What is going on with Emirates Airline?

This post is a sequel to my previous one (click here).
Things in EK are simply going worse day by day and the first one to feel it are hard-working employees. Things weren’t good when I first joined the Group, but they became much, much worse in just a short period of time and the management was lazy or incompetent enough to continue the arrogant and repressive communication with the staff who pointed them to the fact that things are rapidly falling apart.
The biggest problem of EK is its managerial structure. While they are ruining the company with their negligence, rule of fear and sticking to the ridiculously luxurious benefits, loyal employees are constantly talking about the decay of the company, sometimes being punished because they don’t want to obey irrational managerial policies and decisions. It is only then when loyal people start to talk in public, on blogs and forums.
After couple of my last posts, I do expect from Mr.Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airline to publish another distracting interview about Malaysian Airline plane disappearance (without any evidence and arguments) (click here) and I do expect bunch of e-mails like this quoted one which I don’t publish since this blog has different goals than to interfere in big inter-airliners games and manipulations:
Hi Dragana,
i just want to bring attention to you regarding a recent tim clark interview with Examiner, he commented about the disappearance of MH370, He is blaming Malaysian Crew of doing it …hes a nerd lol…the funny thing is he blamed the captain he said they have the largest fleet of 777 and the crew are not trained to deactivate the tracking device of the flight responder, it seems hes idiot  or he has a point …LMFO the deactivating button a 10 year old can push it …and deactivate the flight tracker,anyway it was on yahoo news today and it was just absurd to read that..from all what he said i just think he said that to degrade Malaysian airlines blaming their crew because Malaysian is one of the most challenging and competitive airlines to EK in the area specially Australian Sector.
Screenshot (65)

The example of e-mails that I don’t publish and discuss on this blog.

There will be many cheerful stories about cabin crew and their grooming (click here) and talks about how big and luxurious EK is. These stories are all meant to distract the public from the story about human and labour rights violations in Emirates Airline and to protect the image of the company. Another wrong tactics of its management and presidency.
This is the post (click here) on the PPRUNE Forum (click here) which has some valid and strong points, by my opinion. This anonymous EK staff from the famous Internet meeting place of the pilots asks the same question that I have asked myself after spending only one and a half years in EK:
While pondering the going ons at Emirates with some buddies we had some questions we couldn’t answer so I’m throwing it out on PPRuNe.
11 airlines have the 380 (not including the 2 airlines that just received theirs last week) and 10 of those airlines have varying degrees of dislike, to we wish we didnt buy them, to cant wait to get rid of the airplane. None of those 10 airlines are going to buy anymore.
One airline (guess which one) loves the airplane and can’t get enough of them. I know we are not industry leaders when it comes to pay and conditions but what is the big difference? Why does Emirates love it when the vast majority of the industry dislike it? It will be interesting to see how the other two gulf carriers who just received them like the Big Bird.

Emirates is very profitable but when compared to,some of the US carriers you have to wonder where all the money is going.
AA made about $2.4 Billion in a quarter (yes that is B for billion and yes that is for a 90 day period), UAL made approx $1.7 B and Delta brought up the rear with Only $1.3 B.
Emirates with their 13% labor costs, fantastic aircraft utility rate, no government agency to regulate them and no labor unions made $1 Billion in a whole year. Where is all the money going?
Is this the reason the company is squeezing us so hard so more money can go out the back door?

I joined almost two years ago and it has been a constant slide to the bottom. I know pilots that have been here longer has experienced a much steeper and drastic decline. How much more are they going to turn the screws on us?
We are most definitely underpaid and overworked. A dangerous cocktail going forward. What is this airline going to look like in a year? Not a pretty site.

Screenshot (66)

PPRUNE question


3 responses to “What is going on with Emirates Airline?

  • tagha1

    I think if the management is considering a “change”, they must start with a “real” medical insurance that would include all the staff!! Maybe this is forgotten and might not be on the top priority..but trust me as I am speaking from my own experience, this very important as the governmental health card was not enough to diagnosed my case when I had collapsed at the airport and rushed to Rashid Hospital by medical team!!! God forbidden, you don’t want same to happen to you because of their horrible shifts and terrible working environment!!

    The Airbus A380 is a money maker and there is no doubt on that as we all know how much the decision makers at EK loves “money” and the word “saving” at the same time but, they have a hidden dream behind having it which I think is to transfer some of Airbus plants to their region probably, that’s why they established “Dubai Aerospace Enterprise” and buying some “stocks” at low rates of course, with huge number of labors with no “law” to protect them (as EK) can make it happen quickly in no time.

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  • Anonymous

    Curius what a strike at Emirates would look like?


  • Jade

    I didn’t operate on the 380 (Thank God) but I had colleagues who did and almost all of them had problems when flying them. That aircraft is not as safe as the Boeing! And the Crew Rest Compartment (CRC) is an absolute joke of a space! How are crew meant to sleep in that tiny space?!
    What I did want to mention was when one of my ex colleagues was operating from an outstation back to DXB and they had a technical fault (surprise surprise) it was grounded for about 5 hours where engineers tried to fix it. The fault was with the firm alarm and In Flight Entertainment system…they managed to get the Entertainment system to work successfully but apparently couldn’t fix the fire alarm system so the overall decision was to just fly back to DXB with no Fire alarm system! Unbelievable…it’s clear where this companies loyalties and priorities lie.

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