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Emirates flight attendant was asked for sex in exchange for better roster?

This is the e-mail I’ve got yesterday from one Emirates cabin crew. Apparently, the Crew Scheduling Department staff asked female crew for sex favors in exchange for better roster.

I haven’t noticed anybody mentioned The Crew Scheduling Department.

They are the ones that never come forward to help us, they change our flights as they like it (of course the reason is always “operational requirements”), they call us on our days off to work, blackmailing us, etc.(once I contacted them because they took away my rest day and gave me Bangalore. After I complained to them that it’s not legal,  they said : “OK,  ok, but just do the flight and we will give you off for your birthday.” How on earth did they come up with that idea? Keep descovering.
However, I want to write about one special story with the “ethical” member of the Crew Scheduling Department : Jose.
I came back late at the night after 4 hours delayed Glasgow (due to the snow) and I was supposed to show up for my early morning Bombay flight. I wasnt legal to operate Bom due to the long delay. I have phoned the crew scheduling as soon as I landed that night. (While in the crew bus) A guy (Indian by the accent) told me that they cannot do anything. I said I would have less than the minimum rest, I was dead tired and exhausted but too scared to call sick as I didn’t want any warning letter. They didn’t care.
Soon after I received a call from a mobile number that was unknown to me. I was wandering who that was because it was late at night … I heard an Indian on the other side, and he was asking me if I called to change my flight. After I confirmed he said let’s talk a bit and we will see. Talk about what ??? He was asking me if I have a boyfriend, where I live  and other personal things. I thought it was a joke up to the point when he told me to look at my roster on the portal. My Bom disappeared and another indian flight appeared! I was in shock! He said: “I gave you that flight because u will be back at the same time when I finish my duty.” And he asked if my flatmate will be at home. I was shocked ! However I stayed calm as I realized he is really in power, it was not a joke. I started telling him about my delayed flight, how exhausted I was, etc. He told me to have a look again at my roster. And he schanged it again but this time into Doha flight. He said it’s short flight and I will be rested so we can have fun after I comeback and he finishes his duty. (!!!) I continued with the same story about not being able to operate even the short flight as I need proper rest, etc.
He finally replied: “If I change it to off, what do I get …?”  !!!!
I tried to be diplomatic telling him how much I appreciate his help and he is a good person, etc. My roster has changed for the third time and this time it was REST. Which meant basically I don’t have any duty for the next day ……
(We were still on the phone and my roster has changed in front of my eyes 3 times ! )
We closed that phone conversation due to his interruption at work but he said he will be calling me back tomorrow. And he warned me not to give his phone number to anyone or to ask him about his name. I agreed.
The next few days he kept on calling, giving me the information about his department and how the things are bad there, about the shifts, about that he can help me only if I need to change the flight when the flight is during his shift, etc.
He kept insisting to meet up, so I agreed to meet him but at EGHQ. He told me to come to his department’s floor and to wait for him at the small kitchen there. The kitchen was opened for people as they would enter to get a coffee etc. So I felt safe while siting there. He showed up. Short and chobby Indian looking very professional. He was nervous to sit down and was moving around offering me coffee etc. Every time that someone would walk in, he would get even more nervous.  On the other side, I was very calm, I talked to him in a professional manner explaining that we are here to help each other between departments, it happened that he helped me, tomorrow he may need my help, etc.
I managed to read his name Jose that was written on his ID which was placed on his belt.
After short time I left, thanking him again.
He continued calling me on the phone like crazy afterwards! He was telling me I was beautiful and that he wants to sleep with me! He was saying it openly. I told him that if he continues bothering me, I will report him. Then he stopped.
Soon after, I was having a conversation with my manager Amelita Benett (Filippina) for other matter, however I still mentioned to her about Jose from Crew Scheduling department and everything that has happened. She seemed not interested, was telling me she has another meeting and that she cannot do anything about it. She didn’t care. Maybe she didn’t want extra work, but isn’t her role supposed to be caring about her crew ? She was a very unhelpful manager, but that will be my separate post.
This post is about a big shame of a man from the Crew Scheduling Department.
I still have his mobile number, so if anybody from EK management is interested in having it, they can get it through u, Dragana.
I doubt it. Because nobody wants to listen in EK. Nevertheless, I am very grateful for this blog and the chance to speak out as the truth must reach out the people. It shouldn’t be hidden.
Second e-mail:
I felt so relaxed after I sent you the email with my story because I know that it will reach out to people and that many ek high profile people will read it and hopefully take some actions … at least start monitoring that guy.

I also hope other girls will come forward and tell their stories because I am sure I am not the first one he tried to sleep with, nor the last one !

Thank you for giving to me and to other people a chance to speak out !
E-mail from a cabin crew who was asked for sex

E-mail from a cabin crew who was asked for sex


My story from Emirates Airline Hell

This is my story in brief that shows how Emirates Airline HR has dealt with it from dishonouring “their” agreement that was signed on the contract hoping that I would get some support in filing a legal case in a country other than UAE. Such influenced individuals or managers or even senior staff have distorted the Bright image of Emirates Airline by bullying, mobbing and even playing with the company rules to meet their needs supported by HR. I’ve tried to reach some decision makers since 2010 with a help from inside and outside the company in order to draw attention on their illegal actions as same become part of each day activities however, they reached managers before me and briefing them with wrong information!

I did my utmost during my life in EK by working hard as I have more than 17 awards and compliments from the company and passengers (many for my own projects) including EK highest accolade as I have received the Chairman Award from HH in 2005 for saving a life of a passenger after his heart had stopped during transit. I had registered “Exceptional” on my PM for 3 continuous years and I have a great relation with all staff including seniors that developed to friendship. I wasn’t given or called for any “disciplinary” meetings except a single Memo on March 12th 2008 when my line manager Mr Patrick D. has done a marvelous job in changing facts supported by his officer to send me a message that I should be loyal to him.

My ex-line manager Mr Patrick D. was a perfect example for violating the “HUMANITY” rules not only the company rules, I don’t know his previous experience but, all what I know that he had joined DNATA in 1991 as a “normal” staff and had moved the chain till he was selected as ASM for Doha station. At that time, EK was almost 10 years old and there were only certain numbers of staff as the possibility of getting promoted was higher than today. He was called back to Dubai after many complaints against his strategy of running the work at Doha station. Mr Patrick had worked hard on making friends especially with influenced managers as this was his only and last card to play with when facing problems. In Dubai, he wasn’t welcomed back to DNATA as it had enough from him so, he used his “only card” to be saved from a definite termination….he was attached with one of the best manager in EKAS hoping that he would change (including attitude and behavior) and begin a positive creative new life but, he was cunning like a fox!! He was transferred to the ramp and baggage area-EBRS under Mrs Anoma leadership based on the positive feedback from that manager. Mrs Anoma in turn had taken a good care in “rehabilitating” him as a manager, no wonder he is well known of “Anoma’s son” till this moment.

