Emirates Airline fired my friend for supporting me

Emirates management fired a good friend of mine today out of blue for something she did at the end of last year.

Namely, she commented my article on Truth About Emirates Airline Management Facebook page. My friend wasn’t given a notice period or warning. She was just fired for writing a comment on my article so many moths ago. She didn’t lie about it. She was honest and straight until the end. Emirates managers do not care about honesty. They don’t care about their staff. They left my friend on the street with debts and no money for a rent.

This particular friend of mine supported me all the way through my fight. She was always open in her support, always wanting Emirates to become a better place for all. This is why she was brave enough to ask right questions at the Open forum for ground staff and to speak clearly and loudly about inhumane conditions in Emirates Airline. I guess managers never forgave her that and just waited for a “right moment” to terminate her service. But nobody would expect that they will do it in such a cruel way, suddenly and without giving her a chance to prepare herself. They just took away her whole life in Dubai from her in five short minutes.

To be honest, I wanted to stop writing this blog. My previous article on managers’ salaries supposed to be my last one. But this information changed everything. I don’t know why EK managers decided to fire my friend now for something she did so long time ago. What crosses my mind at this moment is a revenge to me and my blog after my last article. It wouldn’t be the first time for Airport Services Divisional Vice Presidents Anoma Manuel and Walter Riggans to revenge on staff for speaking up.

Let me remind you that I was also fired without notice period or any money in my pocket and was literally kicked out from the airport building like a dog. I couldn’t even get the information about my next steps for visa cancellation process because my HR profile was cancelled at the spot. I was left in the dark and on the street. Same happened to my friend.

I wanted you to know this. There is no humanity or decency among EK managers. They just keep responding to complaints and bad working conditions with cruelty, pressure and service terminations.

Shame on you, ruthless people. Shame on you in your expensive villas, with your 100.000AED salaries and bonuses. 


9 responses to “Emirates Airline fired my friend for supporting me

  • Never give up! Believe in yourself!

    Hello Dragana!

    It is with great sadness that I just read what you wrote.

    I hope your friend has found someone who has received and found a place for her to stay until the situation gets resolved.

    I want to tell you one thing: do not lower your arms and do not give up to write on the blog! Your blog is a great help for many people!!!

    What emirates want is just that. They do not want you to speak the truth in the blog and for this they are attacking people who are close to you!

    I confess I am crying right now. We are human and what happened is very sad!!! Very, but very very sad!

    Emirates is horriblle!! Horrible, horrible and horrible!

    Do not give up my dear! Be strong (you and your friend)!

    I’ll pass this story to everyone I know, including my journalist friends!!!

    I send you and your friend a big and warm hug from the bottom of my heart!
    Kisses from Lisbon, Portugal!!!


  • Anonymous

    As a pilot, I can familiarize with most of the posts on this website.

    Recently flew with a 4 year First Officer who is leaving. Well, left now I guess. Heading back to his old outfit in the U.K.

    One guy just didn’t come back from vacation…
    Other one had his last flight with me…
    Met another one in HR who is on his way out…
    On the washup the HR lady was lying to us that the attrition rate is only constant 2,2-2,7% (LOL) and they have no problem with recruiting.

    Guys from recruitment said they have app 5 applications a day. (In old days it was 75). These guys are going to the office to pray that they at least can call someone as there are applicants with a total of 300h on B737.

    And given the recent events, let’s not talk about the EK “threat based” sick policy.

    Come to EK the best company in the ME.(NOT)

    Overtaken by all other airlines around…

    Well done management..

    I once was proud to work for EK…. This has been taken care of by the management. Thank you..

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  • Anonymous

    Constructive Dismissal – hostile workplace environment.


  • Anonymous

    how about posting employee survey results?


  • RandomDude

    Here is the “result” of the survey after 6 months. They didn’t dare release the actual results though. Heck Emirates didn’t even make it to the top employer list within the UAE yet it is the largest company in Dubai – sad sad sad. Here is the “results” that was sent by Mr AA yesterday. Dragana Pls publish in a proper seperate article though.

    In September 2014, more than 13,000 of you spoke of your experience at Emirates and what matters to you. Your feedback from the survey has helped us to define and shape our future together as one team. And I thank you for that.

    It has taken me and our senior managers some time to fully understand the results and create an action plan.

    What you said: your responses ranged from “I enjoy my job and look forward to start my working week” and “…colleagues I consider my family” to “nothing motivates me except the travel benefits” and “we’re forced to make a living so we have to work”.

    You highlighted what is important to you:

    Growth and career opportunities
    Salary and benefits
    Managers who are caring and inspiring, who listen to your ideas, try new ways of working, and recognise good work
    Your motivation – and that this is affected by stress and challenging work schedules
    I assure you that our senior managers have taken the results of the survey very seriously. They know what you value – a good team culture, recognition of your hard work, and an enjoyable workplace. They are working with HR to invest in you, and give you the tools you need to do a good job. You will hear the plans from your own leadership in the coming weeks.

    For the last 18 months, HR has been working on key changes to the way we manage our people. We will be rolling out a new competency framework and performance management for our office-based colleagues, and are developing leadership and opportunities across the company.

    These things do take time – so your patience is appreciated. To sustain our growth and increase our fan base, we have to invest in more aircraft, routes, technology, and facilities. And more importantly, we have to invest in you. Ultimately, it’s your talent, loyalty and hard work that will create a sustainable and a successful business.

    Be the change you want to see. Your contribution is part of something bigger – our future.

    Write to me here with your comments. Thank you once again for helping steer our business.

    Hello to a brighter future. Hello Tomorrow.

    Abdulaziz Al Ali
    Executive Vice President Human Resources

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  • Emin3m

    im really sorry for what happened to S. , but it was her attitude about it .. she could have said what she said in different way .. there are many ways to say things you have to choose the least insulting one.
    and i remember she was craving for it when she copied walter in her famous email complaining about doc check job..
    anyway walter said she can re apply and she will be hired


    • administratordr

      Hi Emin3m.

      You seem to know a lot about S.’s emails and EK employment. You also seem to know something that S. doesn’t know: that Mr.Walter said that she can reapply and she will be hired. Can I ask why you have chosen my blog to pass this message to S. instead of writing to her personally?



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