Does managerial multiculturalism weaken Emirates Airline?

I am opening one taboo subject in this article today.

Namely, I have received many e-mails and comments claiming that situation in EK now is much worse in all departments than it was just a few years ago.

Ex and present employees are writing to me saying that no matter from which department they come from they’re experiencing same difficulties as are the ones described on this blog: long working hours, insufficient salaries, mobbing and bullying by managers and superiors and lousy medical insurance. I even have to delete many rude racial comments on this blog every day. So, seems that there is some sort of problem with the managerial style in Emirates Airline.


False tolerant society.

I had a problem with DVP EKAS Anoma Manuel. She bullied me with warnings and messages, pretending to be god over my life and employment in EKAS, speaking with me in a rude and arrogant way. I have never thought, though, that this was because she is from Sri Lanka. That way of thinking is irrational, wrong and racist and, as I have explained before, I am, actually, very glad when someone who has chances to be discriminated by their sex, religion, place of origin, sexual orientation or health condition succeeds. Writing and administrating this blog, though, made me think about managerial styles and whether there is a difference between styles coming from Asia and the ones coming from Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

I had difficulties accepting that my manager could behave like Ms. Anoma (and many others) whose behaviour influences people’s sense of personal value and self-esteem. When your superior doesn’t respect you and molest you, if you’re young and inexperienced (and even if you’re not!) it tends to create trauma and deep frustration in you. This is, also, the reason why so many ex employees write to me. They’re are still hurt by the treatment in EK.

I am used to having rights and freedoms and obligations towards my employer. My employer doesn’t own my life and my skills and knowledge. My employer bought my work and work alone. This is the way it goes in Europe. So, I had many problems adjusting to the fact that the company owns my private life and treats me with disrespect. People don’t have names in Emirates Airline, they’re just numbers. I was even punished once for not wanting to give my staff number to the supervisor. I gave her only my name, so I was punished. And Mr. Joshua Waltz, the controller at the airport, approved the punishment.



This brings us to the second point: is there a difference between managerial styles and if those from the east are (predominantly) more autocratic? Why western managers in EK keep quiet and fit the system perfectly? They could never treat their employees like this at their home countries, so why do they do it in this company? Do they have to protect other managers in order to keep the company running, so they just agree with their decisions? Are they afraid of losing their jobs if they show a little expertise and morale?

I was wondering why all of those western HR managers support the madness of terminating my service just because I have asked to be treated as a human being. Do they have professional integrity and ethical system or they don’t respect themselves enough to respect others? Two western managers gave me the termination letter. One was my line manager Mr. Gavin Elliot-Wilson and the another one was some Karen, cold looking HR manager (?) who only shows up when someone is ought to be fired. The letter was signed by Mr. Rami El Samra, the manager which I have never worked with before. Ms Anoma disappeared during my termination process. She was protected in her misconduct and I was suspended and tortured with meetings and suspense.


False multiculturalism and racism.

Why is this happening?

I am opening the discussion in the belief that you will write civilized and polite comments, explaining with arguments and evidence whether you think that there is a difference in managerial styles and that one style specifically (whose?) became predominant in the last few years.

What is causing the present situation in Emirates Airline: the conflict of various managerial styles or the simple fact that people are all the same when it comes to the money?

Whether multiculturalism in Emirates Airline turns into something completely opposite to the concept of people from different cultures living and working together?

Does managerial multiculturalism without clear organizational culture and standards kill Emirates Airline?

*Keep in mind that I will erase every rude comment and all the accusations presented without evidence and explanations. 

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This is how it should be.


16 responses to “Does managerial multiculturalism weaken Emirates Airline?

  • Anonymous

    Emirates Cabin Crew management bullied me as well – for SICK days – I was always polite with the local managers (UAE Nationals) since I’m a guest in their country, although some of their comments were at times questionable, ethically speaking. The European ones, French and British in particular were very dismissive, rude and arrogant and tried to put me in my place – and I subtly put them in theirs.

    There is NO WAY these WESTERN EUROPEAN mangers would ever get away with that behaviour in their home countries!

    Sure, everybody wants to earn a payckeck, but at what cost? Some people don’t mind trading in their humanity for this straight jacket we call success.

    Furthermore – take a look at the two Sirs. Sir Richard Branson and Sir Tim Clark – watch how they speak. Both in the airline industry – yet two very different world views.

    Here are some common Emirates Airline Cabin Crew grievances: When presented to Emirates Cabin Crew Senior Management (Terry Daly and Kevin Griffiths) were again, dismissed and forgotten about – if you don’t like it leave – because we want new blood anyway – “WE LIKE FRESH BUBBLES IN OUR CHAMPAGNE.”

    Rest on ULR flights is not enough
    Long duties – 12 to 17 hr night duties – no rest
    Combined Rest + Minimum Rest
    Services take too long
    Some ULRs – flying times are longer than the layover
    Extra flying hrs – busy rosters
    Flying with tired and sick crew
    Increasing workload onboard
    Oversized luggage out of DXB
    Constant Updates – new services that don’t work (economy)
    Mandatory cross-qualification
    A380 Crew Rest – not sufficient rest – not legal
    It’s physically impossible to follow the standards at 100%
    Crew food is embarrassing – at outstations its much better quality.
    Decreasing Allowances
    No Maternity Leave
    Called into the office on days off

    Curious how Emirates chooses it’s leaders?

