“Emirates airline plane ‘crash lands at Dubai International Airport”


An Emirates airline plane has crash landed at Dubai Airport after reportedly catching fire in mid-air.

The Dubai government confirmed the Boeing 777-300 jet crash-landed at the airport shortly after 1pm local time (9am UK time) with 300 passengers and crew on board.

The three-hour flight took off from Trivandrum International Airport in India at around 6am UK time before the captain is understood to have sent out and emergency signal shortly before the plane was due to land.

No-one is believed to have been seriously injured and passengers have been safely evacuated.



Read more at: Mirror


40 responses to ““Emirates airline plane ‘crash lands at Dubai International Airport”

  • tagha1

    What a sad news. I believe It’s a human error as cockpit crew are advised to keep the GEAR down when facing Wind Shear apparently, the pilots didn’t cope with that and that i
    s why the plane went on its belly!!!

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  • UkNrk

    FAs performed bravely, knowing the same people(Keralites) are the ones abuse them every day. It is an honorable thing.

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    • D.

      I don’t see in this article that Indian passengers are called fuc*ing rats. The “morons” who stopped to take their handbaggage. are, on the other hand, called “rats”. And they are morons, regardless of their origin.


  • 45utla

    Very well done to the crew in very difficult circumstances.
    I am not surprised the pilot was a UAE national, that opens up lots of questions about recruitment, suitability, fast track training…..and many other things.
    Passengers grabbing bags, why don’t the hat racks lock, with the controls only available to crew?


    • Ali

      Unfortunately, It shows how uneducated and racist you are.
      To be a pilot, you need to pass several tests at an international standard, for example the tests in Dubai aren’t easier. Followed by that comes the line training and yearly proficiency tests.
      The same number of hours required apply as well, regardless.
      The Captain had over 7,000 flying hours that’s more than 2 decades of flying.
      Please show your respect and gratitude to the flight crew rather act like a complete arse.
      If your issue was personal because he was a UAE National, then please save your money and DON’T fly emirates. It’s that simple.
      You don’t need to question a Captain’s airman ship if you don’t know anything about him.


      • EK Manager


        UAE National pilots account for 20 percent of EKs pliots. And 80 percent of the self certified sickness. There are many highly competent ones both at PIC and FO level. However, it is also well known that they pick and choose easier routes.

        Where were the 7000 hours obtained? I doubt very many in European Union de-icing environments or in bad weather in the Far East. They tend to leave these routes to expats.

        Additionally, knowing many SFIs, I can say thay UAE National pilots get a much easier marking scheme through both recurrent SEP and SIM duties. The records are there and this is well known.

        Funny how everything is hidden about the Captain yet the FOs info is everywhere.

        I have no problem with race and passport but clearly there are issues which must be dealt with in a transparent manner….

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        • Ali

          The captain didn’t get his license from a flying school from the middle of no where then joined the airline.
          They go through the UAE National Cadet Pilot Program and they’re very selective. English Course then Higher Diploma in Aviation Sciences in Dubai then they start the ATPL training.
          The Candidates get a background before even starting the ground school and pilot training.
          The training used to be done in the UK, then it was moved to Australia and now its between Spain and the UK.
          They do get exposed to different weather conditions by doing that.
          When taking in Cadets they grow with the airline, meaning from a person that doesn’t know how to fly a plane to a professional pilot, all within the airline.
          So Are you implying that UAE pilots get better rosters? If yes as you stated above. I would need Proof.
          Then, Why will Emirates risk putting 20% of their Pilots into their fleet if it’s not safe? if they can’t fly?
          Logically, Will Emirates risk their safety record just to put locals into the pilot seat assuming they’re incompetent as you mentioned?
          If that was the case, Emirates would’ve had a lot of more crashes.


          • EK Manager

            I didn’t say they were incompetent my dear boy. Please ask around about the AKL incident where the pilot managed a tail strike and then headed off to HK. No prizes for guessing his nationality. In case you didn’t get it, he was also a UAE National. Not many countries have its Civil Aviation Authority and Airline boss as one and the same. Ahmed bin Saeed. I am not implying but I am stating the ridiculous self certified sick rate of UAE National pilots that then allows them to return for a better roster. EK and Dubai Government want Emiratis to fly planes. They should adhere to best international practices. Ask AAR to confirm sick rates and ask TRE and TRI staff members about the last time they graded a UAE National with a 2?? Emirates has had a number of near misses. Melbourne, Manchester and several others. Not to mention FD in Russia. EK/Dnata are feeling the heat and not just from Dubai summer…..


