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The real reason why Emirates Airline plans to employ 11.000 new staff

Emirates Airline (EK) is all about marketing and perfect image but if you scratch beneath the surface you can find a lot of mistreatment, sufferings, sad or horror employees’ stories and cruel exploitation of expatriates coming to work with this Airline.

What makes the current EK’s human resources crisis unbearable is the fact that Emirates Airline is above any labour law. It means that managers can and will do whatever they want and nobody can stop them.

When you join this company you will sign a contract. This contract is going to be violated many times (you will work more than you agreed and your benefits will be gradually taken away from you) and there is absolutely no one to protect you, your contract or your rights. I’ve checked this fact myself as I went through the whole labour system in Dubai only to get this response from a Government official: “You can complain but it’s useless”. I even went to His Highness Ahmed Bin Saeed AlMaktoum the Chairman of Emirates Airline couple of times but never actually met him as his staff doesn’t allow visits.

20% of all Emirates cabin crew resigned last year.

20% of all Emirates cabin crew resigned last year.

Up to the last couple of months EK managers felt strong enough to rule their company with fear and punishment knowing that almost nothing of it will go out to public as they have a habit of punishing staff who write negative facts about them online. This is the reason why they have threatened me with a prison as well. Writing this blog has been a huge challenge for me. I get a lot of “please don’t stop writing” e-mails so I continue to write as this blog became one of the few voices of disempowered Emirates Airline employees.

Besides this blog there are two other websites:

1. Update from Tom – a blog of former Senior Vice President  of Emirates Group IT department. The seriousness of this managerial title gives this blog the highest relevance among all of the virtual places to get to know the truth about EK management as it is written by the managerial insider.

2. Emirates Illuminati – a website of a huge group of Emirates employees – organized resistance against managerial oppresion, who are not to be mistaken for a union, since unions are forbidden in UAE. This website is blocked in UAE.

A question about bad working conditions in Emirates Airline on a professional pilots network.

A question about bad working conditions in Emirates Airline on a professional pilots network.

You will be led to believe that Emirates Airline is a modern and multicultural company which treats its employees like gold. You will be told at your trainings that “we are the best in the world, so if we have chosen you to work for us it means you are the best as well”. Once you actually start working you will feel all the incapability and greediness of your managers on your back. You will be ruthlessly treated as a number, forced to be passengers’ and managers’ servant and if you don’t obey in any way you will be bullied, harassed and forced to resign.

It is very hard to describe poisonous and negative atmosphere which is waiting for you once you begin with your work. You will be reported for a small mistake or for no reason at all, back-stabbed, disrespected and humiliated. And if you are young and inexperienced, you are likely to lose your self-confidence and a sense of a personal value.

The point of this masquerade is to keep attracting new people to replace old, resigned, terminated, sick and unmotivated ones. EK management is very aware of the process it’s just that they are lying to the public and instead telling them the truth – that they desperately need 11.000 new staff to replace those who massively resigned in the couple of last months, they will tell you that they are “expanding their business and fleet” and that they are “becoming more powerful and successful”. Besides lying to potential new joiners they are also lying to themselves as the company is seriously shaken from the inside.

But if you read this article, which aims to attract new group of unsuspecting future staff, you can conclude that it reveals more than Emirates Airline managers want to reveal.

The National Article. Emirates Airline employs 11.000 new staff.

The National Article. Emirates Airline employs 11.000 new staff.

For example:

if there are 20 new aircrafts, and one aircraft needs 80 cabin crew for service, Emirates Airline needs only 1600 new cabin crew this year (20×80). So why this article announces around 5500 new cabin crew this year? It’s 3900 crew more than they need (5500-1600)!

There is around 19.000 cabin crew in Emirates Airline currently. 3900 is simply a number of crew that they have lost last year and that they have to replace urgently. In percentages it is 20% of all cabin crew. So, one fifth of cabin crew resigned last year! Does anyone, besides EK managers, really think that 20% of lost cabin crew is a success, especially if we take into consideration that 130 pilots resigned in the past three months?

A simple calculation from PPRUNE member

A simple calculation from PPRUNE member

You can follow up on this story about 11.000 new employees here and you can read more on Emirates working conditions here.

Good luck with your new employment.



Update from former Senior Vice President of Emirates Airline

History of serious mismanagement in Emirates Airline lasts for many years now. Like in every basket, one or few rotten apples spoil the whole basket of fruit.This process manifests itself as systematic disposal of honest and ethical managers and staff, who are not willing to comply to rottenness. This process went out of control since Sir Maurice Flanagan left the rudder to others.

So what happens with one company when honest people leave? It is left with network of dishonest, incapable and weak managers who abuse the company and its staff to get profit and benefits for themselves, especially when they know that they have to leave the country one day. Of course, these managers are not capable to create, conduct and successfully finish most of their projects as most of the good and skilled people left or they are kept quiet, blackmailed and threatened with warnings and service terminations.

