The glamorous life of Emirates cabin crew: sleeping on the airport floor

This is an e-mail I’ve got a few days ago. I will let you draw the conclusion about safety, EK’s organizational culture and fatigue. I will also let you wonder where the pilot and co-pilot slept that night.



Thank you for your blog. Emiarets is a terrible companyy to work for.
Please, do not display my email address or my name…..
This is a picture of Emirates Airline Crew sleeping on the floor. The JFK airport was closed and the company asked us to leave our hotel and go to the airport anyway and wait on the airbridge until they open the airport…..
The fact was that the airport was closed because of the heavy snow and we had to wait on the floor for several hours, more than 6hours…… We could not even use the
emirates lounge at the jfk airport. They told us to wait at the airbridge.

16 responses to “The glamorous life of Emirates cabin crew: sleeping on the airport floor


    OMG ,How sad…!!!i have always heard Good news about EK .However this time m speechless ..!!


  • Terry Daly's Honest Niece

    Dragana is this the same incident that happened over a year ago when crew was left stranded at JFK for hours or is this ANOTHER one that happened recently? Regardless this is typical bad decision making by cabin crew managers and Emirates service delivery team run by Terry Daly who uses his power to sleep with women (some he even has kids with ) and get drunk around dubai but gets pardoned sitting in their cozy desk in dubai. Don’t forget they recently got the boot as they merged the flight op and cabin duty manager job into one. Everything will be revealed in time and everyone will get what they deserve – this is life you just have to wait and watch the show….

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  • Anonymous Person

    Ya terry daly you will be now finding jobless life soon. No more service delivery as flight operation take over. Hoping u have stealing enough money from emirates to feed all ur bastard children – in India we calling this karma and this holding true for all cultures

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  • Admin

    To be fair and not to cause any confusion, I have to say that this photo was probably taken five years ago, according to the EXIF data stored in the photo, but this fact doesn’t influence the facts presented on the photo: that crew was sleeping on the floor.

    Also, if the sender made the decision to send it now it can be because these things are still happening or they didn’t have an influential platform to publish it five years ago like they have it now or they feel safe to publish it now.

    As I always say, EK can call me anytime and deny the story. If it turns out that the story is not true, I am prepared to remove it from my blog and apologize. Until then, let’s make this world a better place to live in.

    Employees are your best asset, dear employer. Treat them well and with care, please.

    EXIF data of the photo:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  • Not Tim Clark

    No need remove dragana this is very true story. Few incident happen like this. One happen over one year ago – there was storm in New York but cabin crew told to go. They were exhausted but no problem this is emirates airlines. All I can say stay in your country don’t make mistake to work in this place. Pls keep this blog alive it is only way for normal people to share their stories. Believe me only Allah will put justice in this one day they will wake up and keep praying they can sleep and hoping it was just a dream. In newspaper they saying only 40 peoples losing job. I am telling this is must be more. Sadly manager with no degree is manager. Appeal to his highness Shekh Ahmed you sir can help us only good ppl do good things. Remove ur corrupt manager and restart with young smart people’s they will help u make this company very good with good objective with educated staff, look how technology companies doing so so well. Look at google look at airline like Virgin they have leader who ppl love. Who cares about Tim Clark or Gary chapman no one care about them except British mafia -pls sir we appeal to you start from fresh and remove such disease in company


  • Nik

    Toxic place to work at full of disrespect back stabbing forcing you to live a disgustingly artificiall lifestyle and be grateful for it. Thanks but no thanks.
    Went there expecting to work hard, save and see the world. 3 years later, I am proud of myself that I walked out with my head high, same as I went. I had no troubles, no warnings, no sick days, never argued about stuff, always accepted feedback, never spoke back to defeat myself like all humans are genetically designed to do when accused for something cos I knew i would be warned. So, i stayed out of the spotlight for 3 years. All I can say now is how disgusted I am by this life consuming culture. And how I sorry-not sorry I feel for all those who are left behind. Sorry for those who are “trapped” and its not really up to them to just pack and leave now and not sorry for those who believe that they have a career because after being a slave for few years they were made SENIORS so now they can feel important every day by abusing the power they have on to scared junior crew.
    I got my life back. I realize how blind I was there. I thought that there are no opportunities out there anymore. Felt scared to leave and start over. How blind was I. The world is huge, and there are zillions of opportunities if you love to work. This is your life and you have only one. I am really glad I did not waste anymore of my precious young years somewhere where being human is illegal.

