Loss of cabin crew

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I would like to share an interesting fact with you. Please keep the name and source confidential xxx. I am providing you with his name so you know the information I am sharing is credible.


He stated that in 2014 the company recruited approximately  6000 new cabin crew. By the end of 2014, the total number of cabin crew in the entire cabin crew compliment had only increased by 1800. This is a clear indication of the high turnover and loss of cabin crew from the company. And this is only the figure for cabin crew. Imagine the number of employees that leave each year as a whole. The figures are staggering and are an indication of the poor working conditions and poor management.

No wonder the organisation spends so much time and resources on massive recruitment drives. They can’t maintain their people.

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5 responses to “Loss of cabin crew

  • Emirates reality

    Working for this airline as a cabin crew, was once a pleasure full job. It was never stressful and the working conditions were good. Nowadays the work of cabin crew within Emirates has become a horrible bitter reality. The pressure to deliver an amazing customer satisfaction has taken it’s tool on safety, compromising the very own safety and emergency procedures of every flight so that service doesn’t get affected. The cabin crew is overworked and extremely tired and demotivated. Take for an example a flight to Houston which usually is longer then 16:30 hours. The “legal rest” given to cabin crew on the flight is about 3 hours. Now if you calculate the sign in time which is 2 hours before the flight, plus the flight time 16:30 and plus the sign of time which is abou 1 hour after the flight has landed, the crew has worked an total ammount of 19:30 to 20 hours with a 3 hours rest in between only. By the time the plane is landing in houston for example, the safety of the flight has been extremely compromised due to the level of fatigue of the crew. Pursers who are the team leaders and can judge the level of fatigue of their team, can not increase the break times, and if they do so they are punished with warning letters or get demoted from their positions. Another example is Perth. The flight is about 11 hours long, and crew is only allowed 45m rest on the seat


  • Juls

    This fuckers took my last salary after I left the company without resigning legally …like they know what this term actually mean or respecting it in a way…Anyway I had the same sit like the girl who posted her letter ..I will send you later all the details to my story …they kept my money without returning it to me although I left all the items and kept in touch with them as a civilised relationship but what can you have with this monkeys…who are primitive in every way…I should have taken a loan at least I would have slept better knowing I stole from them and not a multicultural worldwide company as they like to proclaimed, from me… it is embarrassing what is happening…and I’m so glad people are not taking shit anymore and resigned …the correct no is 3500 since Christmas till now… so maybe that shall make them think a bit and take some proper actions and stop exploiting people ..but your days are numbered. guys are going down…and I’m glad you do!


  • ana amado

    I worked as a crew for emirates for almost 2 years, never missed a flight never got sick days. After my father got really sick i was told to resign after i asked for unpaid leave so that i could be with my father on his last days. It was denied.. They said they will transfer all the money that was missing, my last month of work and the retention money that they took away from me. Its been 1 year and 1 month since i left and after several attemps wrinting with different people from hend of service team and my manager it always reach a point were they stop replying and i never got paid. Im talking about more than 3000 euros.. 15000 dirhams. Everytime i read or heard the profict of emirates and how amazing they are i get sick and they should be ashamed since i know this is very commom from them. If anyone know someone that could help me to get my money please let me know! Its so unfare and they dont need to keep the money from people!


  • Anonymous

    Ana Amado, this is very sad! I hope that you will be given your money back, dont give up. Have you thought of trying the legal way? I would like to add to this comment that my friend had the same experience, her mother was dying of cancer and the company denied her permission to leave Dubai and see her mom in her last days. My friend didnt have the courage to travel home without the permission, she never saw her mom again. Sometimes I wonder why do I still keep working for a company that has so cruel management.



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