Are you sure you want to be a cabin crew?

A comment from this blog about cabin crew conditions in Emirates Airline.

Emirates Cabin Crew management bullied me as well – for SICK days – I was always polite with the local managers (UAE Nationals) since I’m a guest in their country, although some of their comments were at times questionable, ethically speaking. The European ones, French and British in particular were very dismissive, rude and arrogant and tried to put me in my place – and I subtly put them in theirs.

There is NO WAY these WESTERN EUROPEAN mangers would ever get away with that behaviour in their home countries!

Sure, everybody wants to earn a payckeck, but at what cost? Some people don’t mind trading in their humanity for this straight jacket we call success.

Furthermore – take a look at the two Sirs. Sir Richard Branson and Sir Tim Clark – watch how they speak. Both in the airline industry – yet two very different world views.

Here are some common Emirates Airline Cabin Crew grievances: When presented to Emirates Cabin Crew Senior Management (Terry Daly and Kevin Griffiths) were again, dismissed and forgotten about – if you don’t like it leave – because we want new blood anyway – “WE LIKE FRESH BUBBLES IN OUR CHAMPAGNE.”

Rest on ULR flights is not enough
Long duties – 12 to 17 hr night duties – no rest
Combined Rest + Minimum Rest
Services take too long
Some ULRs – flying times are longer than the layover
Extra flying hrs – busy rosters
Flying with tired and sick crew
Increasing workload onboard
Oversized luggage out of DXB
Constant Updates – new services that don’t work (economy)
Mandatory cross-qualification
A380 Crew Rest – not sufficient rest – not legal
It’s physically impossible to follow the standards at 100%
Crew food is embarrassing – at outstations its much better quality.
Decreasing Allowances
No Maternity Leave
Called into the office on days off

Curious how Emirates chooses it’s leaders?

Screenshot (63)

A comment from the blog.


6 responses to “Are you sure you want to be a cabin crew?

  • Anonymous

    Emirates Managers, living ideal life in dubai , every things free ! Benefets , car children education, pets allowance, maide allowance , villas, cars, top medical and life insurance , first , business class of travel , luxuary!! Have time for clubs , golf, yacht charter , shopping , taking kids to school …..can u explane to me how thoes managers….feel about front line staff serving foods, handling .baggage, assisting vips, driving with pax, bord/ debord pax , , can u explain to me how they can smell our swet when we do hard job , can they see how front line staff surviving in sharing accomodation wich become 2-3 family in 2bdroom apt??? , luck of sleeping, poor medical conditin, empty life just work and sleep …1000usd SALARY= +medecation+transport+nutition + utilities…..OMGGHGGG salary = rent

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anonymous

      To lovely sexy red emirates airlines
      Thank u for attracting us
      My pleasure to announce that i`m ediet high educated staff who accept to work for u but i didnt study the market changes in dubai when everythings going sharply high nd living in dubai eith the same salary become impossible

      I cant sleeeeep becoz of that


    • Mr X

      Indians and other Asians accept to work with little salaries. For them, 500usd is a wealth. But it seems that GCC decision-makers like these submissive peoples.


  • Anonymous

    Y anoma changed …. y not line managers????? Please change rami..chutiya


  • anonymous

    Rami al samry is F£€%ed – he’s Muslim which means he believes in hell. Few more years rami then you get first class ticet to hell you beach



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