    This is the last thing I am gonna ever say about this company and i will move on with my life.

    If you respect yourself and you value your health, dignity, human rights, professionalism, honesty, fair working environment MORE than the rotten artificial lifestyle they advertise and a salary slightly bigger than then stay away from there. It’s obviously up to you at the end of the day. But sooner or later you will realize that Its a total scam.


  • I pray for justice

    No matter how much we are trying this company will be destroying our morale such is life being. The update we can provide for inside is all jobs is being assessed mostly emirates expecting job cutting between 5000 -15000 depending on the rumour you listening to. All to be properly re assessed from April 1st after the financial year. Sales is not good. Morale of staff is not good. Recent they having chairman award very very low key event this year. Also empty inside the hall. Tim Clark not seen anywhere and no one hearing from him since January 1st. Either he has taken ill or he has been quiet. It is a lie he spoke to news about the new emirates to USA as that was already spoken by him. As more staff is departing slowly and this new hr svp Wayne Davis taking pictures of gym at eghq that only he can afford and lying and showing world how emirates staff is taken care off. The scamming not stopping shameless peoples one day they will facing this justice belief me it will happen one by one. God will show them He will show them


  • Soon Exposing EK Truth

    Emirates is bad is just understatement- it is like a prison. Where British mafia enjoy controlling desperate Indian team. It is very very simple the British will never get this type of deal in their country and the Indian will never leave here because this is the best they will ever get and they not like to go back to their country. Same with Pakistani it is better here than Karachi . I know as I’m Indian. everyone else please I ask leave dubai life is better in your country and it is becoming worser worser day by day. Within 2 weeks almost 1000 IT to lose jobs. But it is ok to lose jobs every company do this it is normal. Problem is the corrup uneducated one will remain and the good ones kicked out or will leave. More changes coming just wait for April it will be a very very interesting month. Thank you dragana for a small but big voice – the path ahead is dangerous for emirates if they continuing like this with arrogance uneducated staff. Did u know there is many Grade 10 I repeats Grade 10 staff who not even finishing high school. Just because I’m old days vp know u and bring u!!! Can u be believing this


  • Sophie Griffiths

    Can this be true?


  • EK Lad

    Very shocking. I hope this does not turn out to be a routine practise when ever theres a blizzard in NYC. Speaking of which, is Trivandrum still a turn for both 522 and 520?


  • I pray for justice

    Oh how the gears are changing and changing so fast. As our flight deck friends call it – the bouncy castle is more than bouncing. Now completely shaking – you think they can blame trump and say it is USA policy business is impacted? Crooked staffing practices, no labour laws – oh how all those praying did not work too well. Bad bad times ahead. So many big fat planes and not enough people to fill them. Shameless – empower your staff, give them fair play and you could have shined. More people getting fired or simply leaving – expect some wild announcements soon……


  • Tired

    Elizabethe Lynche: living_the flylife, 134k followers, has just posted on her snapchat, I dont really want to go to Moscow, I want to go back to sleep, I am very tired!
    check out Lyze, livintheflylife, EK when will you realise you are working the crew too hard


  • Anonymous Person

    What are you to say about this company?
    My Aunt has worked there for many years and has not reported a single misunderstanding,scandal,nothing.From her Junior to Senior years,she has never been abused like this.Neither have I.I am working as a Senior Crew Member and me and my fellow crew members have never been abused.That is all I will say.


    • Tim Clark

      What do you feel about having a non-enforcable contract and the ageism where staff over 50 are terminated. Perhaps you would like to write to the family of poor Elena. The girl in the tragedy in Entebee. You could tell them all about you and your aunt. Changes to the negative using contract adjustment letters. Fatiguing flights. Bullying crew not to call in sick……
      Please do get back to us.

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