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“EGIT was one of the worst IT centre I worked with”

What I know about EGIT

I worked in EGIT which was Emirates’ own I.T centre having more than 2000 employees (a.k.a EK slaves). Needless to say EGIT was one of the worst I.T centre I worked with and funny thing was it has same number of Managers as Software Engineers. Every manager wants to get Najm Awards which leads them to push their Engineers to do work crazy hours.

What is Hiring/Selection Criteria?

  1. Prefer somebody from own country
  2. Then somebody from own language
  3. Then somebody who has some friend
  4. Who has big names to show off in CV

What happens once you hired

You will start with time wasting 3 days of training where some managers will come, first brag about himself and his/her department and then Emirates of course. After 3 days you will be picked up by some another manager like some scapegoat who will expect you know everything about each department of EGIT as you been through 3 days of Training.

Why you are hired

You will be instructed about what projects being done and good thing will be your manager will tell/admit himself how fucked up all applications are. You got to do nothing new but upgrade existing application, not in terms of functionality but just somehow manager convinced business users to upgrade to new technology if application was built on a Java 1 platform then you should upgrade to the later Java 2 platform as it will solve all you problems of this application. Best part is managers blame every bug on Engineer or Technology. So after hiring you, they have fixed one problem which was (old) Engineer and now comes latest technology.

Actually why every other Emirates application is seriously F’ up

When some manager bid for project in company and wins it, he has to brag about, he can get this done in crazily quickly which will save a lot of money (salaries). Just to win project and somehow save your job, you will have to do this when you are manager as I mentioned earlier in EGIT there are crazy number of managers you will find so everybody wants to save his butt. Engineers will get initial requirement specifications and go for it as there everybody knows you can’t say to your manager this is unrealistic deadlines you are making considering if you say, you will be considered running away from work, un capable to fulfil duties, bad HR reviews, under progressed and what not.

When you have to do the job in crazy deadlines, either you forget your family and personal life and spend most of your time including weekends at work or you will simply do shortcuts and built useless applications and this is most likely.

What about me

In EGIT if you are not Arab or English then you for sure start as consultant. I was hired through the external company NIIT. After going through initial hiring, training and all aforementioned stuff I mentioned, I get to know I am going to work on some crappy application which my manager developed and now somehow he has convinced for its upgrade from the .net platform to Sharepoint technology. I don’t wanted to bore you with technical stuff but Sharepoint is a portal built using .net so no difference. Frankly speaking I could never understood purpose of that upgrade. Anyhow I started to do for what I was hired but sooner realised I have 100s of dependencies on other applications which I can’t override so I start chasing others on whom I was dependent to complete my stuff. Struggling with this, one day some another manager said, consider this company as Govt. department in India like there you will be heard in months just to do something which required minutes or even reply email and that was so true.

I cursed myself for joining such company and carry on my work. Already project was tightly deadline but one day I heard we have to finish the project much sooner than expected as business user (in other words owner of the project) needs to go for holidays and she wants it to be finished before she leaves  so she can enjoy her holidays without have to think about this project). Wow…

The worst part was when I was told project was initially shown to higher management and they were simply not satisfied on what is being made so have to dramatically add up more features and we can’t get more time or can’t say we can’t do for this release as they users of this application going to be 64 executives of Emirates.

My manager got very tempted for this as he can see Award (Najm) for making customer happy and start pushing me more for which I told is not possible but then started problems. Now all of sudden I become in-efficient, incapable of doing the project and what not. Things started to get ugly, day by day and I had bad argument with my manager. After few days right after I completed the project I was called by HR and told we have zero tolerance policy so got fired on immediate basis. I tried to explain but I was told decision has been made and can’t allow you notice period as you could be bad impact on other employees which I always wonder was not until I completed the project.

Unfortunately my father got seriously ill on those days and Dr. suggested him major heart surgery which leads to his death after few weeks. May Allah bless his soul rest in peace.

Working abroad brings so much pressure on you, loads of lives depends on your livelihood and you can’t risk it and somehow you had to prefer your shitty jobs over your personal life, which I always regret and curse people who made my life miserable by taking advantage at that time.

Alhamdulilah by grace of Allah, I got so many offers after that and finally joined some company on much better salary which finally led me got an opportunity to work for their Partner Company in UK. Now I’m settled in UK and consider getting rid of EK was best thing but I know what mentaltorture I have gone through and at the end of the day no respect no regard for all those efforts and literally the day I finished their project I became bad impact on others. Living in same house I remember I had spent days when I leave early for office, my kids were sleeping and when I go late, they gone to bed… in short there were days when I haven’t get time to spend any time with them and still you are treated like this.

