New Emirates commercial with Jenniffer Aniston is carefully designed manipulation

I am fully aware that every commercial, even a negative one, is still a commercial and that I am doing a great favour to Emirates by talking about their ad on my blog, but I am still going to do it just because I think that this ad represents a clear picture of EK management’s state of mind (to EK management: you don’t have to thank me!). It represents their values in life and their vision on how a working environment should look like. For all those looking to work and travel with EK, this ad is a good source of information. Watch it carefully.

This ad is like a dirty political campaign. A politician does not win elections thanks to their good programme and mission, but thanks to bashing on an opponent. If we know something about life, we would immediately recognize a dishonest man, a man incapable to create his own agenda, so he (or she) walks an easier way: he replaces lack of knowledge and skills with bashing on others. This is why the commercial is unethical and unprofessional – you don’t step over bodies (other airlines, in this case) to reach your personal goal. Or do you?

I am not a fan of snobbish attitude where someone is spoiled and unaware of other people’s misery so much that they miss a shower and a bar onboard to the point they pass out and have nightmares. Now every EK passenger in the world has the right to demand a bar and a shower, including economy class passengers, because I didn’t see a disclaimer that this ad discriminates them. Yes, you have a subtle notification which only says Emirates A380 First Class Shower Spa, First and Business Class Onboard Lounge, but it’s not a disclaimer, just a notification. Disclaimer like this, for example: Shower Spa available only to rich passengers and movie stars would not look good, would it now?

There is a hidden message for cabin and cockpit crew as well: they are subtly asked to fly one unpaid hour more (in addition to all the unpaid hours they already work). It’s just like in real life, where crew and ground staff are constantly asked and/or forced to work overtime. This is an EK management’s vision of their favourite line – “going an extra mile for our customers”: crew get to work more for free, just because someone who has money and power (at this point you can look at Jennifer as a symbol of EK management) asked or threatened them. Nevermind safety and crew’s constant fatigue. Money and pleasure of rich rule the world.

This is an e-mail I’ve got from one ex EK cabin crew:

Saw the commercial – what a kick in the face for the hard working. I flew to Europe on Delta and had a chance to talk to the crew. Service was professional, without the circus atmosphere of EK. The crew had a real sense of authority…something EK will never allow.

This ad is, actually, a carefully designed manipulation. It discriminates and divides people on rich and poor (clearly sending a message that EK wants only rich passengers, that it cares only for them), it tells you that you should work for free, it mocks and revenges USA airlines for EK’s recent problems with alleged subsidies and it promotes superficiality. All this through ad’s fake funny appearance.

The commercial of a neighbouring airline, with another famous actress in the main role, is really professional one in comparison with this one and a real example of an ethical ad.

Bottom line, when you scratch beyond Jen’s charm and funny acting, this is one vulgar and unethical ad on all levels. As I said at the beginning: a clear picture of management’s state of mind.



9 responses to “New Emirates commercial with Jenniffer Aniston is carefully designed manipulation

  • tagha1

    Hi Admin, I don’t think that people or at least famous people know anything about what is happening behind the scene as many of them would change their mind however, I send the link in private to her Facebook…I doubt things would change as this part of their business!


  • Fired director

    I was wondering what are you bashing the poor EK until I saw the add.
    Sadly, everything you say here is true.
    I hope this add to enter the top “10 add disaster”, as it looks it has a serious chance…


  • Anonymous

    Crew dont fly for free. They are paid choks on and choks off


  • EKexploiter

    This article in huffingtown by gorgetown uni professor clearly states such an evil ad who only aim for rich people and nothing else. Ek should be ashamed:


  • Lola Costa

    Since when are the crew flying free??? Gets your facts right before posting things here……


    • Anonymous

      what are you talking about, lola??


    • EK Managah

      Lola. You cheeky sausage. EK crew fly without being paid every day! As you well know. Its chocks on choks off. No pay for the time when you go through egate. Briefing. Security checks on the aircraft etc. No pay for a flight being delayed. So if a flight is say 1 hour, the crew are there for a minimum of 3 so two are unpaid. Lola, mate, please apply to join FOX news. You are clearly a smart lady who can pick out a few truths and miss out all the EK lies and deceit….

      Liked by 1 person

    • Ali bin There Done That


      You earned your bucks today!!


      Liked by 1 person


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