I already wrote about Ms. Anoma Manuel’s (former Divisional Vice President Airport Services) failed project with new ABC check in and boarding system. Ms. Anoma is so rampant that she decided to forcefully implement this project although the feedback on it was very bad. But, as Ms. Anoma told me once – her seniors are friends of hers. So, she is protected. And her bonus is protected. But who will protect the company and its staff from this kind of incompetent and bully managers? Who will stop the absurd waste of money on meaningless projects, which their innovators falsely present as “successful and useful” or they just cover all the traces of projects’ failures?

Mr.Tom Burgess's (former Senior Vice President in Emirates Airline) blog.

Mr.Tom Burgess’s (former Senior Vice President in Emirates Airline) blog.

People criticized me for asking Ms. Anoma about her salary. I was fired for asking her about her salary. But I would ask her again. And again. And again. Because she doesn’t care about the sufferings of her staff. She would rather waste huge amounts of company’s money on unnecessary projects, just to look good in her superiors’ eyes and to ensure her bonus, than to take care of her staff.

Unfortunately, she is not the only manager who wastes company’s money just as I am not the only former employee who writes the blog about injustices and management’s incompetency in Emirates Airline.

As I wrote at the beginning of this article, EK’s rotten management apples systematically spoil or get rid of their best managers. Mr.Tom Burgess is one of these managers. I will let you read his blog and decide about his intentions, skills and motivation. Today I want to re-publish his newest article which describes the exact mechanism on how managers waste company’s money on ludicrous projects while underpaying, bullying and punishing their hard working staff at the same time. This example is on the much higher level of management as Mr.Burgess had an important and responsible role in Emirates Airline.

Mr.Burgess was employed in higher management of Emirates Airline as Senior Vice President in EG IT department with Mr.Patrick Naef as Divisional Senior Vice President. On Mr.Burgess’s blog you can read everything on poisoned and backstabbing organisational culture in Emirates IT department, where Mr.Patrick Naef uses some questionable methods to get rid of all the managers who “stand on his way” of deceiving the top management about the real condition of his department.

DSVP of EGIT department

DSVP of EGIT department Patrick Naef

This is just the part of the article. You can read the whole article here.

No winner, many losers.


Seeing the many comments on the web about the way staff are treated in the Emirates group, including a focus on salaries, led me to do a rough calculation.  I believe that if the money wasted on Mercator Asia had been diverted to EKAS budgets, all ground staff could have enjoyed a 20% pay increase for every one of the four years of Mercator Asia operation.  And this is only looking at the cost of one failed initiative – try to imagine how much money has been poured into the IT drain over the last nine years!

The most odious of problems facing the Emirates group is the bullying of staff by managers, but perhaps the biggest issue is that front line staff, critical to the business, are overworked and underpaid.  But it would not be difficult to take a broom to the numerous support areas (not just EG-IT) and divert the proceeds to much better use.


Fundamental changes are essential, but some people are still thrashing around in the depths of the denial stage of the change curve.  At least there has been recognition that there is a major problem, but real progress will not be possible until some time is spent looking in the mirror.  It will take true leadership to get the ball of change rolling and then, when it comes, the really difficult challenges will emerge.

Mercator Asia project is mentioned very often at Mr.Burgess's blog.

Mercator Asia project is mentioned very often at Mr.Burgess’s blog.

Perhaps the biggest task will be to convince staff that the company is serious about change.  To illustrate this point, what will Patrick Naef need to do to persuade you to trust him?

And will anyone know what to do?  Adopting a policy of being open and honest will be a major start.  But, in my experience, the further people rise up the corporate ladder, the greater difficulty they have with the concept of being open and honest.  The line between what staff should be told (i.e. most things) and what they shouldn’t be (i.e. commercially or personally confidential information) is well understood by the majority of staff, but creates paranoia nearer the top.

And who will actually lead this essential change project?  Assuming someone who can be trusted is found, will they have the necessary skills?  Turning a corporate culture around is not a job for a bunch of external consultants, a genuine understanding of the issues is a prerequisite.  And he/she will also need the resolve to stand up to some pretty powerful figures, who I doubt will ever be genuinely convinced that a different way will be the right way.

However, the cause is far from lost because the company is blessed with tens of thousands of loyal, competent and hard working staff.  They want success for the company as much as they want it for themselves and I am sure they will be tolerant during what will be a lengthy process.  And for every bad manager in the company, there are numerous decent and capable managers.  They just need to be given more of a voice.

But delay is counterproductive.  As time moves on more evidence of the way Emirates treats its staff will emerge on the blogs and forums, more staff will resign, more careers will be wasted and more money will be poured down the drains of Dubai.

Posted by Tom Burgess at 22:37



“EGIT was one of the worst IT centre I worked with”

What I know about EGIT

I worked in EGIT which was Emirates’ own I.T centre having more than 2000 employees (a.k.a EK slaves). Needless to say EGIT was one of the worst I.T centre I worked with and funny thing was it has same number of Managers as Software Engineers. Every manager wants to get Najm Awards which leads them to push their Engineers to do work crazy hours.

