Medical insurance in Emirates Airline #3

One more employee’s testimony about how Emirates Airline treats their own people. This one is very shocking and sad.

Medical insurance in Emirates Airline - comment

Medical insurance in Emirates Airline – comment


We are so sorry to hear that and i pray for you to get well, the truth about emirates now Spreading to the world… i personally witnessed a Death of an employee while on duty in Terminal 2 Ramp Dnata He was hit by a lashing belt Lock straight to head while he was trying to help unload a container from a cargo hold of an aircraft, He died on the spot as his head was hit by the Metal heavy lock.. and the surprising thing is they didn’t announce his death, they faked it that he passed away after couple of days in the hospital but you folks can you imagine that emirates/Dnata made a Report blaming the Late truck driver that he didnt follow the SOP’S ..just to avoid paying full benefits to his family can you believe that guys???? we end up as Colleagues raising founds to his family and thats what management asked us to do…like Dnata can not compensate the victim but asked the staff to do it…and we did if i still remember raised funds of approximately 40k or more….here is the thing when owners of the biggest businesses in Dubai like Emirates group Are the same High people who makes the Law they are definitely making the laws on their favors…i Own Emirates and i make the country law too so i Own the law too….



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