Open forums for Cabin Crew

Seems that Mr.Terry Daly (Divisional Senior Vice President Service Delivery) has finally acknowledged the problems that his department has. Since Emirates Airline managers always try to “resolve” their problems by using force and pressure first, I am not surprised that Mr.Daly introduced new sickness certification process without any discussion with his staff or possibility for receiving crew’s feedback on his unpopular decisions.

According to some unofficial data around 1000 crew called sick two days ago which is enormous number for already suffering Service Delivery department. This fact, along with huge turnover rate, drop in service delivery quality, lack of crew and crew’s writings on the Internet may forced Mr.Terry to try and find a different solution besides the unpopular benefit cuts. Mr.Daly promised to organize some Open forums for cabin crew where they will discuss problems and issues.

Mr.Terry Daly's call for Open forums

Mr.Terry Daly’s call for Open forums

Now, these open forums were already organized in EKAS (Airport Service) department without much success (anyway, Ms.Anoma was moved to another position soon after the forums). The absence of success is only normal when your managers think that their participation at Open forum is an act of good will and that they are there to “help” their employees. No open forum ever will resolve any departmental issue until EK managers start to comprehend that they are not there to “help” (which was Ms.Anoma Manuel‘s vision on forums’ purposes) but to work together with their team and, actually, help themselves. Managers are not there to help, but to do their job and make decent working conditions for all.

While Ms.Anoma Manuel’s Open forum turned out to be a farce which resulted with my service termination as she couldn’t handle honest and desperate questions in any other way than to punish me for asking them, I hope that Mr.Terry Daly will have more intellect and reason than Ms.Anoma to hear what his staff has to say without firing them.

I know that it is hard to achieve Ms.Anoma Manuel’s levels of mismanagement, bullying and incompetence, therefore I truly hope that Mr.Terry Daly will use these Open forums to really show some care for his staff and to deal with burning issues with success. This blog started with Ms.Anoma’s incapability to lead her department. Let’s hope that it will all end there and that nobody will have to go through things I have been through with Ms.Anoma as my manager.

Good luck to Mr.Terry Daly at his Open forums.

And just to remember how the “Open forum” looked like in EKAS department: 




26 responses to “Open forums for Cabin Crew

  • Demoralised CC

    Terry. Do you recall the financial crisis of a few years ago? You remember the one? It was the time when Kev came to “listen” to us. Do you recall the Bahraini Purser who was quite vocal (but polite) with Kev in the open forum and then later received a warning letter from his CCM? You must guarantee that we can all be heard in an open and honest manner. This sickness change in notification is a joke and shows your respect for us. Instead of getting rid of a few bad apples, you screw all of us. Sorry, Terry but until you play fair, don’t expect anything from us. We all know about your Harley and Personal Life. I’m not interested in bringing it all up. It would help, however, if your kids learnt some respect and humility to the cc. Ask them about the Stockholm trip where your daughter sat in business class instead of first due to a full fare passenger coming at the last minute. Their “respect” for cc must come from their father. Get real. Get sincere. If you don’t then you will find yourself in a horrible position.


  • xyz

    People are too afraid to go and voice their opinion. It’s useless. But they will tick it off: we gave u an opportunity to express yourselves. U didn’t bring anything valuable so u don’t want to change anything. Unless they put someone trustworthy in there no one is going to bother to take these open forums seriously.


  • Demoralised CC

    Dragana, please email good old Teza directly and offer him the chance to post a rebutal here. Also, ask if his q and a session can be recorded. I wonder when these meetings will be. Funnily, enough they will all be in office hours for Teza and the top team. Teza. Come and work on the flights with us. You and Kev and some of the CCMs like Rene Souroh. Lets do soem ULRs, India turn arounds and four sector days. prove you DO know something about service delivery. We all know you are great at delivering. And it aint service…..


  • Anonymous

    Why should we change anything, the service is working and will never be compromised by crew rest…

    “We like fresh bubbles in our champagne”


  • Fed up Emirates staff

    Outcome is already known to the crew. Just like terry in many occasions avoided (at times openly said not to bring up roster issues) this time round too, he will blabber something stupid and waste our day off.

    I will not attend this crap. Useless and pointless. End of the day, nothing will change. After all Terry has to justify the expenditure of the new sickness policy (nurses,set up etc), just like he wasted company money on Noujum.

    I have really had enough of this mismanagement. I’m looking for other jobs. All the best for you guys too.


  • tagha1

    Even though, the outcome for this forum is well known to all (like EKAS) I think that you should go to hear the same “recording” again and again so as not to hold anyone responsible for not coming!! Be sure to bring recorders with you as they might not approve cell phones inside….The forum will be put here so as to let the whole world hear EK managers policy that is away from EK “book”.

    Good luck.


  • Anti Hala Mansour

    Get in to our shoe for a moment. Work a month as cabin crew. Do a crappy roster we go through and then see for yourself what it is like to do the job in these conditions.

