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Open forums for Cabin Crew

Seems that Mr.Terry Daly (Divisional Senior Vice President Service Delivery) has finally acknowledged the problems that his department has. Since Emirates Airline managers always try to “resolve” their problems by using force and pressure first, I am not surprised that Mr.Daly introduced new sickness certification process without any discussion with his staff or possibility for receiving crew’s feedback on his unpopular decisions.

According to some unofficial data around 1000 crew called sick two days ago which is enormous number for already suffering Service Delivery department. This fact, along with huge turnover rate, drop in service delivery quality, lack of crew and crew’s writings on the Internet may forced Mr.Terry to try and find a different solution besides the unpopular benefit cuts. Mr.Daly promised to organize some Open forums for cabin crew where they will discuss problems and issues.

Mr.Terry Daly's call for Open forums

Mr.Terry Daly’s call for Open forums

Now, these open forums were already organized in EKAS (Airport Service) department without much success (anyway, Ms.Anoma was moved to another position soon after the forums). The absence of success is only normal when your managers think that their participation at Open forum is an act of good will and that they are there to “help” their employees. No open forum ever will resolve any departmental issue until EK managers start to comprehend that they are not there to “help” (which was Ms.Anoma Manuel‘s vision on forums’ purposes) but to work together with their team and, actually, help themselves. Managers are not there to help, but to do their job and make decent working conditions for all.

While Ms.Anoma Manuel’s Open forum turned out to be a farce which resulted with my service termination as she couldn’t handle honest and desperate questions in any other way than to punish me for asking them, I hope that Mr.Terry Daly will have more intellect and reason than Ms.Anoma to hear what his staff has to say without firing them.

I know that it is hard to achieve Ms.Anoma Manuel’s levels of mismanagement, bullying and incompetence, therefore I truly hope that Mr.Terry Daly will use these Open forums to really show some care for his staff and to deal with burning issues with success. This blog started with Ms.Anoma’s incapability to lead her department. Let’s hope that it will all end there and that nobody will have to go through things I have been through with Ms.Anoma as my manager.

Good luck to Mr.Terry Daly at his Open forums.

And just to remember how the “Open forum” looked like in EKAS department: 




Example of a management incapability in Emirates Airline

I have found out today that EKAS management has retrieved “old” check in and boarding computer system at airport services. That system is called “GUI”. New system, which was implemented a few months ago and which is withdrawn today is called “ABC” system.

Since management finally noticed that customer service is bad and that there are huge queues of passengers waiting to be checked in, they decided to do something about it. The first step was previously mentioned customer service training “Together for take off” where we were taught to smile better than customer service agents in Etihad and we got chocolate cubicles as gifts from DVP Anoma Manuel to do that. All the attempts of present agents to explain the trainers that it is useless to force a sick child to be healthy instead of curing them, remained futile. Our trainers insisted that we don’t know how to smile and that we have to find “an inner motivation and happiness” or to “find a better opportunity outside the company”.

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The second step was to implement new check in and boarding system which will shorten the time of dealing with customers, allowing agents to communicate more with them. Basically, this was not a bad idea, if we exclude the fact that GUI was already efficient and fast enough. So, management introduced the new system by inviting groups of people for a short training, where even trainers didn’t have answers for all questions regarding the new system. During this “test period” numerous problems occurred: system was failing in many steps of check in and it didn’t have some key features for check in process. Supervisors and duty officers reported all the problems to the EKAS management, which remained deaf for all staff complaints.

Eventually, GUI was cancelled and new system was implemented for all (except denied boarding staff). Forcefully. DVP Anoma Manuel and her team of managers threaten agents with warnings if they don’t use the new system. New system was not finished, so mistakes in check in process made due to this fact were attributed to agents, who were punished for them.

Duty officers continued to send negative reports on “ABC” but management didn’t want to admit the fact that their project is not implemented in a skillful way and that a huge amount of money is spent on something that slows down the process of check in, when the whole point was to accelerate it.