          • Anonymous

            And what wasta was available in Spain during their training?
            AKL incident? So
            Because incidents never happen? Every airline has incidents, not all of them are serious like EK521
            FYI, the pilots weren’t uae nationals In the fly Dubai crash


          • D.

            This is also Ali’s comment.


          • EK Manager

            AKL was a UAE national in LHS
            DXB was a UAE national in LHS
            Facts not racism. Do the maths. At EK a passenger is more likely to be in an accident with a UAE national at the controls.
            FD disaster was two very fatigued pilots who were “advised” by FD not to divert as it would cost the company money. Head of FD is a UAE National. Ghaith Al Ghaith. He approves all policies….
            I never stated that the FD disaster was caused by UAE pilots.
            AS you well know, Adil Al Ridha is the biggest cause of issues at EK with the pilots. Adil Al Ridha is a UAE National who has lowered time and time again the entry requirements….
            Take a look at the facts, Ali. I do. As will many others looking to fly on EK and FD.
            Good to see open and honest discussion here. All of which is banned in the UAE…..


      • EK Manager

        Ali, Habibi, a few more points.

        The economy of Dubai depends on foreigners. There is no oil in Dubai. It depends on tourism, re exports of goods and on service industries. EK is the most important company in Dubai. There are now huge questions over subsidies, safety and increased access to prime markets like India.

        Every few months EK beg the Indians for more seats. Those same people who own and control 70% or so of Dubai’s economy.The Indians refuse time and time again.

        I doubt that many readers here share the same glorious view of UAE nationals. There are good and there are bad everywhere.

        Tell us why there are two laws in Dubai for UAE Nationals for bounced cheques? Foreigners go to jail. UAE national don’t.

        Or could you comment on two different tariffs for utilities where expats pay three times the price for Electricity and Water as opposed to UAE nationals?

        Perhaps you would like to comments about the UAE (and Saudi) bombing civilians in Yemen and destroying civilian infrastructure?

        Possible involvement in the coup attempt in Turkey?

        Financing criminals in Syria killing innocents (Assad is just as bad)

        Interference in Egypt?

        Spying on Oman?

        The death of Rashid bin Mohamed Al Maktoom
        where the facts of his drug addiction and killing his father’s valet were hidden?

        I could go on…..

        Of note, many of us would like to thank and show respect to Firefighter Al Balooshi for his sacrifice. A proud UAE National that we can all look up to. God bless him.

        Grow up, Ali. Learn about the world and make yourself a better pilot with humility and the ability to think and draw evidence-based conclusions.


        • Ali

          Don’t get me into politics because I’m not interested.
          Do you see it’s wrong that EK begs India for more seats? The Business wants to grow and it’s a good opportunity for them.
          I agree that not every citizen is perfect, each Person is different.
          You seem to forget the White rats in senior Management.
          I don’t know where do you work etc but I do know UAE Cadets who have been removed from the program during LINE TRAINING which is the last bit before being released to the fleet.
          The captain had 7000+ hours, that’s a lot of experience regardless. It could be pilot error but Guess what? It happens time and time again.
          I do understand that UAE nationals get the upper hand in promotions within EK but You’ve got to trust me on this one.
          I respect you because of you’re ability to have a normal argument without swearing.


          • Ali

            And Also for the utilities, the rule only applies for Abu Dhabi and Dubai. (from experience)


          • EK Manager

            Ali, our world is full of politics. But, I respect you for not commenting due to the difficulties that you may face with State Security.

            However, it is important for others to know how the UAE operates. Given how Indians are discriminated against and treated in Dubai (and how they discriminate between themselves!) I think it is interesting how EK beg and beg. And get refused.

            I worked at EK and agree that many Cadets were removed for being poor. Perhaps that is because of observations further down the line?? There are some exceptional UAE Nationals (Nabil Sultan comes to mind) in EK but there are many who have a long way to go.

            The old school UAE national pilots are excellent and courteous. to a fault. The newbies are not cut from th same cloth.

            Please don’t insult rats. No rats are as bad as the cockroaches that are British Mangers in EK. A unique breed of slimey, no good, racist, deceitful, hypocritical scum.

            Please think about your comments re Utilities! Does that make it right?

            Also, I respect you. You are clearly a young man of intelligence and spirit who writes well in a second language. Just the kind of youngster the UAE needs. All the best to you and your family.


          • KickKBEout

            It is little british arrogance every country is now trying to restrict Dubai bilaterals. EK PR could maintain low profile rather than tarnishing images of airlines in these countries. At least brexit give you a hint they are good at nothing.

            It is Keralite(I don’t want to generalize entire India) abuses every employee has low morale, particularly young women flight attendants.

            Don’t you have skills to run the company by yourself. AAB doing reasonably well at QR. Hogan didn’t bring slave practices to EY.

