Where is HH Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum?

His Highness’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts have disappeared from social networks. At least they are not there under his name which he has used before – Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

When I first started this fight against injustice in Emirates Airline I went to the Chairman’s office couple of times, I sent HH Ahmed an e-mail, my embassy sent him an e-mail and I sent him messages on Facebook and Twitter (he was very active on those two accounts under his real and full name). I never got any response from him.

Maybe I am making a mistake or HH has blocked my accounts and that is why I can’t find him on any of his public profiles on social networks. Maybe His Highness just doesn’t want to answer the Open letter and many other questions about working conditions in his company shared by many people on Facebook and Twitter, so he has decided to vanish from the Internet and public eye.

If this is true, it’s a real shame since I did have a hope in his fair reaction in this matter.

I also hope that HH is well and that his health condition is not the reason of his disappearance.

Open letter

Open letter to HH the Chairman of Emirates Airline is shared on Twitter many times.

Screenshot (70)

Open letter to HH the Chairman of Emirates Airline is shared many times on Facebook as well.


7 responses to “Where is HH Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum?

  • tagha1

    Probably what you said is true and probably what I have mentioned on my previous comments last one was on “MESSAGE TO MR. TIM CLARK, PRESIDENT OF EMIRATES AIRLINE” was one of the reasons too as I used to be on HH “friend” list on Facebook until Sept 17th when he “blocked” me after spending like 2 hours of help!! Well, if it was due to this reason, or due what you have mentioned or due to any other reason(s) this will indicate one thing, that what ever mentioned here is absolutely TRUE otherwise, how can this “debate” reach that level?? In fact this will make us keep going.

    I am suffering from Brain Tumor since Feb 2010 because of the work environment (customer service with more than 5 years on 12 hrs shift) that kills human and after I was assured on treatment from Medical Benefit Administration because 1- I was collapsed on duty with sever seizure and rushed to Rashid Hospital 2- an incident report was filed by MAS and ASM on duty 3- EK Doctors had approved my treatment outside UAE (without meeting me for medical check)…I was medically terminated (they have sent me the letter on my email) not only this…. HR had filed a case against me “Escaping from the employer”!!I can not believe this….is this our “Brand” behavior!!

    I still have the conversation saved before I got blocked, I saved it unintentionally as I was asked to “Copy and Paste” pictures but this time and after what is happening I will be heading West.


  • Anonymous

    please change …the line managers of ekas ….. Rami !! we dont want him
    Rami change yours behavior ….

    He gives Grade to his people… Mafia’s ….. shawarma’ (idiots)

    *comments were merged into one comment. Admin


  • tagha1

    I am getting too much emails and messages about what I have written on the blog concerning the conversation between HH and myself on Facebook, some of them were urging me to put it so they can read it and others were just challenging!!….Recently, I received couple of emails from western journalists and reporters asking me for more explanation about the conversation as they were trying to link it with what is written in the blog especially after the article about Mr Clark. Honestly, I couldn’t verify if they were legitimate names however, they used some “real” domain names!!.

    On Sept 16th, HH had posted that he needed a “private” help using “Instagram” so, I went on private and asked HH about his problem…Apparently, HH was outside Dubai as he could call some specialist staff to fix his problem anyways, the conversation took about 3 hours (from 7:07pm-10:15 pm and the last message I received from HH was 8:28 pm as I sent “his friend” a request to “Follow” and I was monitoring the status and informing HH and this was done as per HH demand). The second day Sept 17th I continued to monitor the status and I kept HH in the picture till 4:57 pm as HH had blocked me and even reported me to Facebook!!

    Why did HH blocked me well, it seems because I was writing a draft on Facebook about my story (2-3 lines) as I thought he would ask me about it and I pressed the “Enter” key by mistake and it was sent. Then HH had asked me “What is the story?(at 4:57)” well after that, I couldn’t send anything to HH.

    I am not in a position to judge on that but I will leave it to “you” however, if I was…I wouldn’t specially to the people that we all trust and admire, and I can’t think of some other “diplomatic” ways but I do respect that I am “expatriate” and maybe that is HH way to keep that door shut!! But and after that, I am so much convinced that HH knows everything and this is my own point of view and I hope I could be wrong.

    I am attaching a screenshot of the conversation that I saved “unintentionally” as I am using only my left hand (as I became disabled). Maybe this could answer some questions here and for those who want more, they can revert back to me.

    The screenshot of my conversation with HH Ahmed Bin Saeed AlMaktoum:

    Translation of a conversation:
    “HH: r u computer engineer
    HH: I have problem with Instagram can you solve it
    ME (as I was answering his first question), No sir
    HH: if you solved my problem there
    HH: I will give you a good “reward”
    ME: Your Highness you may view it on Youtube
    ME: Your Highness I don’t need anything”


  • admindragana

    So, HH needed your help regarding instagram and he offered a reward if you help him, but when he learned that you are an ex Emirates staff with a problem, he blocked you without saying “thank you” for helping him and he even reported you to the Facebook? What a way to treat his staff.


  • The responsibility of EK HR management and Sophia Panayiotou – SVP – HRBS | Truth about Emirates Airline Management

    […] Since I do question myself from time to time about my goals and motives, one comment particularly made me reconsider my motives of writing this blog. My intention was never to hurt anyone or anything. One of my first blog posts was the Open letter to HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed AlMaktoum where I have asked him to help me get my job back and to resolve big issues that EKAS staff has. I went to his office couple of times with my two brave colleagues and my Embassy forwarded him my e-mail. Sheikh Ahmed never answered my open letter and not only that: he deleted all of his public profiles on the internet. […]


  • seriously ??

    hahahahahaha this made me laugh could that picture be anymore fake ?? seriously ?? a man is his place and power will ask people on Facebook for instagram help ??


  • Gilda Selzler

    Creio eu que não estão falando do grande e sagaz Comandante, Presidente do grupo Emirates, nem tão pouco do grande empreendedor homem de coragem, sabedoria na Aviação Civil dos Emirados. Pois sobre esse eu lhes posso garantir trata-se de um bom e justo chefe, é um grande homem de caráter ilibado, muito responsável com seus funcionários, e clientes. E ele não foge aos seus interesses e compromissos a não ser que seja por justa causa. Gilda Selzler



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