What staffs do free of charge in Emirates Airline

One person wrote this (quoted) comment yesterday, so it made me think about how much money Emirates Airline earns on the expense of the work that staffs do for them free of charge, while the company is not subject to the Federal Labour Law.

Hell, I didn’t manage to get my End of Service money (EOS) yet, which is around 500 euros. So, I was terminated with almost no money in my pocket, and there are a lot of things that I (along with my colleagues) did for free while I was working there.



The only company that give a 3 month training in 10 days is non other than emirates.
Staff are being forced to under go a 10 day training in ticketing with no previous back ground in ticketing and reservations.
Ticketing and reservations normally takes atleast 3 months course.
The facilitators have also hinted to the management that this training is ment/ favorable for people with a back ground in ticketing and reservation.
The management is depressing staff with warning letters and threats of termination if one does not take up the training.
Staff and under alot of pressure at ticketing counters making discrepancies on a daily basis and getting warning letters.
Stop bring misery to staff please
There has been no negotiation on added responsibilities to our job description as added responsibilities come with added pay..
Emirates has no value for staff they never respect the contract thus enslaving staff.

1. So, this is the first thing: ticketing. People were selected for the training which they had to attend. Training lasts for 10 days, although this (ticketing and reservations) programme takes 3 months to be properly mastered. This task brings more responsibility (for the company’s precious money), less flexible shifts (which influences replacements and sleep pattern), lower staff’s mobility between departments (ticketing staffs get stuck in ticketing position for a long time) and more stress (since staffs are punished when they make mistakes).

I even have a friend who finished the ticketing training, but she was never put on that task. Nevertheless, when she expressed her wish to change her shift and move to first and business class (only available shift), management refused her with the explanation that “she is ticketing staff”. So, she was ticketing staff, working at check-in tasks, forbidden to change her check-in shift for another cheek-in shift because she is ticketing staff who never worked as one?? How ridiculous is that? And how ridiculous are the admin staffs and controllers who refused her (at first; she had to go trough a lot of stress to get what she had the right to get).

So, ticketing staff is not paid more for more responsibility and more stress in dealing with money. 

Screenshot (44)

Staff’s comment and complaint about ticketing task

2. Grade 4 check-in staffs are regularly scheduled to work at check-in in First and Business class area, which is a job for grade 5. I was scheduled once to work there for whole three months. I wanted a change of a night shift (after 4 months of doing midnight to 10am shifts) and I got First and Business class. No training, no preparation, I was just put there to manage myself (with the help of my kind colleagues). And this happens to grade 4 staff often, since there is a lack of senior staff.

So, grade 4 staff is not paid for more responsibility, more work and more stress in dealing with company’s prime customers. 

3. Grade 4 and 5 multilingual and non-Arabic staff are called to help with translation every day. While Arab speaking people do get language allowance (which is the same amount of the money as one housing allowance per month), these people get one big nothing. And they are responsible if something goes wrong, or passenger is misunderstood or he is, simply, lying (it happens). Since passengers are always right in Emirates Airline, staffs can be severely punished for everything that passenger accuses them for. So, who would want to take this risk and translate for free, while others are paid to do it? Emirates ground staff, of course.

So, multilingual non-Arabic staffs are not paid for translating jobs and for the responsibility that they take for passenger’s words and claims.

Staff's comment and complaint about language allowance

Staff’s comment and complaint about language allowance

4. Since there is a lack of staff at the airport, supervisors usually split the queues and send passengers to another areas. The problem is that in another areas staffs already do other, different tasks. So, if they deal with denied boarding, for example (the most stressful area), they are forced to check-in additional people. This, sometimes, makes huge confusion and it slows down the process of checking in the denied boarding passengers (which has to be fast).

Or passengers can be sent to silver skywards counters. So, staffs have to check-in additional customers, while prime customers wait in the queue when the whole idea is that prime customers don’t wait!

Or passengers are sent to baggage drop counters. So, on-line checked-in people lose their privilege (same as silver skywards passengers) to drop their luggage quickly and, instead, they have to wait in the huge queues. Not to mention the anger among passengers that this causes.

So, staffs are not paid for doing several tasks at once and for taking the anger of the passengers. 


5. Sometimes airport is really busy and there is not enough staff, so one staff has to call closing flights in order for people not to lose their flights due to big queues. In that chaos people often don’t hear or don’t understand when their flight is called. Guess who takes the anger and responsibility?

