News from Emirates Illuminati website – An Open Letter to Emirates Senior Management

Why is it that Emirates management increases the pressure and makes more wrong choices and procedures when discontent of their employees continues to rise?



H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman
Tim Clark, CEO
Adel Al Redha, EVP & COO
Abdulaziz Al Ali, EVP HR

Within the past few months, through a somewhat jestful approach, we have brought to your attention (and the world’s attention) the ambient turmoil that inhabits most Emirates employees. We have, as well as many others, raised a much necessary red flag, denouncing the poor welfare culture (or lack thereof) in this airline.

While we deplore the insufficient response, we have no doubt that, by now, our message reached the top management, as we can see some encouraging embryos of insight here and there: timid signs of awakening to our cause start to transpire…

Yet, this long-awaited epiphany is still way too diffident. Demotivation and bitterness are rife. Morale has never been so low. Emirates is not only struggling to retain their own people, a novel phenomenon has begun: they are now struggling to attract new people, leading to serious understaffing and potentially grounded aircraft.
People are mentally worn and physically fatigued, adding to the prevalent resentment toward management.

The wonted arrogance of Emirates management is unfathomable, belittling the magnitude of the malaise, and attributing it to

‘a vocal minority’.

Surveys, forums, management reshuffling… all this is not enough. People are expecting from you a much more tangible commitment to a concrete and significant change.

God forbid, for lack of an in-depth systemic reform of the Company culture, a catastrophe is latent and impending.

It is high time you tackle this issue once and for all, in the most unequivocal manner.

We resent to say that we “demand”; rather, we strongly invite you to announce and implement a more radical change in the way employess are treated within our Company. The mere announcements that you now (allegedly) pledge to listen to employee feedback and of an oustanding bonus will not be enough to quiet the deep-seated despondency.

We resent to blackmail; rather, we forebode that failure to comply to our subtle invitation would lead to very undesired consequences.

You can no longer afford to feign ignorance. You have been (very gently) warned. Do not make the mistake to compel us to resort to less subdued actions.

Make Emirates the role model it should be in terms of employee welfare and happiness; the world’s best brand not only loved by its customers, but also by its employees. Improve their quality of life, their pleasure and pride to work for this airline.
And you will enjoy harvesting the fruit of this no longer optional investment in your valuable and talented (yet too undermined) people.

Be seeing you,

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10 responses to “News from Emirates Illuminati website – An Open Letter to Emirates Senior Management

  • Anonymous

    …can’t wait for your post on how shitty EK is for giving us 9 weeks profit share!


  • Anonymous

    To be sure, 9 weeks profit share is something to be thankful for! What’s interesting is that Emirates posted the second largest profit in its history, yet did not award the 2nd largest profit share in history. What folks also often overlook, is that such a large profit and profit share means that the profit target for the next year has been set at a massively high 7.7 billion. Since EK’s bonus is not a true profit share, but rather a share of any surplus above profit target, the prospect of any bonus next year is very slim – particularly if the low oil price does not hold.

    Dragana, you don’t need to write anything in response to the first comment. This year’s profit share is undoubtedly an attempt to placate the simmering employee relations problems that have brought so much recent bad press on Emirates. I am also a believer that your blog has contributed to the nervousness of the company about these issues and, in this way, has had some impact on the 9 weeks decision. Sadly, despite this temporary good news, it is not addressing the root cause and the staff discontent will surface again once the temporary cash flow has been used to pay off debts or supplement incomes that do not reflect the cost of living.

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  • Anonymous

    Love the above comment and completely agree with: This year’s profit share is undoubtedly an attempt to placate the simmering employee relations problems that have brought so much recent bad press on Emirates.


  • Anonymous

    The comment about the number of employees might have held more weight if the bonus was truly a profit share. However, it is not – it is a share of surplus above target profit. Hypothetically, even if the number of employees halved and EK earned their 2nd biggest profit, they could still pay out a smaller bonus than before if the target profit was sufficiently high. The original comment above serves to illustrate two things:
    1) The insatiable greed of the company sets target profit at levels that will ensure there is always less to go around for employees, regardless of how massive the profit actually is.
    2) If senior management did not have multipliers tacked onto their bonuses, this would allow for substantially more money to be available for general distribution of the profit surplus. Is it really possible to justify an SVP getting an 8 times larger bonus (in number of weeks) than an entry-level manager, for example?



    Great Article. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know where I can find a blank IL DSD DC-163.7 to fill out?



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