on this blog.

There will be many cheerful stories about cabin crew and their grooming (click here) and talks about how big and luxurious EK is. These stories are all meant to distract the public from the story about human and labour rights violations in Emirates Airline and to protect the image of the company. Another wrong tactics of its management and presidency.
This is the post (click here) on the PPRUNE Forum (click here) which has some valid and strong points, by my opinion. This anonymous EK staff from the famous Internet meeting place of the pilots asks the same question that I have asked myself after spending only one and a half years in EK:
While pondering the going ons at Emirates with some buddies we had some questions we couldn’t answer so I’m throwing it out on PPRuNe.
11 airlines have the 380 (not including the 2 airlines that just received theirs last week) and 10 of those airlines have varying degrees of dislike, to we wish we didnt buy them, to cant wait to get rid of the airplane. None of those 10 airlines are going to buy anymore.
One airline (guess which one) loves the airplane and can’t get enough of them. I know we are not industry leaders when it comes to pay and conditions but what is the big difference? Why does Emirates love it when the vast majority of the industry dislike it? It will be interesting to see how the other two gulf carriers who just received them like the Big Bird.

Emirates is very profitable but when compared to,some of the US carriers you have to wonder where all the money is going.
AA made about $2.4 Billion in a quarter (yes that is B for billion and yes that is for a 90 day period), UAL made approx $1.7 B and Delta brought up the rear with Only $1.3 B.
Emirates with their 13% labor costs, fantastic aircraft utility rate, no government agency to regulate them and no labor unions made $1 Billion in a whole year. Where is all the money going?
Is this the reason the company is squeezing us so hard so more money can go out the back door?

I joined almost two years ago and it has been a constant slide to the bottom. I know pilots that have been here longer has experienced a much steeper and drastic decline. How much more are they going to turn the screws on us?
We are most definitely underpaid and overworked. A dangerous cocktail going forward. What is this airline going to look like in a year? Not a pretty site.

Screenshot (66)

PPRUNE question

Are you sure you want to be a cabin crew?

A comment from this blog about cabin crew conditions in Emirates Airline.

Emirates Cabin Crew management bullied me as well – for SICK days – I was always polite with the local managers (UAE Nationals) since I’m a guest in their country, although some of their comments were at times questionable, ethically speaking. The European ones, French and British in particular were very dismissive, rude and arrogant and tried to put me in my place – and I subtly put them in theirs.

There is NO WAY these WESTERN EUROPEAN mangers would ever get away with that behaviour in their home countries!

Sure, everybody wants to earn a payckeck, but at what cost? Some people don’t mind trading in their humanity for this straight jacket we call success.

Furthermore – take a look at the two Sirs. Sir Richard Branson and Sir Tim Clark – watch how they speak. Both in the airline industry – yet two very different world views.

Here are some common Emirates Airline Cabin Crew grievances: When presented to Emirates Cabin Crew Senior Management (Terry Daly and Kevin Griffiths) were again, dismissed and forgotten about – if you don’t like it leave – because we want new blood anyway – “WE LIKE FRESH BUBBLES IN OUR CHAMPAGNE.”

Rest on ULR flights is not enough
Long duties – 12 to 17 hr night duties – no rest
Combined Rest + Minimum Rest
Services take too long
Some ULRs – flying times are longer than the layover
Extra flying hrs – busy rosters
Flying with tired and sick crew
Increasing workload onboard
Oversized luggage out of DXB
Constant Updates – new services that don’t work (economy)
Mandatory cross-qualification
A380 Crew Rest – not sufficient rest – not legal
It’s physically impossible to follow the standards at 100%
Crew food is embarrassing – at outstations its much better quality.
Decreasing Allowances
No Maternity Leave
Called into the office on days off

Curious how Emirates chooses it’s leaders?

Screenshot (63)

A comment from the blog.

Passenger’s suicide at Terminal 3 (Dubai International Airport)

This is the e-mail which I’ve received today.

I have heard about the passenger who killed himself at Terminal 3 couple of weeks ago but I never knew circumstances of his suicide. According to this e-mail, passenger killed himself because he didn’t have the money to pay the penalty for missing his flight. He stayed at the airport for 5 days and, finally, he jumped from departures level to arrivals level.

If this news was investigated and published then we could discuss objective reasons why he killed himself, how come he stayed at the airport for 5 whole days before suicide or how could the suicide be prevented. This way we can only read this e-mail and wonder why should anyone send it to me if it isn’t the truth?

Screenshot (52)

Passenger’s suicide at Terminal 3, Dubai International Airport

First of let me tell you something i’am so proud of you you are a brave lady thank you so much we really needed someone like you to tell people the thrust about EK i just want to give you an information about emirates how they treat passengers 3 weeks ago there is a pax who killed himself at the airport in T3 he jumped from departure level to arrival .he was an indian he missed his flight he was suppose to pay a penalty of 200aed but he didn’t have money to pay he stayed at the airport during 5 days no one cares about him no one waived the penalty imagine how the person felt for sure he didn’t eat and he finally killed himself. I was expecting to read it in the news papers but nothing no one talks about they hide everything this company is shitttt i hate EK .