What is Hiring/Selection Criteria?

  1. Prefer somebody from own country
  2. Then somebody from own language
  3. Then somebody who has some friend
  4. Who has big names to show off in CV

What happens once you hired

You will start with time wasting 3 days of training where some managers will come, first brag about himself and his/her department and then Emirates of course. After 3 days you will be picked up by some another manager like some scapegoat who will expect you know everything about each department of EGIT as you been through 3 days of Training.

Why you are hired

You will be instructed about what projects being done and good thing will be your manager will tell/admit himself how fucked up all applications are. You got to do nothing new but upgrade existing application, not in terms of functionality but just somehow manager convinced business users to upgrade to new technology if application was built on a Java 1 platform then you should upgrade to the later Java 2 platform as it will solve all you problems of this application. Best part is managers blame every bug on Engineer or Technology. So after hiring you, they have fixed one problem which was (old) Engineer and now comes latest technology.

Actually why every other Emirates application is seriously F’ up

When some manager bid for project in company and wins it, he has to brag about, he can get this done in crazily quickly which will save a lot of money (salaries). Just to win project and somehow save your job, you will have to do this when you are manager as I mentioned earlier in EGIT there are crazy number of managers you will find so everybody wants to save his butt. Engineers will get initial requirement specifications and go for it as there everybody knows you can’t say to your manager this is unrealistic deadlines you are making considering if you say, you will be considered running away from work, un capable to fulfil duties, bad HR reviews, under progressed and what not.

When you have to do the job in crazy deadlines, either you forget your family and personal life and spend most of your time including weekends at work or you will simply do shortcuts and built useless applications and this is most likely.

What about me

In EGIT if you are not Arab or English then you for sure start as consultant. I was hired through the external company NIIT. After going through initial hiring, training and all aforementioned stuff I mentioned, I get to know I am going to work on some crappy application which my manager developed and now somehow he has convinced for its upgrade from the .net platform to Sharepoint technology. I don’t wanted to bore you with technical stuff but Sharepoint is a portal built using .net so no difference. Frankly speaking I could never understood purpose of that upgrade. Anyhow I started to do for what I was hired but sooner realised I have 100s of dependencies on other applications which I can’t override so I start chasing others on whom I was dependent to complete my stuff. Struggling with this, one day some another manager said, consider this company as Govt. department in India like there you will be heard in months just to do something which required minutes or even reply email and that was so true.

I cursed myself for joining such company and carry on my work. Already project was tightly deadline but one day I heard we have to finish the project much sooner than expected as business user (in other words owner of the project) needs to go for holidays and she wants it to be finished before she leaves  so she can enjoy her holidays without have to think about this project). Wow…

The worst part was when I was told project was initially shown to higher management and they were simply not satisfied on what is being made so have to dramatically add up more features and we can’t get more time or can’t say we can’t do for this release as they users of this application going to be 64 executives of Emirates.

My manager got very tempted for this as he can see Award (Najm) for making customer happy and start pushing me more for which I told is not possible but then started problems. Now all of sudden I become in-efficient, incapable of doing the project and what not. Things started to get ugly, day by day and I had bad argument with my manager. After few days right after I completed the project I was called by HR and told we have zero tolerance policy so got fired on immediate basis. I tried to explain but I was told decision has been made and can’t allow you notice period as you could be bad impact on other employees which I always wonder was not until I completed the project.

Unfortunately my father got seriously ill on those days and Dr. suggested him major heart surgery which leads to his death after few weeks. May Allah bless his soul rest in peace.

Working abroad brings so much pressure on you, loads of lives depends on your livelihood and you can’t risk it and somehow you had to prefer your shitty jobs over your personal life, which I always regret and curse people who made my life miserable by taking advantage at that time.

Alhamdulilah by grace of Allah, I got so many offers after that and finally joined some company on much better salary which finally led me got an opportunity to work for their Partner Company in UK. Now I’m settled in UK and consider getting rid of EK was best thing but I know what mentaltorture I have gone through and at the end of the day no respect no regard for all those efforts and literally the day I finished their project I became bad impact on others. Living in same house I remember I had spent days when I leave early for office, my kids were sleeping and when I go late, they gone to bed… in short there were days when I haven’t get time to spend any time with them and still you are treated like this.

What I feel wrong is with EGIT

  1. Too many managers
  2. Everyone tries to migrate their applications on to the latest software version
  3. They do not stick with the plan nor stick with the requirement specifications
  4. Managers think themselves superior and never listens to engineers
  5. Hiring criteria sucks as its muti-cultural company, everyone manager wants to hire from their region/community

How to fix EGIT

  1. Fire half of managers
  2. Rather focusing on upgrading application in terms of software versions, should focus on building stable application by giving appropriate time
  3. Requirements of projects should be properly agreed and then frozen
  4. Managers needs to listen to engineers
  5. Hire on basis of merit only

I appreciate the effort admin of this website doing, this is for other people good and hopefully effective way to put pressure on EK to bring good changes in them.

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