Mr Patrick was very smart in knowing staff not for their achievements but, who stands behind them, he used to take good care of the local staff and building a good friendly relations with them, he was supporting only his loyal staff and distributed them in every shift to know what was happening behind his back other than work issues, what they were thinking /talking about him, a detailed “briefing” would be prepared every day before he comes to work by his senior loyal staff that are called till this very moment “Patrick Boys”.

I wasn’t welcomed by him at EBRS department thinking that I would act as “Spy” as I was against his strategy at work, he used to brief everyone including the DVP that I didn’t want to join EBRS and I prefer to stay where I was at that time!!! He had worked on many things to make me just run away from the department briefing all that I wasn’t enjoying my work at EBRS and for that, I shouldn’t be believed of whatever I say!!

In my whole life at EBRS, neither me nor any one of my colleagues have learned anything from him, he never showed us how to solve or how to anticipate problems before they arise, he never asked or listened to staff on how we can improve EBRS services….all what he showed us was the “other side” of managers i.e. giving “unjustified” warnings and memos!! I just can’t forget when one day, he called me to his office and got amazed when I saw Ms H. Al A. (HR Manager) there, he began to create some stories from his imagination about me and that all staff including managers were complaining about me!! The worst part was, Ms H. HR was supporting his wrong claims and then she said “All expatriates are saying the same thing when they are in troubles, if they found a decent job at their own country, they wouldn’t be here!!” then I looked at her and said: “First, I am not in trouble; second, the HR has set a special protocol before reaching a Hearing “not like this”: third, what do you mean by Expatriates? Mr. Clark is expatriate, Mr. Morris Flanagan is expatriate, Mr. Dale Griffith is expatriate, the manager here (Patrick) is expatriate too….most of the expatriates are working hard to add more success to EK.” This was EK HR representative who supposed to investigate and support the staff but it seems, HR will put heads down for managers.

Patrick did not share any plan(s) with any staff asking them for optimum opinion in fact, he would ignore any “feedback” concerning ideas or projects as he would go for what is in his head or (of course) his seniors. For example, 7 years ago EBRS management have allocated luggage carousel for the premium passengers however, this turned out on the staff with different scenarios of harassments from passengers and Patrick didn’t show any interest to listen and/or reply on staff emails to enhance this service as one time he called me to say “You are a supervisor…just be a supervisor, we don’t want anything else from you…no ideas…no projects…this is a message from the DVP”!! EBRS had continued with the plan until it was stopped (with immediate effect) by Mr. Tim Clark When he called SVP Mr. M Mattar for that on September 2009!!

On an “opening” for a new post “EBRS Duty Officers-Grade 7” and just after the assessment, Patrick came out of the lounge to tell me to look for the grade in other department as they have already chosen the suitable staff even though, this was against the company rules as 2 more groups were coming after we finish our assessment besides, the interview still didn’t assign yet!!! He said, I am the Decision Maker here!!! And yes…managers can play up and down with the rules supported by HR.

I am not the only one who suffered from his “sadist games” there are a lot of staff who tasted his pain, many good staff had received rejection to their application for higher grades from him without a valid reason set as per HR or even just “destroy” their hopes by unjustified Warnings and memos.

Speaking about the “unjustified” warnings that Patrick used to give EBRS staff without notice as per the rules and regulations, once my shift manager Ms Lynelle Adkins had asked me something about my PM, she said “I didn’t know that you have a recent warning”, I said I don’t have a warning….it was a Memo longtime back and it is not in the system anymore!!, she turned the screen toward me and said look! There was a warning issued about a week ago by the Line Manager Patrick D…Amazingly, it was the same my old Memo text but, with current date!!! There is a protocol for issuing warnings set by HR so basically, he can put whatever on my system without discussing same with me as per the rules!! I was disappointed and couldn’t think anymore…I heard some strange voices but, I opened my eyes to find myself on the stretcher and rushed to Rashid Hospital by Airport Medical Team after I collapsed with sever seizure!!!

It was Friday Feb 26th 2010 I will remember that date for the rest of my life. Doctors had done CT scan but, they wanted to go for MRI as the checks were insufficient to determine the reason for the sever seizure anyways, hospital staff asked me to arrange initially 10,000 AED as my Governmental Health card, my EK health insurance even my “emergency” case didn’t save me from continuing my medical checks in a public hospital! I had to wait for many hours for EK to arrange the required money as every 10-15 minutes a nurse would come and ask me for the same however, after 6 hours of waiting, I had signed on the self discharge form and I left the hospital.

I couldn’t do the MRI scan in private hospitals that honor my EK insurance as I have to wait for EK to send them the approval form. During that period, I had another 3 seizure attacks that ended each time in a different hospital however, I had a meeting with Mr Ashley F. EKAS HR in order to submit a huge complaint against my manager Mr Patrick D. having my old memo dated March 12, 2008 to compare it with the recent warning on his system as it has the same text, Mr Ashley was so amazed and stupor that he was wondering how did he do that, he took a copy of the memo as he would investigate on that and delete this “unjustified” warning from my file at the same time, he asked for some time and not to tell anyone about this meeting and/or my complaint against Patrick! (Later, I found out that he was protecting Patrick!).

I met Ranjini from EK Medical Benefit Administration (MBA) to follow up as my life without treatment was described as “Unstable”, Ranjini informed me that EK Clinic approved my treatment 2 days ago. At the City Hospital I was examined by Dr Deep Al Kayed (MD, FAAN- US Board certified Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist) however, he didn’t give me a clear definite answer whether it was Anteriovenos Malformation-AVM that caused the Tumor or something else as he said “Most of the AVMs take a quiet long time to be formed however, your case is different as the location (Left thalamic basal Ganglia),  the size of the tumor is very large 3.9 CM in its antero-posterior, 3.8CM in its height and 1.9 CM in its coronal dimension with high pressure on the surrounding structures and with a huge massive Edema that is compressing the cerebral nerves made me say that it was recently formed and maybe this explains why you didn’t suffer from it before”. The hospital suggested starting treatment as soon as possible to prevent further complications and possible death by a professional team in Jordan as doctors there have great experience in treating same. It is good to mention that I had bad scenarios trying to get a CD for my MRI as every staff I asked him, he would come back to me saying once, it is against the policy then, the machine was inoperative…etc!! I had to meet the duty manager for that who had confirmed to me that the hospital gives a CD copy to the patients without even asking however, after about 3 hours of negotiation, they gave me the CD but, I didn’t know that there was a bad story behind hiding it!