            Treating people so badly is against your culture, yet you are ignoring issues.

            EK has two issues namely LB (Little Britain) and NRK (Non-resident Keralites)

            Why Emiratis are not fixing these issues?


        • Lola Costa

          Anonymous, can you please state where you come from? It would be interesting to know what your country is doing regarding Syria, etc etc….since you re already mentioning UAE and their foreign policy that has nothing to do with the EK 521.


  • FensWhite

    It is not true that nobody got hurt. I read that a fireman died.


  • 777 crew

    I’m tired of the comments talking about the cabin crew as if they were heroes… Don’t you think that people wouldn’t have left the aircraft anyway?? Come on! I’m a cabin crew myself. All the drills are plain bullshit. Look at the passengers not paying any attention to the crew instructions. They were looking for their hand baggage as we all would do.


    • Raj Mukta Sundaram

      You should not live in civil society if you have such mentality.


    • EK crash

      777 Crew. There is a video going round taken inside the stricken jet. Several times, a male crew member (Pakistani?) can be overheard (and seen) telling people to leave their stuff and get out. There are many other crew doing the same. These people are brave and selfless. As was the UAE National firefighter. I despise Emirates as a company. But there are many wonderful, kind and service orientated people who still work there for now. I don’t think everyone would agree with your comments. My respect and admiration goes to the CC for the great job they have done. God bless Mr Al Balooshi and his family.

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  • Illuminati

    cracks are starting to show….

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  • jabba

    “No rats are as bad as the cockroaches that are British Mangers in EK. A unique breed of slimey, no good, racist, deceitful, hypocritical scum.”



  • Peter Marshall

    I do not trust Emirates. Seems PR more important than lives.


  • Lina


    A report of GCAA of EK521 on August 3 2016 shows the accident is the pilots lapse.But fortunately no pilots,cabincrew&passenger death.

    We did not know why?Two pilots make the same mistake,Is flying tired or training have problem(the company do not comply with the guide)?

    But we know in this accident,a fireman had dead.Nothing is more important than the life.So we want EK review the employees are working in fatigued problem.

    The report of EK521:


    • Anonymous

      It is a combination of fatigue and poor training by the company. The only wind that effected the flight came out of the bum holes of the senior management in the Puzzle Palace….

      The result is numerous injuries to passengers and crew and the death of the firefighter. I hope those criminals in the Puzzle Palace see him in their nightmares.


  • Ahmed Saleh

    EK has safety issues, policies are ignored or changed at a drop of a coin, the employees basic needs are ignored.
    EK management, don’t you understand that your employees are the face of the company, take care of them and the Airline will flourish, stop chasing financial returns for shareholders the unethical way, it will hurt the company in the long run, unhappy , unmotivated and tired employees are due to make mistakes.
    In aviation industry mistakes could cost lives.


    • Anonymous

      Ahmed Saleh,
      You are right,EK521 is a fatigue work accident.


    • Tim Clark

      EK don’t care. Managers are on huge short term bonuses and they will do anything to get these. The know that fatigue is an issue. They know illegal rostering occurs. They don’t care. Let us hope to see these scoundrels in court soon.


      • Tim Clark

        Pilot Fatigue Documentary
        Hi everyone, my name is Paula Slier and I posted a few times in the past as part of a series of ​reports I did for RT (Russia Today) on pilot fatigue while covering the FlyDubai crash in March. Sadly the topic faded with time but our investigation hasn’t. That’s why we are now working on a documentary about this global challenge facing the airline industry. The documentary will air on RT which is watched in more than 60 countries and we are looking for pilots from different airlines and countries that would agree to be interviewed and can share both facts and personal stories with us – the focus is fatigue as an international airline problem/challenge. Of course, as in the past, all information will be treated with the utmost confidence. We do need people to appear on camera. First prize is being able to show your face – second prize is we will blur all details. I will come with a cameraman to interview you.

        Anyone who is willing to participate can contact me at

        Here is a link to some of the work we’ve done:…nalism-russia/

        Thank you in advance,

        Paula Slier


  • Anonymous

    On 3 August 2016, aBoeing 777-300 aircraft, registration A6-EMW, operating a scheduled passenger Emirates flight EK521 , departed Trivandrum International Airport (VOTV), India at 0506 for Dubai International Airport (OMDB), the United Arab Emirates. At approximately 0837, the Aircraft impacted the runway during an attempted go-around at Dubai.
    There were a total of 300 people onboard the Aircraft, comprising 282 passengers, two flight crewmembers, and 16 cabin crewmembers.

    The Commander of Emirates flight EK521 was seated in the left hand (LH) seat and was the pilot flying (PF) : the Copilot was the pilot monitoring (PM).

