Dragana stopped blogging?

I’ve found this search term on my blog today “Dragana stopped blogging”. Please, be informed that I didn’t stop blogging, I just said everything that I had to say.

As a result of my articles EKAS department is freed from bullying and unprofessional behaviour of a bad mannered and uneducated person by the name Anoma Manuel and following HR SVPs were terminated from the service:

  • Sophia Panayiotou, Senior Vice President Human Resources Business Support,
  • Katarina Ciumei, Senior Vice President Human Resources (Remuneration and Planning),
  • Rick Helliwell, Vice President – Corporate Leadership and Talent Management.

Although all of this means that I was right all the time, nobody from EK called me to apologize or to fulfil their obligations towards me. This speaks enough for itself. There is nobody in Emirates Airline capable enough to lead the company anywhere else than in the complete and total human resource disaster and maybe a bankruptcy as well. Of course, nobody will believe this until it actually happens.

I got offers from some EK passengers who want me to open a special page for them on my blog, where they can talk about bad customer service and negligence they are getting from EK. I am not sure whether to do that as damaging the image of EK was never my goal. Employees’ well-being is, on the other hand, my goal.

This web address is always open for everyone who wants to publish their stories and cases.

My e-mail address is and if you are experiencing any kind of injustice or harassment and you want to talk about it in public (and anonymously), do not hesitate to send me an e-mail any time.


11 responses to “Dragana stopped blogging?

  • tagha1

    Dear Dragana,

    As discussed, I prefer this blog to be from EK-Staff at the moment cause staff have a lot to say regarding that and the management or HR have a “closed-ears” policy when it comes to junior staff complaints and demands….If passengers wish to write about their own experience, they can do that either on or on separate blog but, I agree with you that opening that door would be less fortunate for EK and you/we don’t want that to happen. Passengers with bad experience can write to EK as they have a separate department for that meanwhile, staff have “nothing” except obeying their managers illegal decisions with HR cherishing their moves!

    Don’t wait for an apology as we won’t get it…if we were a passenger, they would even more than that, I am saying that from my own experience when I was a PRO. Just hope for a chance to get your full rights from lawyers among the readers on the other hand, seems like “EK-Spring” has come and staff are living the positive change…let’s wait to see what Mr Riggans has to say next month!

    I am just wondering if the reduced fuel prices now a day would affect the Bonus positively!!!

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  • tagha1

    I think the passengers want to make their voices to be heard because they losing hope fighting for what they believe their “rights”. The problem when it comes to these issues is “Time”….EK takes a very long time for the claims specially if it is from outside….we are talking about a minimum period of 3 months to reimburse the passenger even though, all what they need is right there in front of there eyes. The worst part is, staff at desks or call center are always getting the blame and even the insult from the passengers and all what they can do is to write an email to the concerned higher staff or manager to expedite the process…nothing else.

    The key for the disturbed passenger, save all your frustrations till you meet a manager….just ask for a MANAGER not even a senior staff, wait till you meet him/her….and when you meet him, just give him/her left, right and center cause managers are the only one who can waive or authorize what you need and what you are looking for, don’t leave your place until you get what you need and that’s in every department. Try to be friendly as much as you can with junior staff or staff who wearing uniforms cause in side behind the scene same staff would have more from the same manager with/or at least a warning letter stating that same staff can not handle problems!!! Make sure that normal staff don’t have authority and they would give all what they can depending on the case but, some managers don’t!!

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  • Basima

    …………………Anoma Manuel and following HR SVPs were terminated from the service:
    •Sophia Panayiotou, SVP HRBS,
    •Katarina Ciumei, SVP HR (Remuneration and Planning),
    •Rick Helliwell, VP – Corporate Leadership and Talent Management.

    Well..even if I know what HR SVP means, as I worked for EK myself….. Nobody else knows what that means.


  • tagha1

    I don’t understand here…..Do you mean Anoma was terminated!!! Right now…and I don’t know if EK money could save me and/or my pain….I just want 2 managers to be investigated about my case and others, about the horrible things from violating not only EK rules….I would say the humanity rules….I just want them to be asked, Why did they do that? Where were their conscious? Where were their faith of God? I will never ever forgive them for what they did… I am sure that others won’t…..I hope someone could ask them that before following their predecessors (I hope) Ashley Fernandez and Patrick Dsouza.


  • Anonymous

    Anoma is not terminated!!!!
    She was trasferd to look after EKAS world wide..
    some people think it is a promotion where others think it is demoation..
    but for sure she is still at Emirates..



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