    Someone here wrote, EK must introduce swap over swap, minimise restrictions in bidding/swaps, introduce a successful bidding system where crew get at least a flight or two of their choice…and then most heartaches will be resolved.

    With Emirates crew management, most things are impossible. Managers are so unhelpful, and so fake (I.e Hala Mansour – I would punch her face one of these days!) and irritating beyond explanation.

    How many letters of appreciations have I got from passengers and I have not heard once from my manager acknowledging any of those, yet one minor mistake, I’m served with a warning on a silver platter….appalling!

    Why do I have To go the extra mile for Emirates (onboard/for passengers) when emirates don’t give a damn about me (us)?!


  • EK Purser

    It makes me happy to read this as a Purser on line. Nujoum was introduced to write feedback about seniors, now those who introduced it get a bellyful on World Wide Web, with their names highlighted. How lovely!

    Ps: love the name: “Anti Hala Mansour” ha ha ha 😛👍

    Any other names worth a mention here?


  • Martin

    I was among the first crew to attend the “Nujoum” thing (A380 only, special at that time)… I always wondered who was the mastermind behind this pathetically brainwashing and utter waste of people’s time and company money 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Feeling sorry about all poor crew who still have to scratch a day of their lives and attend this crap.
    “You’re a star”…… I bet my plastic piece is still hanging somewhere there, under the dome of darkness..


  • Anonymous

    I had to laugh when I heard the audio.. How can you possibly think you were right when talking to the higher management on such a large company as Emirates??? I’m not saying they are right and that I agree with them.. You probably have a point on your fight, but asking them “What is your Salary?” has gotta be one of the TOP dumbest things I have ever heard!!!!


    • Demoralised CC

      Dumber than asking them to pay the EOSB that they admit the owe her?


      • admindragana

        It must be that I have asked that question because of my lack of respect towards incompetent managers who are living very good lives at the expense of people from poor countries. If it was an honest, civilized and polite manager, be sure that I wouldn’t feel the need to ask the question. Ban of this question is for brainwashed people who are taught never to ask questions which reveal the truth.

        I just love this quote, and somebody reminded me on it recently:

        “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

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        • veryrandomchick

          It’s a legitimate question when taking into account the gaping difference between the two, and the obvious lack of moral fiber in the latter.

          Whoever said stupidity doesn’t pay?


  • RandomDude

    What a joke this company is becoming yet they are so arrogant it’s behind comprehension! Worst is they are getting away with it! In the past 7 days lots of horrendous changes:

    1) “Sir” Mr Clarks update to EK staff clearly justifying there will be no profit sharing coming this year when they have been making tons of profits all along. I mean 100s of MILLIONS of $$$ on sponsorship yet staff doesn’t get a sliver of the profit. Worse yet I don’t think a single staff even gets a free ticket to any of the events and teams EK sponsors! Staff have to PAY for tickets with maybe 10 dirham discount to go to a Match or concert that EK sponsors! All companies offer such sponsorship events to its OWN staff for FREE. This is simply DISGUSTING
    2) this recent sick leave for cabin crew fiasco is a joke and childish. WOW send a sick person to travel to EK headquarter just to verify they are sick and possibly spread the disease. Genius idea – no wonder they have such brilliant management!
    3) staff now cannot even look at loads of flights on TRIPS software except for red yellow green and then gamble your chance of getting a id90 ticket. Pathetic (Dragana have you heard about this one?) imagine I don’t know the loads and I’m stuck somewhere scratching my butt praying I get a chance on a flight back to work else will get – you got it WRITTEN UP!



  • tagha1

    Every one here from different countries and different origins have agreed on one thing….Are all those people just liars and just making some fake stories (with all my respect)….till when you gonna hide it….For EK senior management, are you reading this blog? If you are happy with it (which it seems that you are)..just wait until you hear and see it on TV and I am ready to be the first one!!!

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  • veryrandomchick

    This is exactly why it is crucial for as many people as possible to turn up to these forums, protest management decisions and show solidarity. Only together can we demonstrate a strong unit and not repeat past mistakes where only one person stood up for her rights and the rest stayed on the sidelines, too afraid to speak up. We are all undergoing the same unfair treatment. We are all adults, we all know our basic human rights, and we should also be mature enough to demand respectful working conditions. It’s time to challenge and remodel EK.

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  • Guest

    Ms Dragana,

    Last week, a HR manager’s ( Damian) contract was not renewed. The irony of the situation was that he was hired to retain employees.

    I have a MBA from an Ivy League School and the means that Ms Anoma conducted the meeting has to be less desired. As a matter of fact, I mentioned the recording to my colleagues in public relations and they were amused by it.

    Dragana, you do have friends in higher management that are aware of the toxic culture that is perpetuated at the airport. For those of us who have an empathetic upbringing, I pray that the steep hierarchy is a concern for all of us.

    A concerned colleague

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  • randomcustomer007

    These forums are a joke i attended and aside from pre structured vague responses nothing worth wasting time was spoken about or discussed.



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