Emirates Airline “MBA” had approved my treatment outside UAE (in Jordan) based on the discharge report from the City Hospital, Dubai Hospital and Rashid Hospital. Ranjini had confirmed that the company insurance would be responsible for my treatment and my basic salary (at least) would be deposited in my bank account as usual till the end of my treatment as:

  • I had collapsed on duty and transferred to Rashid Hospital by Airport Medical Team.
  • MAS (Manager Airport Services) and ASM (Airport Services Manager) had filed an incident report.
  • EK Clinic/Doctors had approved my treatment in Jordan according to the medical reports from Rashid, Dubai and the City Hospital however, I wasn’t not invited to see anyone of them or at least, to be examined by EK Doctors.

I went with my colleague to another private Dr to have a second opinion of my MRI examination but, we were shocked when we found out that the City Hospital gave me just a BLANK CD!!  It couldn’t be by mistake as the hospital duty manager gave it to me after a big hassle. I went again there and I met a different duty manager and I made sure to take my own MRI CD after reviewing it, I heard it from there that my employer (HR) was against giving me the CD, I wrongly though because HR/insurance had paid my bill so, the hospital should take their permission first, I DIDN’T KNOW THEY WERE HIDING THAT MY BRAIN HAD BLEEDED (HEMORRAHAGE) AND DUE TO THIS, I WAS UNFIT TO FLY (you can google it) however, the HR wanted me to go home ASAP to close my case from Dubai side and be with HR manager Ashley F. only.

Since I was having some financial commitments with banks (personal loan +credit cards), I called their customer service advising them of the same and that I needed to seek treatment in Jordan as per the medical reports so, I have updated my contacts and my email address.

I was in touch with my employer most of the time as I used to send medical reports the minute I received them, doctors have described my case as critical, rare and serious that needs to be treated ASAP, complications might include another brain bleeding (haemorrhage) and/or stroke which may lead to death. Ashley called me many times offering me some “good offers” if I submitted my resignation as he would consider it as medical termination, he would send some extra “cash” which would help in my treatment as I was the first EKAS to be awarded the Chairman Award, he would authorize the treatment fees till recovery, he would speak and send the banks a letter of my medical termination so that they would activate their insurance to settle down my outstanding of my loan and cards and would follow up with them in order to give me my same outstanding/principle amount as per their insurance policy (Emirates NDB bank is doing that for my loan), he would call my company insurance 24 months basic salary as per contract, my belongings at my apartment at no cost and finally, he would get me back to EK when I finish my treatment however, I refused his offer in so many times.

The MBA had reimbursed my treatment only one time however; they used their own calculations and the sum was “much” less than what the receipts showed. I tried calling them many times after emailing them but, they didn’t reply…Even HR Ashley had ignored my emails after asking me to copy him on the emails. My own basic salary was stopped since May 2010 and in almost every email I send Ashley I used to put him in full picture regarding the heavy costs for my treatment that would stop if –at least-my salary and medical fees were not paid but, he was (some what) referring to this issue as a private issue and I should be responsible for it. I even tried to explain that I was covered by EK medical insurance and I passed the company medical test before I joined EK and all that has formed recently as per my medical reports but unfortunately, EK Clinic and/or HR had judged on that as it was formed since birth. Then why I wasn’t asked to be examined by EK doctors when I had collapsed with seizure on duty? I was on duty when that happened?

Ashley was trying to put a lot of pressure so that I would ask him for termination as once; he gave me 2 options either to send him my doctor contacts or to come to Dubai because EK doctors wanted to examine me to make sure that I am on the right track even though, I was sending my medical reports as soon as I get them and my treatment didn’t finish yet but, traveling to Dubai by plane was against any medical advice in fact, my doctors were amazed from my employer request as I had two recent brain embolizations and I was under condensed Physiotherapy and the worst part, I should pay for everything including my tickets, staying in Dubai…etc the minute I was saving every Dirham for my treatment after EK had stopped my insurance and my salary as authorized by MBA for the 3 above reasons. I sent Ashley my doctor contacts and I told him that I was in favor of coming to Dubai as per EK Doctors request and to finalize my salary and treatment issues with MBA.

A few weeks later, Ashley returned back asking me to come to Dubai as he fixed an appointment with Dr Diane Mclvor on May 30th 2011at 1130AM on his email, he said that EK Dr has called my Dr in Jordan however, it was still not sufficient detail to ascertain my fitness for continued employment!! This is absolutely WRONG because whoever called my doctor was inquiring about my medical progress only and my Dr informed that I was improving (with details) however, my doctors have advised to reconsider 12hours shift as it is hectic and unhealthy and they wrote this on their report that I had sent to HR.

On his email, Ashley wrote that he ran a quick check with immigration and found that a police case was filed by Mashreq Bank with a total sum of 9,500AED, he asked me to settle that amount before coming as police arrest could happen and would cause extreme stress for me!. First, the Immigration Department wouldn’t release some “secure” information to anyone unless he has a written authority from me as this is illegal second, police case was filed because my salary was stopped from being deposited in my account third, this is a private issue however, Ashley went there to file a case against me (Escaping from the employer case No. 372994) as he knew that I have some financial commitment with banks and therefore, the banks would do the same and exclude me from their insurance under “Medical Termination” or”Loss of job due sickness” scheme even getting the same outstanding after settling it. He made sure to answer any call from banks with “We don’t know where he is and we filed a case against him”. If Ashley had any sense of “humanity” its better to ask EK Clinic why EK doctors insisted (as per Ashley) to be examined in Dubai (rather than do it at their approved clinic for Jordan staff in Jordan) when EK Clinic had approved my treatment in Jordan without even seeing me and all the medical reports were sent to them up to date in terms of, what we have done and what is the next step in details. Doctors can’t jeopardize a human life by asking a patient with recent brain operations to fly to Dubai to be examined and they are not going to put me in a plane with a recent hemorrhage that was hidden from me and send me to Jordan for good…This is how EK-HR would do to protect managers and in my case, protecting themselves from being questioned or what they have done regarding my complaint!

I informed my doctors that I wanted to go to Dubai as they knew my company comes first however, on June 3rd 2011, my Dr sent me a report indicated that my Drs were not in favor of traveling by plane at this stage due to my recent brain operations, recent Haemorrhage and the Edema that is still exists till the moment as they didn’t want to hold any legal responsibility, however, they gave me that decision as I should consider Oxygen (extra bottle) onboard the flight if I decided to go as I MIGHT need it. I sent the report to Ashley as usual to prepare the MEDIF form and send it to EK Clinic then to reservation as I knew from before when I was Public Relation Officer that sick passengers with Oxygen bottle can travel but they have to inform EK prior and fill Medical Form (MEDIF) unfortunately, Ashley had taken this report as a reason to terminate my services even though, it is NOT a valid reason for termination set by company therefore, it is illegal! in fact, there is a legal question here of how could EK Dr wants me to travel to Dubai when I had recent brain operations and passed brain bleeding condition to fly to Dubai just to be examined by this Dr!