Medical insurance in Emirates Airline #3

One more employee’s testimony about how Emirates Airline treats their own people. This one is very shocking and sad.

Medical insurance in Emirates Airline - comment

Medical insurance in Emirates Airline – comment


We are so sorry to hear that and i pray for you to get well, the truth about emirates now Spreading to the world… i personally witnessed a Death of an employee while on duty in Terminal 2 Ramp Dnata He was hit by a lashing belt Lock straight to head while he was trying to help unload a container from a cargo hold of an aircraft, He died on the spot as his head was hit by the Metal heavy lock.. and the surprising thing is they didn’t announce his death, they faked it that he passed away after couple of days in the hospital but you folks can you imagine that emirates/Dnata made a Report blaming the Late truck driver that he didnt follow the SOP’S ..just to avoid paying full benefits to his family can you believe that guys???? we end up as Colleagues raising founds to his family and thats what management asked us to do…like Dnata can not compensate the victim but asked the staff to do it…and we did if i still remember raised funds of approximately 40k or more….here is the thing when owners of the biggest businesses in Dubai like Emirates group Are the same High people who makes the Law they are definitely making the laws on their favors…i Own Emirates and i make the country law too so i Own the law too….

Medical insurance in Emirates Airline? #2

One more testimony about the quality of the medical insurance in Emirates Airline and the treatment of employees.

I guess money is more important than human lives there. I wonder if EK would get rid of some presidency members in a similar fashion as in this quotation if they were sick, just to save few bucks more. After all, many are waiting to work for Emirates, so why should anyone be bothered with sick employees? Send them home, bring new, healthy, ones. It’s not like humanity has any future after all.

Medical insurance in Emirates Airline

Medical insurance in Emirates Airline

Taimour Agha

With all my respect, there is no “Medical Insurance” for critical and serious illnesses at all……Probably, what “NaditaD” said above about the people who evaluate medical claims is so true and I am telling you this from my own experience that happened with me on Feb 2010. Moreover, people there is just evaluate the patient based on the medical reports and would never ask to meet the patient in person to examine his/her medical status for better diagnosis and once again, I am talking about critical diseases.

I was diagnosed of critical and rare illness when I had collapsed with sever seizure and “on duty”, I was rushed to Rashid Hospital by airport medical team where doctors had done CT scan to know what was the cause of the sever seizure, I was asked to deposit some 10,000 AED for MRI scan as CT scan was not sufficient to diagnose my case as doctors were suspecting a cerebral Hemorrhage case (please note that Rashid Hospital is a governmental hospital and I was having my governmental health card and I was in the Emergency ward!!). EK DID NOT interfere at all as every while a nurse would come and ask my colleague (who came with me) about the money!! Anyways, after I got back my conscious…I signed on the self-discharge form and left the hospital.

I am a supervisor grade 6 and I had signed on the Medical Insurance scheme that was so different from grades below 6….I called some private hospitals when I reached home for doing the MRI on insurance but, I was told that EK MUST communicate with them first….I remember it was Friday and I had to wait till Sunday!!!

Second seizure was introduced with the same detailed story except that I was transferred by ambulance to Dubai Hospital and again, I had to sighed on the self discharged form. During the week, I went with Duty Officer to Medical Benefit Administration to discuss my medical insurance and that I had to do the MRI scanning…..after a very long discussion, MBA had approved to do the MRI at the City Hospital.

I don’t know till now how on earth EK came to conclusion that I was suffering from Arteriovenous Malformation even though, all the medical reports from different hospitals have written “Brain Lesion” and I wasn’t invited to see any one of EK doctor…not even a nurse from EK Clinic however, they have said that to throw me somewhere out of Dubai and never provide treatment which I was entitled for as per the medical insurance. EK had ignored that my brain had bleeded and came up with “their” new medical report which was basically was as a “fitness certificate” for travel to my homeland (patients with Hemorrhage or brain injury MUST not fly for a minimum period of 4-6 months) so that EK could stop my treatment which was discussed with MBA hence, termination to let me face my destiny alone without any kind of help and away from Dubai and them.

I have a lot…..and I mean a lot of illegalities with proofs that happened to my case and how were “played” furiously and skillfully to get rid of me starting from HR managers all the way to the “man”!!! (a few weeks ago as I have our conversation saved after I have “helped him….yes helped him” and it is now ready for publishing all over the world after making some legal consultations as this would be the biggest surprise for all). I am sure by reading my story will make you even “throw up” of the inhumanity!!!