Survey on Emirates employees’ satisfaction results

Six months ago Emirates Airline Human Resources managers conducted a survey on employees’ satisfaction. There were no news on this survey results until now. In the meantime, few HR managers were fired immediately after conducting this survey, and Emirates Airline didn’t make it to be on the list of the best companies to work for neither in UAE nor in the world. There were some hints that this survey and its potentially positive results were intended to put Emirates Airline on the list of 50 companies best to work for, but nothing happened except mentioned HR services terminations.

Survey results are finally published after six months. Maybe we have to thank to journalists who were tirelessly asking both me and Emirates officials questions about this survey. But make no mistake: there are no real survey results in the e-mail which was recently sent to all EK staff, but just general “conclusions”. One can not see statistics and percentages from this e-mail. This is for a reason, of course. Real survey results are, probably, so devastating and bad that it would be an ultimate embarrassment for EK to publish them, especially when media are very interested to have a look at them.

Mr. Abdulaziz's e-mail on survey six months ago

Mr. Abdulaziz’s e-mail on survey six months ago

This is the content of the e-mail which was recently sent to EK staff by Head of HR Mr. Abdulaziz Al Ali. I will include a screenshot of this e-mail as soon as I get it. I am posting a message which I have got from one commenter on this blog. I have got many e-mails and comments after publishing the article about my friend being ruthlessly fired for commenting my blog post on Facebook. I would like to thank everyone for the support and kind words.

Here is the “result” of the survey after 6 months. They didn’t dare release the actual results though. Heck Emirates didn’t even make it to the top employer list within the UAE yet it is the largest company in Dubai – sad sad sad. Here is the “results” that was sent by Mr AA yesterday. Dragana Pls publish in a proper seperate article though.

“In September 2014, more than 13,000 of you spoke of your experience at Emirates and what matters to you. Your feedback from the survey has helped us to define and shape our future together as one team. And I thank you for that.

It has taken me and our senior managers some time to fully understand the results and create an action plan.

What you said: your responses ranged from “I enjoy my job and look forward to start my working week” and “…colleagues I consider my family” to “nothing motivates me except the travel benefits” and “we’re forced to make a living so we have to work”.

You highlighted what is important to you:

Growth and career opportunities
Salary and benefits
Managers who are caring and inspiring, who listen to your ideas, try new ways of working, and recognise good work
Your motivation – and that this is affected by stress and challenging work schedules
I assure you that our senior managers have taken the results of the survey very seriously. They know what you value – a good team culture, recognition of your hard work, and an enjoyable workplace. They are working with HR to invest in you, and give you the tools you need to do a good job. You will hear the plans from your own leadership in the coming weeks.

For the last 18 months, HR has been working on key changes to the way we manage our people. We will be rolling out a new competency framework and performance management for our office-based colleagues, and are developing leadership and opportunities across the company.

These things do take time – so your patience is appreciated. To sustain our growth and increase our fan base, we have to invest in more aircraft, routes, technology, and facilities. And more importantly, we have to invest in you. Ultimately, it’s your talent, loyalty and hard work that will create a sustainable and a successful business.

Be the change you want to see. Your contribution is part of something bigger – our future.

Write to me here with your comments. Thank you once again for helping steer our business.

Hello to a brighter future. Hello Tomorrow.

Abdulaziz Al Ali
Executive Vice President Human Resources

Any comments on these words and promises?


2 responses to “Survey on Emirates employees’ satisfaction results

  • Sodwee

    For the last 18 months, HR has been working on key changes to the way we manage our people

    18 months ??? Are they taking the piss ? Known issues since the economic downturn !! 2008 at least ! Oh but they probably don’t remember because the turnover is so quick, high. No staff history in this company, none it’s like asking a gold fish what he thinks. What they really need is a complete overhaul AT EVERY SINGLE LEVEL.

    I love how they prepare the disappointment from staff with their brilliant sentence : “To sustain our growth and increase our fan base, we have to invest in more aircraft, routes, technology, and facilities […] Ultimately, it’s your talent, loyalty and hard work that will create a sustainable and a successful business.”

    I would of put staff first before aircrafts, routes facilities after what they’ve put them through… but hey what do I care now I’m out !

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  • Rolf Dergham

    Knowing EK, Most EK employees gave false answers. Sorta like on the recruitment questionnaire which was supposed to “never affect your candidacy” and just for whatever documentation needs. Right.
    Knowing EK the statistic don’t matter, and they probably misplaced them somewhere. Heck do you think they are able to product and conduct a proper, effective survey?
    And yet you’d think they would find something positive in the survey and publish it. Apparently not. How bad can it be?

    But tell me something that I don’t know. People who still work at EK, some my friends (those who have not sold their soul), need to know that. When you’re in Dubai, working for EK, this, sadly, becomes sort of normal. They’re the ones who need to be reminded.



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