Once again, my doctors wrote this in their report so as not to hold any legal responsibility however, they didn’t say that I will be unable to perform my duties as what Ashley wrote in the Medical Termination and made the DVP signed on it!! I even made that clear on June 15th 2011 when Ashley called me to tell me his decision.

Ashley F. had done great job to make me suffer and taste different pains. Once My Drs thought of sharing my critical case (the blockage in the cerebral brain veins and my cerebral Edema which is still existed at almost the same volume before the operations) with the neurosurgeons and Drs from all over the world who were coming to attend a medical seminar , I have put Ashley in picture through my several calls regarding my appointment on Aug 5th 2011 since middle of June that was almost a month prior, he promised to follow up personally with staff to ensure I receive my OWN dues +EOS before the end of July. Unfortunately, during that period he left to BOM on vacation without leaving a simple hand over to his office staff to send my money eventually, I had to cancel my appointment on Aug 4th and wasted that great chance….Ashley said on the phone “I am also a human and I needed this vacation to work properly”!! But, probably he forgot that I needed MY money to live safely with no more pain!

Ashley F. had delayed sending my dues on purpose in many times, it took more than 100 days after my medical termination to calculate and send my dues!! I have to mention that Ashley did something to the calculation to my benefit as he changed half day to full day which added few hundred Dirhams to the total so as to tell whoever asked him that he did his best for me but, he excluded me from 2011 yearly bonus (11 weeks) and my company paid tickets even my EOS as he send it to Emirates NDB bank for my loan instead of sending them my medical termination but, he authorized my SRC tickets!!

The amazement of all and after my Medical Termination and after filing a case against me and after pushing banks to do the same and after making sure that banks had deprived me from their insurance by closing the outstanding and giving me the same outstanding that would be invested in my treatment and of course, after delaying my treatment many times he just…send me back my basic salary from June 2010 till June 12 2011 (still short in 1 month) as what first authorized by MBA before!! I got the chance to speak to EVP-HR Mr Abdulaziz Al Ali as he was waiting for my call but unfortunately, he got WRONG briefing from Ashley who –for sure- had briefed him that he did his utmost for my case. Mr Abdulaziz had thankfully authorized my Financial Year Profit as he said that same was authorized by HH The Chairman to all and every staff and no one can take it from you, he sent Ashley an email to send the FYP with immediate effect however, I took him about a month to receive it after calling him! During the call, Mr Abdulaziz said that “EK can’t give you back your salary as Ashley had briefed him why” when I asked him about my “Personal Accident & Life Insurance” for grade 6 (24 months basic salary) the contract that was given to me when promoted to grade 6!!

This is part of what happened and I still have all the conversation and reports saved but, no one took the initiative to investigate as all were depending on the HR briefing, even the head of EK HR was given wrong briefings!. I haven’t signed on any paper that certifies that I have received all my dues or all my rights even after sending my money actually, I can’t do that as I became disabled of 75% according to 3 medical committees that belongs to Ministry of Health in Jordan, my doctors said that I could be saved from this if my treatment and physiotherapy wasn’t interrupted. I am ready for any medical checks that would be required by the court, my doctors are also ready for a hearing and I hope to get a legal help.

I thank you.


*  The name of the author is known to the administrators of this blog.

My Medical Contract

My Termination Letter

My Medical Report 1

My Medical Report 2


Another story of depressed Emirates cabin crew

I am thankful to all the EK staff who had the strength and courage to describe their experience with depression while working for Emirates Airline. Common thing of all people with depression is that they think that they are alone and that nobody feels like they do. They are also pushed to believe that something is wrong with them, especially by EK managers.

Only one EK employee can truly understand another one as we all have been through the system which deliberately tries to make you feel worthless and brainwash you to ensure that you will remain obedient and scared and do more for less.

You are not alone and your reaction to circumstances in the company which abuses its employees in every possible way while giving no appreciation for your hard work is only normal. I can guarantee that most of EK staff experience some form of depression.

As an Human Resources professional I have to say that after reading all of your confessions and stories I am deeply disturbed and sometimes even surprised by the extent of managerial indifference to the problems of their employees.

I still wear my “I love Emirates” bag and my Emirates key-chain as I really do cherish my time spent in this company. But its management achieved unthinkable levels of inhumanity and lack of understanding that only satisfied staff can ensure future profit.

As I sometimes receive disturbing messages when I mention Dubai and UAE’s economy and future plans I will not do it this time but I would like to raise my doubts in benevolence of EK management. Everyone who has a little corporate experience and education can see that their actions really do bring profit in short terms (by cutting costs on the expense of their staff’s quality of life and working conditions), but in long terms they are destroying the company from the grounds.

Managerial structure of Emirates Airline is seriously damaged and it serves only to milk the Emirates cow and let it die in the desert. As local managers should be more concerned about their legacy, their education, experience and tolerant personal culture should help them reverse current power driven and arrogant organisational culture to more humane one. If western managers are mostly there because they couldn’t find jobs in their home countries and to take as much money as they can before leaving UAE, local managers should give up on fear culture and build new team work and mutual care culture. For the sake of their still truly great brand.

Crew's email.

Crew’s email.

Hi Dragana,

As I’ve explained to you before, my story is very similar to the one you posted recently, and no doubt to many anonymous crew remaining silent.

I moved to Dubai nearly two years ago with the same innocent hopes and foolish dreams most of us have former to becoming cabin crew. Previous work experience helped me decipher the false advertising, constant brainwashing, not to mention lying on open days and during training (quote: “We’re the best airline in the world, if we chose YOU it’s because you’re the best as well). How ironic.

I wasn’t displeased, even after seeing the candid environment of the UAE, being of a cheerful nature. However, the constant pressure of having to be ‘perfect’ while lacking the resources to do so, receiving absolutely no gratification for a job well done, soon got to me. You can add to that stress: loneliness, long hours, jet lag, and everything else previously mentioned on this blog that most crew know only too well.

In the end, I’m just an ordinary girl that didn’t look in alcohol, sex or humdrum friendships what Emirates refused to give me: respect. And was just left with her own shortfalls. I did my best every single day, tired myself out, but still the company was telling me via flight reviews that my best wasn’t enough, my fatigue wasn’t valid and my sick days should be justified. There’s only so much a person can give without burning the candle at both ends.

