Working for Emirates Airline – testimonial #1

“there a point also that is really critical, the medical insurance implemented not long time ago.I have been to 2 differents specialists. the 1st thing is you have to pay 50aed for the doctor consultation so means one part is covered. then after consultation where the doctor found necessary to make investigation and go through some necessary exam. the reception inform you that a request for approval has to be send to your company (ek) before doing those further checks. just because the amount of the exam you have to do is close to 1000a thousand dirham or a little bit more. then you are sent back home with your pains not knowing exactly what you are suffering from. and it so painful to say that it take minimum a week before the reception call you back to inform you if it was approved or not. I got a severe problem when i consulted the doctor who found necessary to go trhought a treatment that will take more than 2months. treatment was approved first time and second, third time i have been asked to pay by myself what is apporximatively half of my salary. as i coudnt afford it, all previous treatment done became then useless. some of the medecines are not covered. so even after consultation if the medications reach almost 600 tp 1000aed again you have to stand in the pharmacy at least for an hour to wait for approval.
the second doctor i saw in another medical center it took 3months before they called me to say that the approval for the exam i have to go through is rejected, then I had to run here and there to make them understand that my state is serious so they have to take care of me and the doctor also helped me.
you will be shocked after reading this, one doctor revealed to me that it Emirates itself who asked the insurance company ******** to make sure less expenses are made, only very serious cases should be considered fi amount is little bit much, but they have to discourage the staff thats why they are taking much time in the approval. are they HUMANS??????
Are we going to the hospital because its a pleasure to go their or like its a leisure place?
So my question is why shouldnt we get full insurance when most of the sickness we get are caused by this job we doing,this job where you are forced to go beyond your capacities physically and mentally until you system feels it very badly. you end up with the same sentence : if you not happy you can resign. then you resign going back home not in the state you came in the company (fresh) but damaged like a broken computer. when those people up there get full insurance for themselves and their whole family.”
Working for EK - Testimony #1

Working for EK – Testimony#1


9 responses to “Working for Emirates Airline – testimonial #1

  • Taimour Agha

    I have something to add here, the working environment in EKAS is really unhealthy at all, I just want to mention 4/4 shift as it is the “killing” shift and worst on human health if practiced for a long period of time. Back old days, the management was used to tell us that the SVP himself approved it therefore, juniors or the HR can not change it. This is absolutely wrong as the former SVP was against it. We are humans and human can get sick the question is why we can not go through our admin and be examined by EK clinic for sickness as like any other department? or by paying for private clinics and for medicines can reduce the number of “sick staff”?? The worst sarcastic thing, is that they give an appreciation certificates for staff who didn’t report sick for the whole year!!


  • jo

    Emirates group and their Rules are so ridiculous,Employees are just simply taken as SLAVES!! with no right to Talk or comment about their issues in one of the worst working environment and policies,otherwise they will face termination of service….VPs are getting paid very higher than the average for one reason is to suck the blood of employees with the minimum manpower till they get sick, exhausted or injured while performing their overcharged duties…then the cycle continue hiring new fresh excited staff ….and dump the old ones…one more thing the salary wages are paid not because of experience or seniority,its about where are you from and whats your nationality is !!!! its a huge discrimination there…

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  • Ritva

    The only company that give a 3 month training in 10 days is non other than emirates.
    Staff are being forced to under go a 10 day training in ticketing with no previous back ground in ticketing and reservations.
    Ticketing and reservations normally takes atleast 3 months course.
    The facilitators have also hinted to the management that this training is ment/ favorable for people with a back ground in ticketing and reservation.
    The management is depressing staff with warning letters and threats of termination if one does not take up the training.
    Staff and under alot of pressure at ticketing counters making discrepancies on a daily basis and getting warning letters.
    Stop bring misery to staff please
    There has been no negotiation on added responsibilities to our job description as added responsibilities come with added pay..
    Emirates has no value for staff they never respect the contract thus enslaving staff.


