Example of a management incapability in Emirates Airline

I have found out today that EKAS management has retrieved “old” check in and boarding computer system at airport services. That system is called “GUI”. New system, which was implemented a few months ago and which is withdrawn today is called “ABC” system.

Since management finally noticed that customer service is bad and that there are huge queues of passengers waiting to be checked in, they decided to do something about it. The first step was previously mentioned customer service training “Together for take off” where we were taught to smile better than customer service agents in Etihad and we got chocolate cubicles as gifts from DVP Anoma Manuel to do that. All the attempts of present agents to explain the trainers that it is useless to force a sick child to be healthy instead of curing them, remained futile. Our trainers insisted that we don’t know how to smile and that we have to find “an inner motivation and happiness” or to “find a better opportunity outside the company”.

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The second step was to implement new check in and boarding system which will shorten the time of dealing with customers, allowing agents to communicate more with them. Basically, this was not a bad idea, if we exclude the fact that GUI was already efficient and fast enough. So, management introduced the new system by inviting groups of people for a short training, where even trainers didn’t have answers for all questions regarding the new system. During this “test period” numerous problems occurred: system was failing in many steps of check in and it didn’t have some key features for check in process. Supervisors and duty officers reported all the problems to the EKAS management, which remained deaf for all staff complaints.

Eventually, GUI was cancelled and new system was implemented for all (except denied boarding staff). Forcefully. DVP Anoma Manuel and her team of managers threaten agents with warnings if they don’t use the new system. New system was not finished, so mistakes in check in process made due to this fact were attributed to agents, who were punished for them.

Duty officers continued to send negative reports on “ABC” but management didn’t want to admit the fact that their project is not implemented in a skillful way and that a huge amount of money is spent on something that slows down the process of check in, when the whole point was to accelerate it.

While this whole circus was going on, all the agents wondered why the money spent on developing and implementing a new system was not used for raising staff salaries and motivation instead?

It took more than three months for EKAS management to see what check in agents saw immediately: new system was waste of everyone’s time and money. 

This is another proof that EKAS management with Anoma Manuel on top (now DVP outstations) has no contact with airport’s reality and that many managers have no clue how to deal with the operation and customer service.


5 responses to “Example of a management incapability in Emirates Airline

  • Ek grade 4

    Dragana, in point 9. I will oppose I m sure if Timothy Clark is out of the company there will be great change. As there is a proverb fish spoils and start stinking from the head. Our head unfortunately is Mr. Clark, His Highness is unaware of this. I believe so…


    • admindragana

      His Highness’s office received an official e-mail from my embassy, my e-mail, my personal request for a meeting and messages on Facebook and Twitter. Possibility that he is not aware of happenings is small.

      On the other hand, Mr. Tim Clark is probably aware, but if you ask me whose fault is it that everything started to collapse gradually, I would say that I don’t know. Company is too big for being managed by only one man (TC) and he can’t know what is happening everywhere in his company. He also doesn’t have managers to whom he can trust, because when greediness takes over, nobody trusts anybody any more.

      And the situation is really bad. Just imagine one SVP HR like Sophia Panayiotou not answering AT ALL a complaint on harassment. Imagine the threat with a police just for posting Open letter online? Imagine the extent of greediness and corruption then.

      I have on purposely went through all the steps of appealing on my warnings and termination all the way to the Ministry of labour and His Highness, just to investigate the extent of corruption. But I didn’t make it to HH and Tim Clark so I can’t talk about them.


  • tagha1

    I believe that everyone is responsible even though, not all of them aware. Speaking about Mr Clarks well, he has many officials in each department and they have to put him in a full picture of what is happening at each department and if that’s controllable or not as they should give their suggestions and/or solutions to be approved after discussing them by Mr Clarks. I think that officials show only the good things at their “kingdoms” in each meeting with Mr Clarks….they wouldn’t even dare to speak about “problems” cause problems mean they are not capable to hold their positions!! and in my own point of view, this explains why the management did some changes recently and why Mr Clarks had addressed the staff.

    Mr Clarks has many more important things to take care since everything at each department is running smoothly however, I think that if he came to know about same, he would react immediately. Going back to the forum recordings, HR should relay the staff messages or “demands” and never put an end to them without even trying to advise the management as every company likes to save but not on its staff as no one can live with 3500 Dhs in a month in Dubai!!

    It seems that the “situation” is becoming uncontrollable and spreading quickly to other departments after EKAS and Cabin Crew and soon will reach Dnata, Catering, maintenance…etc so, its better to set a plan to stop it now and I can suggest 3 important things.
    1- Medical Insurance that suits the name “Not governmental”.
    2- 14 months salary paid on June and December + Bonus at the end of the financial year as usual.
    3- Management has to monitor each department closely and more than before.

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  • anonymous

    Suggestion to EK management, if the top management don’t know what’s happening down line or cannot trust others then there should be a separate team who can discuss peoples issues personally, confidently and present to top people who can give correct directions.



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