One million views of this blog

This blog has been viewed more than one million times so far. The blog has reached this number of views yesterday.

To mark this event I will quote a comment from one reader which says it all:

Dragana. Congratulations on exceeding one million visitors to your blog. I am sure EK would have paid you the End of Service benefit and not threatened you with prison if they new the enormous reputational damage that has been caused to them. This blog, I am sure, is read and digested by many people. Regulatory bodies, competitors, potential new-hires and current staff can see the lies and cheap immoral practices that show the true face of the company. High staff turnover, threats, bullying by managers, a culture of constant fear are the daily facts of life, not mentioning fatiguing rosters, racism, coming to work to get a sick letter (and no treatment) to prove that one is sick, denial of medical benefits, out of control CAM’S and shear disrespectful arrogance and hypocrisy are the watchwords. Anyone thinking of joining this company needs to know about this situation. Please read about crew suicides too. Keep Discovering….

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6 responses to “One million views of this blog

  • tagha1

    Thank you very much for your support and courage.

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  • Anonymous

    Amazing, Dragana !

    Congratulations! ! !

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  • Emin3m

    Mabrook , and thanks for being the tongue of those whom their voices were taken

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  • Anonymous

    Emirates is a time bomb. In a future we will see it collapse. They are dreaming too big and mistreating all their staff. The airplanes stink, the crew looks sad all the time, not even a proper cleaning those airplanes have. Not a 4 star airline at all.

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  • Ranjan Raha

    Service of wheel Chair at Dubai and L A are just below standard.Mainly due to acute shortage of Wheel Chair and staff for this.At both places handicapped and sick Sr.Citizens were made to wait for more than two hrs to get the Wheel Chairs. After every certain distance they were made to get in and out of cart/ wheel chairs and wait .Also dealing by certain staffs at LA was not up to the mark .I love Emirates so I booked seats for my relatives and I desire that from Air Port gates to Air Craft and vice versa should be straight in one wheel. Can I expect that?


  • ryan biego

    this has not gone un-noticed alot of ladies from my country are shying away from emirates job my sistet included she told me about this blog and am glad she turned down that job opportunity to work with that horrible airline



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