What I feel wrong is with EGIT

  1. Too many managers
  2. Everyone tries to migrate their applications on to the latest software version
  3. They do not stick with the plan nor stick with the requirement specifications
  4. Managers think themselves superior and never listens to engineers
  5. Hiring criteria sucks as its muti-cultural company, everyone manager wants to hire from their region/community

How to fix EGIT

  1. Fire half of managers
  2. Rather focusing on upgrading application in terms of software versions, should focus on building stable application by giving appropriate time
  3. Requirements of projects should be properly agreed and then frozen
  4. Managers needs to listen to engineers
  5. Hire on basis of merit only

I appreciate the effort admin of this website doing, this is for other people good and hopefully effective way to put pressure on EK to bring good changes in them.

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Is Emirates Airline among 50 companies best to work for?

When I supposed to go to Ms. Anoma Manuel’s office for a meeting, I have printed out a list of 10 companies which are the best to work for and 10 companies which crumbled due to management’s greediness. I never showed her those lists since that meeting turned into complete surprise, especially as Amanda Maxwell – MHR-HRBS-EKAS & SKYCARGO was present. Ms. Amanda’s  behaviour was far away from professional as she told me in one moment (in a hysterical manner) – “I’ve had enough of you!”. All I did was telling Ms. Anoma and Ms. Amanda that I think that Dubai Labour Law is violated, and I’ve got this reaction from Ms. Amanda. I was surprised at first. Never in my professional life I have seen such a condescending behaviour of one manager towards their staff. Later on, when I got to know Ms. Amanda better, I’ve seen her treating employees like children, speaking with them in a, paradoxically, immature and inappropriate way. Ms. Amanda Maxwell also told me that I will “never advance in this company because I will always be known as a girl who wrote five pages e-mail to DVP” (my warning appeal). I was honestly startled with this sentence as well, since it is inconceivable for me that one HR manager can threaten their employee in such a shameless way. I have asked Ms. Amanda about the meaning of this statement at our Open forum, but it was explained to me that I have “misunderstood” her. Ms. Sophia Panayiotou former SVP HRBS even included this question of mine in the list of reasons why I was fired.

I will publish another article about Ms. Amanda soon enough, since she is an HR manager who has a direct contact with EKAS staff.

Seems like my intention to present a list of companies best to work for was prophetic because Emirates Airline president Tim Clark wanted to use the results of a recent survey about employees’ satisfaction in Emirates Airline (conducted soon after publication of Open Letter to His Highness Ahmed) to put EK on the list of 50 companies best to work for, apparently. According to my source (screenshots below the article), survey results were devastating, so presidency decided to terminate contracts of several SVPs and VPs. And while we are waiting for the official result of this survey (although we can not trust it much), we can only speculate about names of managers whose contracts have been terminated:

  • Sophia Panayiotou, SVP HRBS,
  • Katarina Ciumei, SVP HR (Remuneration and Planning),
  • Rick Helliwell, VP – Corporate Leadership and Talent Management.

Some of the managers were just moved to another position, so besides Anoma Manuel, former DVP EKASKevin Griffits, SVP Cabin Crew was moved to another position as well. If I made a mistake in this list, please do notify me. I am ready to apologize if I am mistaken or if I have a wrong information.

Seems that presidency didn’t know or did not want to know the true, catastrophic state of working conditions inside their own company. And while we can read all over the internet how Emirates “can hardly train its staff fast enough” due to “high business demands and huge and successful company expansion”, only thousands of cabin crews and ground staffs who resigned, can testify about the true nature of these fast recruitments and trainings: due to massive staff dissatisfaction, cabin crew (and all the other staff) massively resign, so Emirates Airline has no other choice than to quickly hire new staff to cover the lack of staff on board and at the airport.

I have also heard the story that cabin crews are forced to return from long flights travelling on duty travel tickets (if the type of the aircraft is, for some reason, changed at the destination and company doesn’t need all crews from the first flight). Extra crews are sent back to Dubai as regular passengers so that company doesn’t need to pay them their flight hours for a return flight. If the new aircraft requires more staff, existing cabin crews just work more for the same pay cheque.

I will conclude this article with my two cents: the answer to the question from the title is a big NO. A company which brutally exploits its employees, endangering their health and mental conditions, for, often, barely surviving salary (of 700 euros, which is how much ground staffs have), with almost no opportunity for advancement and very present nepotismcorruption, arrogant staff treatment and unfair dismissals, can only be listed on some very unpopular and unflattering list.

HR SVPs fired.

HR SVPs fired.

VP fired.

VP fired.

Cabin Crew is suffering

Cabin Crew is suffering

Nepotism in EKAS department?

