Passenger’s suicide at Terminal 3 (Dubai International Airport)

This is the e-mail which I’ve received today.

I have heard about the passenger who killed himself at Terminal 3 couple of weeks ago but I never knew circumstances of his suicide. According to this e-mail, passenger killed himself because he didn’t have the money to pay the penalty for missing his flight. He stayed at the airport for 5 days and, finally, he jumped from departures level to arrivals level.

If this news was investigated and published then we could discuss objective reasons why he killed himself, how come he stayed at the airport for 5 whole days before suicide or how could the suicide be prevented. This way we can only read this e-mail and wonder why should anyone send it to me if it isn’t the truth?

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Passenger’s suicide at Terminal 3, Dubai International Airport

First of let me tell you something i’am so proud of you you are a brave lady thank you so much we really needed someone like you to tell people the thrust about EK i just want to give you an information about emirates how they treat passengers 3 weeks ago there is a pax who killed himself at the airport in T3 he jumped from departure level to arrival .he was an indian he missed his flight he was suppose to pay a penalty of 200aed but he didn’t have money to pay he stayed at the airport during 5 days no one cares about him no one waived the penalty imagine how the person felt for sure he didn’t eat and he finally killed himself. I was expecting to read it in the news papers but nothing no one talks about they hide everything this company is shitttt i hate EK .


4 responses to “Passenger’s suicide at Terminal 3 (Dubai International Airport)

  • Skullduggery

    Dubai authorities have a say not Emirates on what gets published and what doesn’t. They also tend not to publish without contacting the family, and gaining their consent. On a more cynical note newspapers may not see this as newsworthy; regardless the lack of publication, very little to do with Emirates let alone EKAS.

    As you can see from the link above, these things do get reported.


  • admindraga

    Dubai authorities own Emirates Airline (cynicism?).

    No accusations here, just posting the received e-mail.

    This makes us wonder if we are living on the planet where 200aed have higher value than human life. Sometimes publishing the story prevents rumours. This way we can only wonder how can it happen that someone wanders around the airport for 5 days (maybe hungry?), not being able to go home. And that question does have everything to do with Emirates and EKAS.


  • ek staff

    Yes its true. He missed his flight but he couldn’t pay the penalty neither b able to eat so he jumped from Nero coffee to the arrival level.


  • EK boarding agent

    Yes, this information is true. Nothing surprising that they hide it, like many other awful things… That’s the first suicide that I’ve witnessed, but I’m working here only one year. Surely there were more, but no one cares.
    My friend from the boarding gates once found a passenger with a similar situation. He’s been in the airport for 3 days, hasn’t eaten at all, sleeping on the chairs, he missed his flight and had no money. They were from the same country with my friend that’s why they started talking and she was shocked when found out… She bought him food and a return ticket with her own money (800 euro salary), no one in emirates office wanted to help it out. The passenger was so happy… And who knows, maybe she saved another life…

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