    As the flight neared Dubai, the crew received the automatic terminal information service (ATIS) Information Zulu, which included a windshear warning for all runways. The Aircraft was configured for landing with the flaps set to 30, and approach speed selected of 152 knots (VREF + 5) indicated airspeed (IAS) The Aircraft was vectored for an area navigation (RNAV/GNSS) approach to runway 12L .

    Air traffic control cleared the flight to land, with the wind reported to be from 340 degrees at 11 knots, and to vacate the runway via taxiway Mike 9. During the approach, at 0836:00, with the autothrottle system in SPEED mode, as the Aircraft descended through a radio altitude (RA) of 1,100 feet, at 152 knots IAS, the wind direction started to change from a headwind component of 8 knots to a tailwind component.

    The autopilot was disengaged at approximately 920 feet RA and the approach continued with the autothrottle connected. As the Aircraft descended through 700 feet RA at 0836:22, and at 154 knots IAS, it was subjected to a tailwind component which gradually increased to a maximum of 16 knots.

    At 0837:07, 159 knots IAS, 35 feet RA, the PF of Emirates flight EK521 started to flare the Aircraft.

    The autothrottle mode transitioned to IDLE and both thrust levers were moving towards the idle position.
    At 0837:12, 160 knots IAS, and 5 feet RA, five seconds before touchdown, the wind direction again started to change to a headwind. As recorded by the Aircraft flight data recorder, the weight-on-wheels sensors indicated that the right main landing gear touched down at 0837:17, approximately 1,100 meters from the runway 12L threshold at 162 knots IAS, followed three seconds later by the left main landing gear. The nose landing gear remained in the air.

    At 0837:19, the Aircraft runway awareness advisory system (RAAS) aural message “LONG LANDING, LONG LANDING” was annunciated. At 0837:23, the Emirates flight EK521 became airborne in an attempt to go-around and was subjected to a headwind component until impact.

    At 0837:27, the flap lever was moved to the 20 position.
    Two seconds later the landing gear lever was selected to the UP position.

    Subsequently, the landing gear unlocked and began to retract. At 0837:28, the air traffic control tower issued a clearance to continue straight ahead and climb to 4,000 feet. The clearance was read back correctly.

    Emirates flight EK521 reached a maximum height of approximately 85 feet RA at 134 knots IAS, with the landing gear in transit to the retracted position : the Aircraft then began to sink back onto the runway.

    Both crewmembers recalled seeing the IAS decreasing and the Copilot called out “Check speed.”
    At 0837:35, three seconds before impact with the runway, both thrust levers were moved from the idle position to full forward. The auto throttle transitioned from IDLE to THRUST mode. Approximately one second later, a ground proximity warning system (GPWS) aural warning of “DON’T SINK, DON’T SINK” was annunciated.

    One second before impact, both engines started to respond to the thrust lever movement showing an increase in related parameters. At 0837:38, the Aircraft aft fuselage impacted the runway abeam the November 7 intersection at 125 knots, with a nose-up pitch angle of 9.5 degrees, and at a rate of descent of 900 feet per minute.

    This was followed by the impact of the engines on the runway. The three landing gears were still in transit to the retracted position. As the Aircraft slid along the runway, the No.2 engine-pylon assembly separated from the right hand (RH) wing. From a runway camera recording, an intense fuel fed fire was observed to start in the area of the damaged No.2 engine-pylon wing attachment area.

    Emirates flight EK521 continued to slide along the runway on the lower fuselage, the outboard RH wing, and the No.1 engine. An incipient fire started on the underside of the No.1 engine. The Aircraft came to rest adjacent to the Mike 13 taxiway at a magnetic heading of approximately 240 degrees. After the Aircraft came to rest, fire was emanating from the No. 2 engine, the damaged RH engine-pylon wing attachment area and from under the Aircraft fuselage. Approximately one minute after, the Commander transmitted a “MAYDAY” call and informed air traffic control that the Aircraft was being evacuated. Together with the fire commander, the first vehicle of the airport rescue and firefighting service (ARFFS) arrived at the Accident site within one minute of the Aircraft coming to rest and immediately started to apply foam.

    Additional firefighting vehicles arrived shortly after. Apart from the Commander and the senior cabin crewmember, who both jumped from the L1 door onto the detached slide, crewmembers and passengers evacuated the Aircraft using the escape slides. Twenty-one passengers, one flight crewmember, and one cabin crewmember sustained minor injuries, and a second cabin crewmember sustained a serious injury. Approximately nine minutes after the Aircraft came to rest, a firefighter was fatally injured as a result of the explosion of the center fuel tank.



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