One day, I was doing a flight to Rome, and spent 5 hours trying to explain to my superiors why I didn’t constantly have a smile on my face. I felt close to tears, and the horrible weight of depression that had threatened to smolder me over the past months became overwhelming. I arrived in my room, collapsed and couldn’t get out of bed for that 24hr layover. (Which seemed so absurd to me.. I was in Italy! This was my dream!) I told the company I had food poisoning as a way to get out of doing the return flight, and as soon as I got back, seeked help with the Employee Assistance Program.

That’s when the endless appointments and useless explanations began. One person referred me to another, who referred me to someone else, and all the while they repeated the word ‘confidentiality’ which I didn’t trust. So I lied. No I’ve never felt like this before, no I don’t think I need any official help, I have no suicidal thoughts, I eat and sleep properly. The questions asked resembled more an interview than a genuine desire to help.

When the last therapist I saw suggested I needed to go back to my country to get some proper rest, he gave me a week off, but my manager had to approve my return home. Although he said I didn’t have to give reasons, she refused to see me that day (Monday) claiming she was ‘too busy’, made me wait until Wednesday before an appointment, not even consenting to pick up the phone (I called her five times that day and left numerous messages both with her secretary and on her email). She refused to call me back, and sent me a short email claiming once more that she was ‘too busy’. Two days later, after 45minutes delay, she invited me in a closed off room (not her cubicle) with no witnesses, where she promptly started harassing me for details, at first pretending to be conciliate, then using blackmail. Only an hour later, when it became clear I would yield no personal information, did she consent in letting me go, explaining her disappointment, and forcing me to promise I would return that Tuesday in much better shape (or else). Papers were signed to consolidate this agreement. I was desperate and signed, although I did of course read the papers which she tried to dismiss as ‘formal nonsense’, but  had little options. By then, it was too late to catch a flight, so in total I got to spend 3 days with my family. This was supposed to be enough to recover from the nervous breakdown I could sense I was having.

Prolonging my sick days proved to be a hassle, since my manager had all but warned me that if she did let me go home, it was because I had to promptly go back to work. She assured me lots of people managed to work even with personal issues, and although she had no idea what my dilemma was, it didn’t matter. The fact was, if I didn’t get over it, I was clearly too weak minded, and Emirates wouldn’t pay me to stay at home.

The pressure intended to make me feel guilty just outraged me enough to take my own sweet time in getting better.

Emirates clearly doesn’t know how to deal with real people with real problems. Their solution is to send them home. After receiving threats from my manager, and basically hearing her tell me I should resign, it only confirmed my belief that we are just a number. Not once in all these months when I visited the clinic did they ask me what my name was (except to confirm they had the right ‘staff number’). I don’t remember any of the secretaries ever saying ‘Hi, how are you’ to me either.

As for therapy, that was a wonderful joke. After filling out more interview-like questions, the Dubai Healthcare Clinic psychologist decided that I should be on antidepressants, which would result in another month at home (by then half my pay was going into the pockets of Emirates) and further complications, including the suspension of my GCAA license.

When I finally got it back, it reads in small print that I should visit a doctor once a month. Which is entertaining when I go into briefings before flights, have my documents checked and hear the SFS say “What’s that specification on your license?”. None of your business, that’s what.

It’s been a couple of months now. I never took the medication, and I haven’t seen a doctor since November. No one seems to care. The only person that checks up on me regularly is my manager to have reassurance that I am ‘back on track’ and will not ‘let her down again’ (her words, not mine).

Anyway, that’s the whole story. No doubt a lot of people have similar ones (if they haven’t been fired for being ‘weak’).

Thanks again for allowing us to speak up, your blog is truly inspirational,

Best wishes,


The real reason why Emirates Airline plans to employ 11.000 new staff

Emirates Airline (EK) is all about marketing and perfect image but if you scratch beneath the surface you can find a lot of mistreatment, sufferings, sad or horror employees’ stories and cruel exploitation of expatriates coming to work with this Airline.

What makes the current EK’s human resources crisis unbearable is the fact that Emirates Airline is above any labour law. It means that managers can and will do whatever they want and nobody can stop them.

When you join this company you will sign a contract. This contract is going to be violated many times (you will work more than you agreed and your benefits will be gradually taken away from you) and there is absolutely no one to protect you, your contract or your rights. I’ve checked this fact myself as I went through the whole labour system in Dubai only to get this response from a Government official: “You can complain but it’s useless”. I even went to His Highness Ahmed Bin Saeed AlMaktoum the Chairman of Emirates Airline couple of times but never actually met him as his staff doesn’t allow visits.

20% of all Emirates cabin crew resigned last year.

20% of all Emirates cabin crew resigned last year.

Up to the last couple of months EK managers felt strong enough to rule their company with fear and punishment knowing that almost nothing of it will go out to public as they have a habit of punishing staff who write negative facts about them online. This is the reason why they have threatened me with a prison as well. Writing this blog has been a huge challenge for me. I get a lot of “please don’t stop writing” e-mails so I continue to write as this blog became one of the few voices of disempowered Emirates Airline employees.

Besides this blog there are two other websites:

1. Update from Tom – a blog of former Senior Vice President  of Emirates Group IT department. The seriousness of this managerial title gives this blog the highest relevance among all of the virtual places to get to know the truth about EK management as it is written by the managerial insider.

2. Emirates Illuminati – a website of a huge group of Emirates employees – organized resistance against managerial oppresion, who are not to be mistaken for a union, since unions are forbidden in UAE. This website is blocked in UAE.

A question about bad working conditions in Emirates Airline on a professional pilots network.

A question about bad working conditions in Emirates Airline on a professional pilots network.

You will be led to believe that Emirates Airline is a modern and multicultural company which treats its employees like gold. You will be told at your trainings that “we are the best in the world, so if we have chosen you to work for us it means you are the best as well”. Once you actually start working you will feel all the incapability and greediness of your managers on your back. You will be ruthlessly treated as a number, forced to be passengers’ and managers’ servant and if you don’t obey in any way you will be bullied, harassed and forced to resign.

It is very hard to describe poisonous and negative atmosphere which is waiting for you once you begin with your work. You will be reported for a small mistake or for no reason at all, back-stabbed, disrespected and humiliated. And if you are young and inexperienced, you are likely to lose your self-confidence and a sense of a personal value.

The point of this masquerade is to keep attracting new people to replace old, resigned, terminated, sick and unmotivated ones. EK management is very aware of the process it’s just that they are lying to the public and instead telling them the truth – that they desperately need 11.000 new staff to replace those who massively resigned in the couple of last months, they will tell you that they are “expanding their business and fleet” and that they are “becoming more powerful and successful”. Besides lying to potential new joiners they are also lying to themselves as the company is seriously shaken from the inside.

