Emirates Airline supports animal cruelty?

This is too sad for me to write any deeper introduction.

Emirates Airline participates in transport of elephants from their natural habitat to the places of their extreme sufferings and torture.

It seems that profit has no mercy. While Emirates Airline advertises itself as a “life style brand” they are participating in destruction of wild life of our planet.

Maybe Emirate Airline addresses to wealthy individuals only when branding itself as a “life style” brand, but I see no life in it. Just a barbarous, disastrous and heartless style.

Sad elephant

Sad elephant

The e-mail I’ve got today:

Hello Dragana
This is xxx, a crew at EK.
I have been reading your blog – good luck with all – and I thought this might be interesting for you? (however, it is not dealing with employees, but with animals)
It contains a letter (a petition) that has been written to His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum and Ccd to Mr Tim Clark, President of the Emirates Airline.
Written by David Neale, Animal Welfare Director, Animals Asia Foundation and sent on behalf of 152 organisations.
Maybe you have seen it already?
I wish you all the best!


This is an Open letter to the chairman of Emirates Airline His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum and its president Mr.Tim Clark, asking them to stop supporting cruel treatment of animals and their extinction.
This is some of the content of this Open letter, which you can read in full here:
December 2014
Your Highness,
Re: Transport of elephants from Zimbabwe to the UAE / China by Emirates Airlines
This letter is sent on behalf of major international animal welfare organisations and elephant conservation and welfare charities and their many millions of supporters worldwide, signed below.
We are writing to most respectfully seek your personal support concerning a critical animal welfare issue.
In Zimbabwe elephants, lions and other endangered wild animals cruelly captured from their wild herds are currently awaiting export to foreign zoos and entertainment facilities.
A parallel case in November 2012, in which Emirates Airlines flew wild captured elephant calves from Zimbabwe to China, resulted in a global public outcry. The renewed captures of wildlife for export are already drawing much criticism in the media, and a robust and widespread response from the public.
The facilities of the zoos that imported these animals do not come anywhere close to meeting modern, international zoo standards and, given that even the most highly regarded modern zoos seriously struggle to keep elephants well, many zoos simply cannot provide for the psychological or physiological needs of elephants. Without question, it is our collective view that the elephants captured from their wild herds and transported to unnatural environments are suffering greatly, and that their removal from their natal herds will have had a damaging lasting impact on the remaining animals.

We urge Emirates Airlines to not support such actions which violate welfare standards and the conservation of endangered species. We kindly urge you to refuse to transport these wild caught animals to captive facilities, where their welfare will inevitably be severely compromised.
Emirates’ stated vision ‘to make the Emirates Group an environmental leader’ includes a commitment to several conservation programmes and the Emirates Environmental Policy clearly recognises that ‘customers, staff and regulators are increasingly conscious about the environment and greenhouse gas emissions’. We suggest that your staff and customers, along with our organisations’ many supporters, will also be conscious of, and concerned about, the welfare of those recently captured wild animals and would wish that no further elephants suffered in this way.
Emirates has an opportunity to demonstrate to its customers and the wider public that it will not compromise its environmental credentials by participating in the export of wild caught animals from Zimbabwe. The photo below of the one surviving solitary elephant at Taiyuan Zoo clearly shows that the conditions in this zoo do not provide the quality of physical, social and psychological care elephants require.
Your personal assurance that Emirates will play no further part in the transport of such wild caught animals would give us all the comfort we seek and we would subsequently be pleased to recognise that principled position in international press and media communications acknowledging Emirates’ decision.
We look forward most respectfully to your positive response.



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