There are many stories about nepotism inside EKAS department. I have heard them while I was employed there but I never believe things I hear unless they are supported by facts and evidence. This is why this article title has a question mark: I don’t know whether claims in the next e-mail are credible. But since I have invited people to share their thoughts and suggestions, I have decided to publish this e-mail because, judging by the language used and names mentioned, I can see that it’s not a personal revenge of a staff (I don’t publish that kind of e-mails) and these claims can easily be checked with admin and lounge staff if there is someone interested to check them.


Nepotism is favouritism shown to relatives or close friends by those with power or influence.


My motivation for publishing this story is the fact that I have seen unmotivated and unhappy staff, who keep the airport running with their expertise and skills, yet they are eternally kept on a lower grade positions while managers are brought from outside.

This is one of the reasons why I was unhappy as well. I was kept at check-in position for one and a half year (we are all promised to experience different parts of operation at the same grade at least). I have nothing against starting from the lowest position, especially if you are new in aviation industry, but recruiters know that they are hiring smart and educated people, so it is a pure mental and physical torture to keep these people at the counters for two years before sending them to the gates (check in AND boarding agent).

Mobility between departments is slow and wasta driven and it’s only one of the reasons why so many people resign. EKAS management behave like this waste of money is not a problem – they will hire tons of new staff. This sends a really bad message to loyal (non-local) staff with no wastas, who are doing hard job and who already have rich knowledge of the airport operation: we don’t need you, and if you are not happy – resign. We will hire new lowest grades staff from less fortunate countries and new managers from more fortunate ones.

If you have the opposite view on this e-mail, send it to me, I will publish it as well. Everyone deserves a chance to defend themselves and to speak freely.

One is certain: whether this e-mail is credible or not, it is a proof of a poor working atmosphere and almost non-existent mutual trust between people designated to work as a team.


Have you heard about “Emirates Premium Lounge Managers who were appointed by former DVP EKAS Anoma Mannuel“!!
Well, this is another proof that each manager can do a lot to his/her “Kingdom” using his/her authority to violate and even step on rules and regulations and the amazement of all, HR is keeping out of the scene and only “cherish” their decision(s)!!
Emirates airline use to take extreme care of its premium lounges from catering, designing, private suites, heath clubs…etc as premium pax are paying too much for their comforts, When Concourse A had newly opened, plans were made up to expand the services provided and for that, 5 managers were appointed by DVP EKAS Mrs Anoma as Emirates Premium Lounge Managers however, this step was considered to be somewhat a “devastating” and unfair at least for the lounges staff as managers were appointed from “outside” not even from the airport with at least, an “operational” backgrounds!!
When the suitable applicants had applied to the said post, DVP Anoma had added extra requirements ” Candidate should have Food and Beverage experience AND Interior Design experience!!” to avoid them from being considered for the post beside, I don’t know why managers should have that experience when Catering team with their managers are there 24/7 and the designs are well taken care by DAC!!! in fact, I can tell that there is only one simple reason for that i.e. the post would be available for that person!! Now lets have a look at their selection:
1- Mrs Karen Hartley: Australian her husband is Srilankan and very closed friend to DVP Anoma and owns a restaurant. Since joining she focuses on VIP’s ONLY to make friends and to distribute her EK Business card!! She has no operational experience what so ever.
2- Mr Andrew Wilson: Ex-Cabin Crew usually takes extreme care to his “appearance”!! and always on the go and travels a lot on Business, have nothing to do with anything!!
3- Ms Anabella (Portuguese):  Joined from outside EK as a manager, careless that once she was found at the airport hotel having “Shisha” on night shift duty and was given only Warning letter any other staff (not manager) would be terminated on the spot!!
4- Ms Anya Hozouki (Polish/American): No airline experience at all and always out of Dubai traveling on Business!!
5- Mr Peter Frewch (British): Has worked in hotels before but, he is very talkative that frequent passengers avoid talking to him. He doesn’t know .
During the runway closure, DVP Anoma had instructed the admin office to cancel all the staff and managers leaves but it seemed that her “kids” were excluded I wonder where was the HR at that time!!! Those are Anoma “kids” no one can approach them, they have no job description and they are not related to any department not even EKAS only the title when it comes to what they do. They never added something new to Emirates and they can never be role models for staff. Their professional life in EK is full of mistakes specially when handling problems as they depend on senior lounge staff for that and the worst part is, they “copy and paste” lounge officers and supervisors emails to put it in their daily reports and all that because Ms Anoma doesn’t trust the airport staff and wants to revenge from them.
Working atmosphere is full of discrimination and became very sensitive as some junior staff  who made “friends” with the lounge managers are exploited and took advantage of that, Senior staff are being demotivated by those managers because they are more qualified than their managers!!


E-mail testimony

E-mail testimony