But if you read this article, which aims to attract new group of unsuspecting future staff, you can conclude that it reveals more than Emirates Airline managers want to reveal.

The National Article. Emirates Airline employs 11.000 new staff.

The National Article. Emirates Airline employs 11.000 new staff.

For example:

if there are 20 new aircrafts, and one aircraft needs 80 cabin crew for service, Emirates Airline needs only 1600 new cabin crew this year (20×80). So why this article announces around 5500 new cabin crew this year? It’s 3900 crew more than they need (5500-1600)!

There is around 19.000 cabin crew in Emirates Airline currently. 3900 is simply a number of crew that they have lost last year and that they have to replace urgently. In percentages it is 20% of all cabin crew. So, one fifth of cabin crew resigned last year! Does anyone, besides EK managers, really think that 20% of lost cabin crew is a success, especially if we take into consideration that 130 pilots resigned in the past three months?

A simple calculation from PPRUNE member

A simple calculation from PPRUNE member

You can follow up on this story about 11.000 new employees here and you can read more on Emirates working conditions here.

Good luck with your new employment.


2000 Emirates flight attendants resigned in September this year?

I remember my little chat with HR manager Mr.Maktoom Mohd. Hassan after the Open forum for ground staff (when he also told me that I am “finished”). When I asked him to tell us his opinion on huge resignation rate in Emirates Airline (specifically in Airport Services) he told my friend and me that staff turnover in Emirates Airline is “usual for every big company”.

DSVP of Airport Services Mr.Mohammed Mattar, on the other hand, admitted that he is short of staff. “I don’t have enough staff so I am forcing you to come to work” he said. I guess that this logic is very simple and makes managing of huge department very easy. I was hoping, though, that managers don’t use this logic on cabin crew, since there is more to gamble with on board by forcing tired staff to fly, than when you force people to come and seat at the counters for hours without a break.

There are couple of ways to force cabin crew to work more. One is to make them fly more than certain, prescribed by law and healthy, number of hours per month and another one is to make their layovers very short. Both are illegal and both are used by Emirates Airline as ways of compensating a serious lack of trained flight attendants.

My former colleagues boarding agents (still working) tell me that there is a visible lack of cabin crew, that flights are delayed because of it and there is even a widespread story that two flights were recently cancelled due to this lack of flight crew.

I have received several e-mails from members of EK cabin crew recently, mentioning some of the reasons why they resign in number that even endangers safe flying and operation, but one information left me speechless. One of those e-mails claims that 2000 flight attendants left the company just in September this year.

Whenever I read people’s stories and decide whether to publish them or not, I always wonder about their motives to write to me and their perception of reality. In this case, even if this number is not plausible, it proves the devastated state of flight crew morale. And who would like to fly with indifferent, tired and unhappy crew?

Of course, nobody from EK management cares about staff’s morale. Nobody thinks it’s important. Managers have huge salaries and bonuses and they keep themselves motivated. Flight crew, ground staff and passengers are there to ensure their bonuses. Once these managers are done with Emirates Airline they will return to their western homes. They will never consider themselves responsible for their employees’ misery and devastation of company’s image, they will never think that somebody is lying sick somewhere because of their exploit policies, they will never remember all those people who came to contribute to “making the history” and who became history instead.

Here are just some of the problems of cabin crew in Emirates Airline.

  1. “Lousy shoes that cause many industrial injuries that the company tries not to accept blame for. A cheap quality uniform that doesn’t wear or wash well. Staff have to buy replacements for parts of the uniform. Yes, they have to buy new shoes or wear them for one year exactly before they can get new ones for free of charge.”
  2. “There is a staff shortage as many experienced crew left and sometimes managers put resignation processing on hold as they can’t process them quick enough. Resignations run around 250 plus staffs a month. Now going to over 350.”
  3. “Some crew is doing over 120 hours a month flying and are exhausted and falling sick regularly. Some fly sick as they are told no upgrade if they are sick.”
  4. “They opened a walk in clinic in HQ which is full and crew waits for hours after a flight to be seen. Before cabin crew could self certify sickness for up to seven days. Now they are bringing new system to make crew come to see the nurse every two days so they can’t recover properly and just go to work like machines.”
  5. “If crew is even 1 minute late they get into serious problems and marked absent. But if plane and flight is delayed they are expected to work for nothing.”
  6. “Cabin crew is bullied, exploit, tired and fatigued.”
  7. More on cabin crew’s problems here.

Here is one particularly interesting e-mail from one cabin crew:

Cabin crew's e-mail. 2000 crew resigned in September.

Cabin crew’s e-mail. 2000 crew resigned in September.

they have reduced some allowances (like 120 eur to 90eur in Nice which I think is stollen a lot if mobey for 24hrs). I think way bigger problem are the illegal short layovers where ek pays fines rather than giving the crew longer stopover time but this is another topic. Oh, and there’s waaaaaay more crew resigning than 250 per month.  Only in sept it was around 2000.
Can I pls add one thing. Im currently in the xxx and I have some very new girls on my flight who haven’t finished their 6month probation yet. They told me they get weighed now before the start of the training, after the training, before getting a uniform AND after probation on their graduation day.  When i joined 2012 theree was no scales whatsoever.I think this says a lot about the values of this company. Some of the newbys look anorectic to me. They cannot close any overhead locker and god forbid I have no clue how would these 21year old 178cm and  48kg girls evacuate 500ppl in 90 sec with jammed doors, injured pax, heavy equipment etc
For ek its all about image and not evaluation of real situations. Everyones fatigued, scared and demotivated.i truely dont know when was the last time I saw someone who is happy with ek as an employer. People have to know how this system is rottening!!!
All the best Dragana,

And if someone has to say something in Emirates Airline’s defence, I would politely ask them to explain first the fact that Kevin Griffiths, Senior Vice President of Cabin Crew was demoted recently with a serious remuneration cut.

Before you continue to question everything that is said here, please explain first why some high levelled EK Human Resources managers were fired recently without a chance to even clean their desks before exiting the company?

Please explain why you didn’t publish results of the survey on employees’ satisfaction yet as you have promised?

Mr. Abdulaziz's (Head of EK HR) promise to publish result of a long gone survey on employees' satisfaction

Mr. Abdulaziz’s (Head of EK HR) promise to publish the results of a long gone survey on employees’ satisfaction

Dear managers, you can not keep denying things written on this blog and yet keep the reasons for firing and demoting big name managers as a secret. Something is obviously very wrong as people on this blog are pointing out for 4 months now.