So, staffs are not paid for being yelled at when it is airport’s or passenger’s fault. 

6. Working at transfer desk is grade 5 position. I was called once to help at transfer desk (I was grade 4). I went there, without preparation or training, I was briefed for 5 minutes and I helped. Can you imagine the stress? Yes, you are familiar with the task, but there are some additional things that you must do in the process of check-in and if you are responsible you want to do the job right. And if you want to do it without a mistake, you get stressed out.

So, staffs are not appreciated or awarded for walking extra mile to help the operation. 

7. If we take into consideration how much money company saves by not paying us our deserved EOS money, decent accommodation, direct buses to work, decent salaries and decent overtime money, you can do the calculations. Seems that management gets pretty nice salaries (thus my question to DVP Anoma Manuel how much is her salary, since I have to suffer for her to get it) on staff’s expense and for doing miserable job, really.

It makes you wonder who and why decided one day that people in Emirates Airline are not important for the customer’s experience and company’s profit? Who thought that company can squeeze educated people endlessly and without any consequences? Who was so mindless and unfit to run one big company like that?

If I missed something that staffs do for free in Emirates Airline, feel free to correct me. I have a headache now that I have calculated how much I have worked and I was left without money at the end of my service.



I have just remembered our IO (Invitation Only, VIP passengers) department. Grade 4 staffs are doing this (very) responsibe job. They have to have overall knowledge of the operation and to be very imaginative and creative. Yet, nobody pays them for dealing with the most important customers (from the view of company’s promotion in public) of Emirates Airline and for solving various and very difficult problems every day.

So, it’s 8 now. 8 things that staffs do for Emirates Airline for free.


2 responses to “What staffs do free of charge in Emirates Airline

  • Ryan

    Let me point out that the company made this “Allowance” payable for each one can communicate with Arab passengers, the company doesn’t want you to be professional in Arabic or even talk Arabic out the counters…Many staff from different nationalities and origins have taken a special courses just to have that allowance…but the question is, What have you done to get this allowance…have you tried learning some courses instead of talking like this!!!. I am from Europe and I never knew that there is a language in the world called Arabic and now, I am getting this allowance after taking some private courses which costed about 700 Dhs and please, don’t tell me that you can not find the proper time… just walk on the streets and merge with people or buy an Arabic newspaper and voila…I saved you the 700 Dhs!!! Where there is a will, there is a way my friend but apparently there is no nothing!!!

    When you wrote your story over the net, we became somewhat sympathized with you but frankly speaking and regardless of the true side of your story, you are about to not only losing your case, you are about to bring your self behind the bars….you have spoken badly about Arabs and you were living in their own country and working there….you have stir some ethnic problems which do not exist..I think you were briefed about the allowance and it was written in the contract same like me so, why you are complaining now….Why you have stayed almost 20 months “Silent” and when you reached your home country, you began to talk??

    My advice to you if you want to carry on, continue with your own story and your own experience the same way you started first. Don’t mention Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis, Americans…etc cause EK would never be EK without each one of them and don’t open the doors for others to stir ethnic contradictions.

    Good luck.


    • dragana1981

      Just read carefully:) I’ve never mentioned any nationality in a negative context. But discrimination by nationality key can’t be discussed without mentioning some nationalities. I blamed the company, not the Arab or any other people. So, I would have to ask you kindly not to open the doors for ethnic contradictions here, or I will have to delete your comment in a same way I delete rude comments about British, Indian, Arabs, Serbs, Russian or any other nationalities.

      Again, read carefully, in one of my articles I wrote that I like the country (UAE) and I like local people.

      I started the blog while I was in UAE. Again, read carefully before making any conclusions. Why I should write a blog if I think that there is still a chance for management to change their behaviour and to do things differently? Only when I was certain that they have no intention to change things, I started the blog.

      During my work, I was never “silent”. I was always expressing my dissatisfaction with bad treatment.

      Yes, you are briefed about the allowance, but you are not briefed that you will be called to translate other languages you know.

      So, it’s not about not having the time to learn Arabic (good for you that you have learned it, it’s an interesting and old language), it’s about wasting time (and money) that you have spent learning other languages.

      People rarely sympathize with others if they don’t walk in the same shoes. You are, actually, experiencing the same thing I did and this is why you are sympathizing. And you should.

      One more thing: maybe you are from Europe, but you are writing this comment from Jordan. 😉



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