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Open forums for Cabin Crew

Seems that Mr.Terry Daly (Divisional Senior Vice President Service Delivery) has finally acknowledged the problems that his department has. Since Emirates Airline managers always try to “resolve” their problems by using force and pressure first, I am not surprised that Mr.Daly introduced new sickness certification process without any discussion with his staff or possibility for receiving crew’s feedback on his unpopular decisions.

According to some unofficial data around 1000 crew called sick two days ago which is enormous number for already suffering Service Delivery department. This fact, along with huge turnover rate, drop in service delivery quality, lack of crew and crew’s writings on the Internet may forced Mr.Terry to try and find a different solution besides the unpopular benefit cuts. Mr.Daly promised to organize some Open forums for cabin crew where they will discuss problems and issues.

Mr.Terry Daly's call for Open forums

Mr.Terry Daly’s call for Open forums

Now, these open forums were already organized in EKAS (Airport Service) department without much success (anyway, Ms.Anoma was moved to another position soon after the forums). The absence of success is only normal when your managers think that their participation at Open forum is an act of good will and that they are there to “help” their employees. No open forum ever will resolve any departmental issue until EK managers start to comprehend that they are not there to “help” (which was Ms.Anoma Manuel‘s vision on forums’ purposes) but to work together with their team and, actually, help themselves. Managers are not there to help, but to do their job and make decent working conditions for all.

While Ms.Anoma Manuel’s Open forum turned out to be a farce which resulted with my service termination as she couldn’t handle honest and desperate questions in any other way than to punish me for asking them, I hope that Mr.Terry Daly will have more intellect and reason than Ms.Anoma to hear what his staff has to say without firing them.

I know that it is hard to achieve Ms.Anoma Manuel’s levels of mismanagement, bullying and incompetence, therefore I truly hope that Mr.Terry Daly will use these Open forums to really show some care for his staff and to deal with burning issues with success. This blog started with Ms.Anoma’s incapability to lead her department. Let’s hope that it will all end there and that nobody will have to go through things I have been through with Ms.Anoma as my manager.

Good luck to Mr.Terry Daly at his Open forums.

And just to remember how the “Open forum” looked like in EKAS department: 




Open Forum with EKAS staff – audio record

This post contains the link to audio record of the Open Forum that EKAS managers held with staff on July 21st 2014.

In order to protect my colleagues, I have cut (almost) everyone’s voice from it, except mine and the voices of EKAS managers. Forum lasted for 2 hours and I was discussing  issues with managers for 10 minutes maximum.

My questions from this forum got me fired.

I had couple of warnings previously. I feel that they were for no reasons, just punishments and torture for speaking up about labour rights. Management started punishing me with warnings after my first complaint about human rights not being respected.

There were attempts by my colleagues and me to change our working conditions, by discussing things with DVP Anoma Manuel and by sending e-mails with issues and suggestions for improvements to HR Management. Seems that nobody listened. Moreover, management fired me in order to maintain the rule of fear. I have appealed on final warning and the dismissal from the service decisions.

We never got any conclusions from this forum and only few things  have been changed (as far as I know the breaks are extended and some tasks are shortened).

Once again, this is not a blog about my issue but I can write only about my experience for now. People are welcome to share their experiences on this web site.

As an HR Manager I feel an obligation to defend labour and human rights and speak up about cruel exploitation of workers.

This blog is about world going completely wrong way.