While this whole circus was going on, all the agents wondered why the money spent on developing and implementing a new system was not used for raising staff salaries and motivation instead?

It took more than three months for EKAS management to see what check in agents saw immediately: new system was waste of everyone’s time and money. 

This is another proof that EKAS management with Anoma Manuel on top (now DVP outstations) has no contact with airport’s reality and that many managers have no clue how to deal with the operation and customer service.

Does managerial multiculturalism weaken Emirates Airline?

I am opening one taboo subject in this article today.

Namely, I have received many e-mails and comments claiming that situation in EK now is much worse in all departments than it was just a few years ago.

Ex and present employees are writing to me saying that no matter from which department they come from they’re experiencing same difficulties as are the ones described on this blog: long working hours, insufficient salaries, mobbing and bullying by managers and superiors and lousy medical insurance. I even have to delete many rude racial comments on this blog every day. So, seems that there is some sort of problem with the managerial style in Emirates Airline.


False tolerant society.

I had a problem with DVP EKAS Anoma Manuel. She bullied me with warnings and messages, pretending to be god over my life and employment in EKAS, speaking with me in a rude and arrogant way. I have never thought, though, that this was because she is from Sri Lanka. That way of thinking is irrational, wrong and racist and, as I have explained before, I am, actually, very glad when someone who has chances to be discriminated by their sex, religion, place of origin, sexual orientation or health condition succeeds. Writing and administrating this blog, though, made me think about managerial styles and whether there is a difference between styles coming from Asia and the ones coming from Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

I had difficulties accepting that my manager could behave like Ms. Anoma (and many others) whose behaviour influences people’s sense of personal value and self-esteem. When your superior doesn’t respect you and molest you, if you’re young and inexperienced (and even if you’re not!) it tends to create trauma and deep frustration in you. This is, also, the reason why so many ex employees write to me. They’re are still hurt by the treatment in EK.

I am used to having rights and freedoms and obligations towards my employer. My employer doesn’t own my life and my skills and knowledge. My employer bought my work and work alone. This is the way it goes in Europe. So, I had many problems adjusting to the fact that the company owns my private life and treats me with disrespect. People don’t have names in Emirates Airline, they’re just numbers. I was even punished once for not wanting to give my staff number to the supervisor. I gave her only my name, so I was punished. And Mr. Joshua Waltz, the controller at the airport, approved the punishment.



This brings us to the second point: is there a difference between managerial styles and if those from the east are (predominantly) more autocratic? Why western managers in EK keep quiet and fit the system perfectly? They could never treat their employees like this at their home countries, so why do they do it in this company? Do they have to protect other managers in order to keep the company running, so they just agree with their decisions? Are they afraid of losing their jobs if they show a little expertise and morale?

I was wondering why all of those western HR managers support the madness of terminating my service just because I have asked to be treated as a human being. Do they have professional integrity and ethical system or they don’t respect themselves enough to respect others? Two western managers gave me the termination letter. One was my line manager Mr. Gavin Elliot-Wilson and the another one was some Karen, cold looking HR manager (?) who only shows up when someone is ought to be fired. The letter was signed by Mr. Rami El Samra, the manager which I have never worked with before. Ms Anoma disappeared during my termination process. She was protected in her misconduct and I was suspended and tortured with meetings and suspense.


False multiculturalism and racism.

Why is this happening?

I am opening the discussion in the belief that you will write civilized and polite comments, explaining with arguments and evidence whether you think that there is a difference in managerial styles and that one style specifically (whose?) became predominant in the last few years.

What is causing the present situation in Emirates Airline: the conflict of various managerial styles or the simple fact that people are all the same when it comes to the money?

Whether multiculturalism in Emirates Airline turns into something completely opposite to the concept of people from different cultures living and working together?

Does managerial multiculturalism without clear organizational culture and standards kill Emirates Airline?

*Keep in mind that I will erase every rude comment and all the accusations presented without evidence and explanations. 

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This is how it should be.