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  • Taimour Agha

    On Sept 16th at about 5:40 PM, “someone” and a “Decision Maker” who is well known to all of us wrote on his account on Facebook that he seek a help from someone who knows about “Instagram”, I went on private chat with him (as per his request) asking what kind of help he needed….To be honest, I wasn’t looking for anything in return…its totally a help however, he said “I will give you a good reward if you fix my problem -in Arabic”….Anyways, I stayed with him on private chat for almost 2 hours (as 7:28 PM was the last message I received from him on Sept 16th)….and I continued to monitor the status till Sept 17th at 3:57 PM as he BLOCKED and REPORTED me to Facebook instead of saying “Thank you”.

    The full conversation was saved and I did that as he had left me with a big “shock” by telling me how to get the requested info from the other “private” account as I know that’s illegal and fall under invading others privacy but soon my doubts had faded out after explaining that he is his relative with same last names.

    For everything, there is a reason why, maybe my doubts made me save the conversation for other reason….I am sure that when my “mission” was accomplished definitely, he would do the same as he doesn’t want anyone to know anything about what had happened specially after the conversation between us. I am very disappointed as no matter what, I think there are millions of diplomatic ways to keep your picture in its place rather than Blocking and Reporting…etc….Stand on your feet and face the facts and don’t keep yourself away from them is the best choice for a Decision Maker cause eventually, you will face them again..I will be waiting anxiously for the right moment to publish everything.

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  • Hyperhogg

    “Namely, I have received many e-mails and comments claiming that situation in EK now is much worse in all departments than it was just a few years ago.”

    I did say that you’d started a trickle that would lead to a flood Dragana… and that something is gathering a great amount of unstoppable steam, which they are now struggling and ultimately unable to contain. Didn’t I mention this? It’s the true reason they got rid of you – because they were TERRIFIED. At the risk of sounding silly, just like the film Star Wars, ‘…if you strike me down I will only become more powerful than you can possibly imagine’!

    I also think, if I may say so, that you’re at risk of being pulled down a rabbit-hole here. Bullying is bullying is cowardice is evil is bullying. A bit like the inverse of a laugh or smile, it cuts across all cultural boundaries. I’d like to give you some examples from a totally different field, but I think you will understand the link.

    I remember my Grandfather saying similar things (in a totally different context) about the World War, and when I was studying the 1960s Civil Rights movement (in the US) as a kid at college.

    Just as Americans two hundred years ago could not say ‘it’s just our culture, part of our traditions that we cherish, to own slaves and abuse black Africans’ – just as the Japanese could not say after the last war ‘it is just our warrior culture to torture our surrendered enemies’, EK airlines cannot excuse certain behaviours and managerial practices, either as the result of a culture or of a confluence of cultures.

    In India, they are learning that women’s rights and dignity are just that – you cannot say that the proliferation of certain crimes against women in the big cities is ‘just part of the culture and traditions, it’s now like New York or London’ etc. I gather a few politicians have gotten themselves sin hot water for saying things to that effect!

    OK, I’ve probably over-made the point, but it is what it is – bullying behaviour is clearly something multicultural at Emirates. Wrong is wrong is wrong, and they know that it is wrong. Only you have put the cat amongst the pigeons for them (well done!) – if they’d had any sense, they would have shut you up quietly by giving you a nice job and shunting you somewhere sideways where you were happy. IThere is only one cul;ture that’s a problem. It is a single, homogenous culture that is all-pervasive within EK (this many people online speaking up cannot all be wrong, or making it up). And that’s the bullying culture.

    Well, now they are going to learn… the hard way… whether they like it or not!

    You keep on going Dragana,,,,

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  • Hyperhogg

    Does managerial multiculturalism without clear organizational culture and standards kill Emirates Airline?

    No Dragana, pure and simple – bullying, cheapness, laziness and cowardice all are killing Emirates airlines. And it will kill, absolutely stone dead, an airline and the castles of those arrogant managers built on air will come crashing down.

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  • admindragana

    I’ve asked that question hoping that someone will answer in a way you did, Mr. Hyperhogg. You’re more experienced than I am, anyway. And you’re right. I agree with you.

    Questions are a powerful way of provoking thoughts…


  • Dreamon

    Dragana if I were you, I would be busy updating my CV and actively looking for employment. However, I will definitely not include a link to this blog as reference.

    Emirates is a successful company and they will continue to attract employees.


    • admindragana

      Dear Dreamon,

      I am even wondering whether I should exclude Emirates Airline as my employer from my CV. Did you know that almost nobody wants to employ ex EK employees because nobody gets why should anyone leave such a “big, successful and respectful” company? At least this blog now increases the odd for them to find an employment after bitter experience in EK.

      Anyway, I know that this world and the capitalism in it, cherish poltroons. This is why I have decided not to be one.

