Emirates’ flight attendants are starving?

In some of the previous stories on this blog we have seen that EK cabin crew work in inhumane conditions, but this e-mail I’ve got from one former member of EK cabin crew shows how Emirates’ flight attendants don’t even have a meal break on their flights.

This e-mail I am sending you shows how EK has removed the meal break on long flights and how the crew are not able to seat and eat on the flights:

The stations (only) were given a revision in their policies manual which removed the need to soft block seats (therefore depriving the crew from having adequate seating to have their meal break. In April this year the company issued a revision to the outstation policies manual putting the soft block policy back. For 7 years the cabin crew manual still had the soft block policy in place and it was a requirement to have the meal break but of course we were never given it because we didn’t have the seats arranged. The  company don’t allow us to eat in the jump seats facing the passengers (95% of Jump seats).

That email shows how management have:

1. Removed a rest policy without informing the crew (and the crew are responsible for adhering to rest policies)
2. Have willfully changed a GCAA controlled document (the manual) without sanction from the regulator.
3. Known that this discrepancy between the two manuals is causing confusion.
4. Known that crew already have difficulty having a meal break due to the configuration of the A380 as most of the jump seats are in the cabin and not the galley and the company prioritising the image concern of crew eating versus allowing them to have a legally required meal break.
5. Introduced two services on a 5:30 flight so that there is no possibility for the crew to even have a meal break.
6. Placed the responsibility on the purser for giving the meal break and in the event that a safety incident occurred (like a crew being so fatigued that they open the cabin door with the escape slide armed or they give the wrong medication to a passenger having a heart attack) the management could always turn to the crew and say: there is a meal break in the manual… Why did you not take the meal break?

The same person has also sent me this e-mail:

I found out that EK did an illegal flight from Dubai to Munich, where the crew and pilots operated the flight and had a rest of 8 hours, when the minimum rest required is 11 hours. but because there was a technical problem on another airplane, they called another set of crew and pilots to do this flight and they gave them less than the minimum rest, and everything goes normal for EK, breaking the rules and even after the accident, they didn’t seem to learn that they were very very lucky for no passenger or crew to die on that one. They are pushing everyone to the limit till another one happens and with fatalities, because they have money and they simply don’t care for human lives.


From EK’s internal cabin crew flight schedule system


24 responses to “Emirates’ flight attendants are starving?

  • Leave Emirates

    I decide leave EK this month.At the last moment,I want to setup a public discussion in the internet for the pilots&cabincrews.They can anonymous post the experience in EK.It maybe can supervise EK.
    Welcome to anonymous post twitter #EKITU #EKTradeUnion.When you out of UAE!
    Goodbye everyone.
    Dragana,I will mail you when I leave UAE.

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  • tagha1

    Its very “horrible” not to stick to the rules and regulations and just adhere to their requests! If I were you, I would complain to GCAA “with evidences” and I would request to keep this confidential so as not to be FIRED! This is wrong….absolutely wrong, I can imagine these issues could happen but, why CC insist on keeping it inside the plane and never let it go outside…even secretly!!


  • Anonymous

    Dragna, I have been following your blog for about 2 years. I’ve resigned from EK in 2013.

    I left because I felt we as crew were not treated fairly, there was no Support system we could rely on.
    2012 I was diagnosed with a begnine tumor in my uterus, and after pleading with my manager to let me come home for the operation (because they wanted me to have the surgery in Dubai, and if so, I’m pretty sure I would have died,since I had complication during it), I was allowed one month for surgery and recovery.

    Obviously it took more than one month, and while recovering I was stressing out, because I kept seeing flights being rostered, and, just because I hadn’t sent my doctor’s letter on time (I was at the hospital) stating that I was still in hospital and could not return.
    There was no one in charge to contact directly (they were closed for Eid) and instead of being relaxed and advancing on my recovery, I was freaking out.

    It was one of the most horrific experiences of my life.

    Later I found out that the reason that tumor had developed was due to hormonal inbalance caused by lack of proper nutriton, rest and stress.
    In conversation with at least 7 female crew, i found out that they too had had simililar problems, and had to have surgery.

    My last year at Emirates I was A380 FG1, more than once I had to eat standing and while the service was going on. I would grab a bite everytime I enter the galley and chew before I took the next item of food to the customer. With On Demand service, breaks to eat are nearly impossible.

    When I came back home for good, I had medical tests done and I was diagnosed with severe anaemia, not to mention that I fell into deep depression which I’m still battling with.

    The good times of my EK experience were completely obscured by the many bad things that happened. Sad to say it.



  • Tim Clarks

    Why do not make a campaign in International Labor Rights Forum(ILRF)?I think the NGO may be observers the Emiratesaieline about
    Fatigue&force work&flight safety,All have Rights to know the truth!!!(Manager,Pilots,Cabincrews&passenger)!


  • Tim Clarkson

    More and more pressure builds up on Emirates daily. We need money for 2020, money for debt payments for Dubai Government, money for planes that we don’t have enough crew for. The kitty is now empty and Emirates is in very serious trouble all over.


  • Tim Clark Kent

    Hiring freeze on all staff except pilots. WTF?


  • Lex Luthor

    Starving flight attendants and fatigued pilots mixed up with two crashes in five months and served on a sesame seed bun,


  • Spag daily

    I’ve been thinking about applying for Emirates as I’ve previously worked as a flight attendant and enjoyed it in my home country.

    Is it honestly that bad? I’ve heard rumours that the crew living compound in Emirates is terrible and the money isn’t much to live off? Can I please have some honest answers very intrigued to talk to a former Emirates cabin crew member.

    Thank you



    • Lois Lane

      Spag. Do you really think that everyone here is making it up? It is awful. Also there is a hiring freeze so they can squeeze even more blood. Stay away and do yourself a favour. Good luck


    • Anonymous

      I flew for almost 12yrs, it was fun and a great company to work for. Emphasis on the “was”. Now, you’re worked to death, long flights, minimum rest and pittance of salary increase every year. No appreciation – you only hear from your manager when you do something wrong. My advice, stay away!


  • Tim

    Why not strike until the trade union to found
    KLM Flight Attendants Strike
    October 6, 2016 KLM flight attendants will strike Monday 10 October, 2016
    Cabin crew union VNC
    Another cabin crew union FNV also threatens industrial action
    Issue over reduction of one flight attendant on long hauls. Minimal disruption expected


  • Abby-Rose Shier

    Whilst Flight Attendants are starving I see a new Jennifer Aniston ad going around, stop throwing money at sporting teams and film stars and get your act together in house, support us, we are Emirates.


  • Thomas Karrer

    Cabin Crew get good “meal allowance” money on layovers at outstations.
    Yet, many come to the airport without having eaten and first want to eat their crew meals when boarding the aircraft.
    Ist it greed or simply lack of responsibility???
    Shall I come to the office in the morning and first ask for my breakfast….?


  • Jenny

    I’ve seen ads on Facebook advertising cabin crew and other positions at Emirates
    Is it a scam or are Emirates employing again?



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