But be careful in your answers though as you must write your comments online in the way your company has instructed you recently. I guess many managers do not follow these rules in their every day work (respecting people, differences and cultures), therefore they do not feel obliged to follow them online. And I guess that threats became usual and desirable way of making employees behave like managers want them to behave, so remember those of you, regular employees who want to write an honest comment here: you are tracked and observed by your company when writing online (at least this is how this first “rule” tries to scare you):

Mr.Jon Conway's (DSVP-UAE Airport Operations) instruction on how to behave online

Mr.Jon Conway’s (DSVP-UAE Airport Operations) instruction on how to behave online

I guess we just need time to see how much exactly is current Emirates staff turnover “usual” for big companies.

Happy New Year.

“EGIT was one of the worst IT centre I worked with”

What I know about EGIT

I worked in EGIT which was Emirates’ own I.T centre having more than 2000 employees (a.k.a EK slaves). Needless to say EGIT was one of the worst I.T centre I worked with and funny thing was it has same number of Managers as Software Engineers. Every manager wants to get Najm Awards which leads them to push their Engineers to do work crazy hours.

What is Hiring/Selection Criteria?

  1. Prefer somebody from own country
  2. Then somebody from own language
  3. Then somebody who has some friend
  4. Who has big names to show off in CV

What happens once you hired

You will start with time wasting 3 days of training where some managers will come, first brag about himself and his/her department and then Emirates of course. After 3 days you will be picked up by some another manager like some scapegoat who will expect you know everything about each department of EGIT as you been through 3 days of Training.

Why you are hired

You will be instructed about what projects being done and good thing will be your manager will tell/admit himself how fucked up all applications are. You got to do nothing new but upgrade existing application, not in terms of functionality but just somehow manager convinced business users to upgrade to new technology if application was built on a Java 1 platform then you should upgrade to the later Java 2 platform as it will solve all you problems of this application. Best part is managers blame every bug on Engineer or Technology. So after hiring you, they have fixed one problem which was (old) Engineer and now comes latest technology.

Actually why every other Emirates application is seriously F’ up

When some manager bid for project in company and wins it, he has to brag about, he can get this done in crazily quickly which will save a lot of money (salaries). Just to win project and somehow save your job, you will have to do this when you are manager as I mentioned earlier in EGIT there are crazy number of managers you will find so everybody wants to save his butt. Engineers will get initial requirement specifications and go for it as there everybody knows you can’t say to your manager this is unrealistic deadlines you are making considering if you say, you will be considered running away from work, un capable to fulfil duties, bad HR reviews, under progressed and what not.

When you have to do the job in crazy deadlines, either you forget your family and personal life and spend most of your time including weekends at work or you will simply do shortcuts and built useless applications and this is most likely.

What about me

In EGIT if you are not Arab or English then you for sure start as consultant. I was hired through the external company NIIT. After going through initial hiring, training and all aforementioned stuff I mentioned, I get to know I am going to work on some crappy application which my manager developed and now somehow he has convinced for its upgrade from the .net platform to Sharepoint technology. I don’t wanted to bore you with technical stuff but Sharepoint is a portal built using .net so no difference. Frankly speaking I could never understood purpose of that upgrade. Anyhow I started to do for what I was hired but sooner realised I have 100s of dependencies on other applications which I can’t override so I start chasing others on whom I was dependent to complete my stuff. Struggling with this, one day some another manager said, consider this company as Govt. department in India like there you will be heard in months just to do something which required minutes or even reply email and that was so true.

I cursed myself for joining such company and carry on my work. Already project was tightly deadline but one day I heard we have to finish the project much sooner than expected as business user (in other words owner of the project) needs to go for holidays and she wants it to be finished before she leaves  so she can enjoy her holidays without have to think about this project). Wow…

The worst part was when I was told project was initially shown to higher management and they were simply not satisfied on what is being made so have to dramatically add up more features and we can’t get more time or can’t say we can’t do for this release as they users of this application going to be 64 executives of Emirates.

My manager got very tempted for this as he can see Award (Najm) for making customer happy and start pushing me more for which I told is not possible but then started problems. Now all of sudden I become in-efficient, incapable of doing the project and what not. Things started to get ugly, day by day and I had bad argument with my manager. After few days right after I completed the project I was called by HR and told we have zero tolerance policy so got fired on immediate basis. I tried to explain but I was told decision has been made and can’t allow you notice period as you could be bad impact on other employees which I always wonder was not until I completed the project.

Unfortunately my father got seriously ill on those days and Dr. suggested him major heart surgery which leads to his death after few weeks. May Allah bless his soul rest in peace.

Working abroad brings so much pressure on you, loads of lives depends on your livelihood and you can’t risk it and somehow you had to prefer your shitty jobs over your personal life, which I always regret and curse people who made my life miserable by taking advantage at that time.

Alhamdulilah by grace of Allah, I got so many offers after that and finally joined some company on much better salary which finally led me got an opportunity to work for their Partner Company in UK. Now I’m settled in UK and consider getting rid of EK was best thing but I know what mentaltorture I have gone through and at the end of the day no respect no regard for all those efforts and literally the day I finished their project I became bad impact on others. Living in same house I remember I had spent days when I leave early for office, my kids were sleeping and when I go late, they gone to bed… in short there were days when I haven’t get time to spend any time with them and still you are treated like this.

What I feel wrong is with EGIT

  1. Too many managers
  2. Everyone tries to migrate their applications on to the latest software version
  3. They do not stick with the plan nor stick with the requirement specifications
  4. Managers think themselves superior and never listens to engineers
  5. Hiring criteria sucks as its muti-cultural company, everyone manager wants to hire from their region/community

How to fix EGIT

  1. Fire half of managers
  2. Rather focusing on upgrading application in terms of software versions, should focus on building stable application by giving appropriate time
  3. Requirements of projects should be properly agreed and then frozen
  4. Managers needs to listen to engineers
  5. Hire on basis of merit only

I appreciate the effort admin of this website doing, this is for other people good and hopefully effective way to put pressure on EK to bring good changes in them.

Screenshot (157)

Why Emirates Illuminati website is blocked?

Today’s article is encouraged by two things that happened to me. One is this article (part of it is quoted below) and another one is that I have sent text message again to head of Emirates Human Resources department Mr.Abdulaziz regarding my “end of service” benefit (no answer yet).

I must admit: my experience with Emirates has led me (and it’s still leading me) through various emotional states. From disappointment (which happened first), through surprise via being hurt and angry to, finally, peace of my mind. This peace is not definite, though. It is often interrupted with my memories from EK and old emotions haunting me.

Today I am disappointed again. What was I expecting? First of all, I was expecting at least one decent manager ready to fulfil their legal obligations towards an employee. I was expecting some awareness about deep division between management and other company’s employees who are doing almost all the work. I would never have a heart to be a manager who doesn’t care. This is why I am not one. Capitalistic system doesn’t need people who care, who are aware of other people’s misery and all the unfairness happening in the world. I feel my responsibility whenever I do or don’t do something. And there are many people like me. It’s just that they are ignored, bullied and silenced in this mess of the place we are living in. Emirates Illuminati are among these people.