      There is one more thing, as well: smart people do not “look” for the employment, they make themselves employed or an employment is looking for them.

      Also, I am feeling ashamed of having worked in a company that stumps on all civilization’s achievements in order to get more and more money.

      This blog has nothing to do with the employment or the attraction of employees. My intention was NEVER to hurt anyone. During the last two months of my torture I was very clear about the fact that I may go in public. This blog is, however, about human and labour rights violations and mobbing in Emirates Airline made in hope that something there will be changed for better.


  • Dreamon

    “Did you know that almost nobody wants to employ ex EK employees because nobody gets why should anyone leave such a “big, successful and respectful” company?’

    That is a powerful statement Dragana. You cannot be representing the world here can you? There are many ex Emirates employees who have successfully found employment in Australia, Canada, US and other countries when they chose to leave Dubai for personal reasons. Most of them continue to miss Emirates and the privileges they enjoyed while in employment.

    In fact, Emirates employees are sort after by many companies – so your chances of finding suitable employment are better if you include Emirates. Good luck


    • Taimour Agha

      Hey Dreamon, what you have said might be true but, lets face the fact….probably most of us want to be hired in a big reputable company in return, I expect this company to stand beside me in difficult timing not to THROW me on back home!!! The simplest thing that even the Ministry Of Labor in UAE had adopted way much back is the medical insurance for each expatriate staff…..I am suffering from a Brain Tumor since Feb 2010 because of the huge “Customer Service” job and because of more than 5 years 12 hours shift for 4 days in a week (this is absolutely illegal as it kills the human body) I became disabled and I am still under treatment with life time medication!!! Tell me, What EK had done for me except throw me back home even though, I did sign on grade 6 medical insurance and I had passed their medical examinations in my country and upon that, I was recruited besides, I was an airline pilot…probably you know how many medical examinations every 6 month required to hold pilot licences….am telling you this because they told me that my illness is since birth….and from papers (medical reports) and I wasn’t asked to meet any EK doctor!!!

      I hope that no one would need that but, this is life and you should be prepared for anything. I wasn’t a “bad” staff, I got 17 awards and I was the first EKAS staff to receive the Chairman Award for saving a life of a passenger but this didn’t intercede me from throwing away…..What a shame!!

      Ask how many of my colleagues have done car accidents on Dubai Sharjah road after their 12 hours night shifts because of this illegal shifts and the question is, What did EK have done for them except Memos and warnings because they couldn’t go to work due injuries and illnesses!!! My friend, Do you think when people hear these “true” stories will still want to join the company!!

      I put a 110% of my efforts towards a company who would honor me and believe in me as a human being not a slave!!! That’s why we are talking here and I hope you understand if you put yourself in our shoes!

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    • admindragana

      I am sorry, I should have been specific: it is VERY HARD to find a job in DUBAI after leaving Emirates. And you can ask that ground staff who were or are in the company for 6 or more years. They’re all trying for so long to find another job.

      You’re talking about managers from Australia, Canada and USA. I agree, they can find another job after returning to their home countries. Unfortunately, I am talking about the ones forgotten by everyone, seems to me – lower grades staff who don’t come from USA, Canada and Australia, and who have difficulties to find jobs back home.


  • Anonymous

    Dreamon that is not a completely accurate assumption.

    Majority of EK Cabin Crew that I talked to who left or were actively searching for new forms of employment while still flying had an extremely difficult time – especially in Dubai. While in certain parts of the world – the position of flight attendant is respected and has a sense of authority to it, in the Gulf it’s viewed as the role of a SERVANT – hence nobody wants to hire one.

    For better results – change Flight Attendant to Inflight Services.

    Yes – Emirates has a lot to offer and is an attractive brand – the question remains: at what cost?

    The treatment of ground staff, catering and cleaners is appalling – I’m ashamed of having been part of this organization for such a long time!


  • EK boarding agent

    Seems like Dreamon works in Emirates PR office. Nice try body, but the truth will always come out. You can’t humiliate thousands of your grade 4,5 employers whom you just call “staff” (or “stuff”??) with a pockier face and a luxury brand image. So many customers complain on emirates airport services simply because the staff is sick and tired of the company violation but due to certain reasons they can’t leave. Many leave and every week they bring new batch from all over the world (about 20 ppl in each batch). But still… They always short of staff. The question is why? Why dear Dreamon hundreds resign? Most of them even without a backup job, when they become aware of the way Emirates treats their employees?!
    Another topic… Yes that’s very true that after working in Emirates airline it’s difficult to find another job in Dubai. You can’t hide what’s happening inside the company even when so many people still frighten to death to speak out loud, rumors spread… Simple example. Recently I even was rejected in getting a visa to one of the western countries (first rejection in my life, though i had a lot of visas before). The explanation of the consulate was: because of my employment status… I’m ekas stuff of Emirates Airline…
    Make your conclusions, but for Gods sake, stop calling black – white and white – black.
    Kindly yours, Grade 4

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    • admindragana

      You see how even Emirates PR officers have their freedom of speech on this blog and their comments will never be deleted? They will never have such a freedom in their own company which they are paid to defend.



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