One of the three core elements of capitalism is competition. Capitalism is a limited bi-polar construct in that it requires a loser for every winner. This is the true trickle-down effect as a large portion of the working class struggles for basic housing and to put food on the table, aided and abetted by the watering down of capitalism as we outsource labor to non-capitalistic countries, becoming complicit in human rights violations by those willing to turn a blind eye.

Too many people, even in this country, are struggling for access to basic shelter, food, water, healthcare and higher education. Competition has wrought enough damage to each other and the planet, creating parasitic-type conditions.

World peace will forever remain elusive as long as we battle to secure our own survival, blind to the realization that our neighbor’s well-being is vital to our own. As a species, we are interconnected and inseparable from each other and from our ecosystem. The greater truth that no mainstream economist has dared state publicly is that capitalism is not sustainable.

Instead of debating outdated economics, let us come together to forge a new path—one that is practical and truly provides equal opportunity for all, even those desiring to live a simple life. Capitalism served us well, but it’s become evident that working together cooperatively rather than in competition is the foundation for a new economy and peaceful world.

I like Islamic religion. I like basic postulates it preaches. I consider them deeply humane and love driven. Especially the ones which teach about helping less fortunate people and sharing with others.

When Edgar was called for a meeting with one local manager regarding his position at the airport, he was told by that manager that I am telling only lies on this blog. If I am sure that manager was lying I would never mention this fact, it’s just that I am not so sure that manager was lying about his opinion of my blog. It is very possible that he actually has the impression that I am writing lies here because he is living in a different reality where he likes to believe that his employees are happy.

Mr. Mohammed Mattar (Senior Vice President Airport Services) told me the same thing: “When I go around the airport I see happy people.” I looked at his eyes then and I still think that he was sincere. He really does think that his staff is satisfied. He has particularly one opinion common with his countryman HR Manager Maktoom: people should have enough money to survive and if they manage to survive they are happy. But what if I tell them that after my first blog post I got many messages and many of them were from local check in agents and supervisors? That I’ve got a support from local people? Isn’t it paradoxical and ironical that one (former) expatriate has to fight for your own people’s well-being, dear local managers?

There is not much I can do and say that will change abusive new world order. Luckily, that order is currently falling apart because it was never sustainable. People made the system and people will take it down. Not primarily because some of them are aware and humane, but because something that abuses people to the extent that it creates 99% of exploited population and 1% of extremely rich and privileged people is doomed to fall down or end up in extinction of human race.

Emirates is a huge and relatively independent company and it has the strength to impose its own rules and ways of doing business in the market. It is such a shame that it became an instrument of evil rather than instrument of sustainable living. Future of world’s economic system lies in sustainable business because of the simple fact that there is no production without natural and human resources preservation and these resources are brutally wasted now.

People always don’t have time. They are always in the rush for (more and more) money. They want everything here and now. This is why sustainable business is still at a concept level. It was never truly implemented. You can hear managers and campaigns talking about corporate social responsibility and sustainability, but almost all of that talk is about marketing and making more profit by appearing that they care, by misapplying the concept.

Another unfortunate fact is that sustainable business sometimes requires more than one life time to start bringing benefits. People are in a hurry to enjoy their money here and now. And I can understand that urge in expatriate managers but I am really concerned that local managers don’t see that their own company is preparing the ground for its own disappearance. Moreover, the company which could ensure the future and economic stability of UAE is, actually, exploiting its own people and resources for money which is not eternal per se.

So, when employees who are thinking about sustainability raise their voices, everyone should listen to them. By speaking of their own benefits, they are advocating everyone’s benefits actually, dear managers. Including yours. This is why it is very disappointing that Emirates Illuminati website is blocked in UAE. Members of this secret society have sent symbolic warning letters to managers in the Headquarters. Instead of acknowledging civilized criticism, managers decided to ban them. It’s not even incompetent. It’s a childish and immature move.

In the quotation below you can find categories of websites banned in UAE. Emirates Illuminati website doesn’t fall under any of mentioned categories. So why are they blocked? Because one company, which falsely advertises itself as modern and democratic, is treating its employees as replaceable and overpaid half slaves (you have the freedom to choose whether you will work for them but you don’t have the choice to speak up and ask for humane working conditions).

Blocked Emirates Illuminati website

Blocked Emirates Illuminati website

The biggest disgrace are western managers who could never do in their home countries what they are doing in UAE. Instead of showing to locals and the whole world how business can be done in an ethical and sustainable way, these managers exploit and ban even their own countrymen (!). This is how selfish little people build the future. And this blog is here to keep the memory of their “good” work.

I will republish news from Emirates Illuminati webpage here. You can also find “Emirates illuminati” page (and mentioned warning letters to managers) on this blog. I don’t know who they are but I sympathize with their emotions and goals and I support their non violent, intelligent and witty way of expressing discontent with greediness of managers and maltreatment of employees.

I will also insist on what belongs to me – my End of Service benefit. 

Prohibited Content Categories
1. Internet Content for Bypassing Blocked Content
This category includes Internet Content that allows or assist Users to
access Blocked Content.
2. Internet Content for Learning Criminal Skills
This category includes Internet Content that either provides instructions for
or identifies methods to promote, encourage or provide the skills to
commit illegal or criminal or unethical activities. These include bombmaking,
phreaking (breaching phone security or phone service theft),
scams and fraud, terrorism, evading law enforcement, stalking, lock
picking, selling pirate material such as commercial software, music, videos
or others.
3. Dating Internet Content
This category includes Internet Content that provides online dating or
matchmaking which contradicts with the ethics and morals of the UAE.
Exemptions: Chatting services, chatting groups, social networking and
4. Internet Content for Illegal Drugs
This category includes Internet Content that provides information on
purchasing, manufacturing, promoting and using illegal drugs.
5. Internet Content containing Pornography and Nudity
This category includes Internet Content that contains material of a
pornographic nature, or relates or depicts acts of homosexuality, nudity
and sexual material (including stories, jokes, animations, and video) or
Internet Content that promotes sexual activity. It includes Internet
Content which promote the distribution of above material (such as Peer-toPeer
websites and links).
6. Gambling Internet Content
This category includes Internet Content that is relevant to gambling or
such as gambling links, tips, sports picks, lottery results, as well as horse,
car or boat racing.
7. Internet Content for Hacking and Malicious Codes
This category includes Internet Content that distribute information and
tools for hacking (root kits, kiddy scripts, etc.) that help individuals gain
unauthorized access to computer systems. Also include Internet Content

 Happy holidays.

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