  • NaditaD

    Hi All. Its probably worth understanding that EK employees do not have actual health insurance provided by a health insurance company. Emirates is self-insured. Unlike normal insurance where the employees pay part of their coverage and the company pays part of the coverage to a third party insurance company which specializes in managing health and wellness as well as reviewing, and paying claims, Emirates uses the money paid into insurance by employees to cover health expenses and ultimately, turns a profit on this aspect of the business. There is some re-insurance for very expensive claims, but in general the job of ‘Medical Benefits Administration’ is to pay out as little as possible in employee health claims. Secondly, the people who evaluate medical claims are, in general, MD’s from India (4 year degree), with little or no direct experience with patients. If you happen to get one of these folks who does not understand the medical condition you are experiencing, they will likely simply not approve the claim and force you to appeal, just to pass the claim to another person. Emirates will likely never give up this system, even though it is wildly inefficient, and likely ultimately more expensive than just giving their business to a real insurance company, because they want to have control over their employees.

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    • Taimour Agha

      With all my respect, there is no “Medical Insurance” for critical and serious illnesses at all……Probably, what “NaditaD” said above about the people who evaluate medical claims is so true and I am telling you this from my own experience that happened with me on Feb 2010. Moreover, people there is just evaluate the patient based on the medical reports and would never ask to meet the patient in person to examine his/her medical status for better diagnosis and once again, I am talking about critical diseases.

      I was diagnosed of critical and rare illness when I had collapsed with sever seizure and “on duty”, I was rushed to Rashid Hospital by airport medical team where doctors had done CT scan to know what was the cause of the sever seizure, I was asked to deposit some 10,000 AED for MRI scan as CT scan was not sufficient to diagnose my case as doctors were suspecting a cerebral Hemorrhage case (please note that Rashid Hospital is a governmental hospital and I was having my governmental health card and I was in the Emergency ward!!). EK DID NOT interfere at all as every while a nurse would come and ask my colleague (who came with me) about the money!! Anyways, after I got back my conscious…I signed on the self-discharge form and left the hospital.

      I am a supervisor grade 6 and I had signed on the Medical Insurance scheme that was so different from grades below 6….I called some private hospitals when I reached home for doing the MRI on insurance but, I was told that EK MUST communicate with them first….I remember it was Friday and I had to wait till Sunday!!!

      Second seizure was introduced with the same detailed story except that I was transferred by ambulance to Dubai Hospital and again, I had to sighed on the self discharged form. During the week, I went with Duty Officer to Medical Benefit Administration to discuss my medical insurance and that I had to do the MRI scanning…..after a very long discussion, MBA had approved to do the MRI at the City Hospital.

      I don’t know till now how on earth EK came to conclusion that I was suffering from Arteriovenous Malformation even though, all the medical reports from different hospitals have written “Brain Lesion” and I wasn’t invited to see any one of EK doctor…not even a nurse from EK Clinic however, they have said that to throw me somewhere out of Dubai and never provide treatment which I was entitled for as per the medical insurance. EK had ignored that my brain had bleeded and came up with “their” new medical report which was basically was as a “fitness certificate” for travel to my homeland (patients with Hemorrhage or brain injury MUST not fly for a minimum period of 4-6 months) so that EK could stop my treatment which was discussed with MBA hence, termination to let me face my destiny alone without any kind of help and away from Dubai and them.

      I have a lot…..and I mean a lot of illegalities with proofs that happened to my case and how were “played” furiously and skillfully to get rid of me starting from HR managers all the way to the “man”!!! (a few weeks ago as I have our conversation saved after I have “helped him….yes helped him” and it is now ready for publishing all over the world after making some legal consultations as this would be the biggest surprise for all). I am sure by reading my story will make you even “throw up” of the inhumanity!!!


      • Anonymous

        Apparently you can sue EK where ever they have an operations office – get a lawyer and start making the preps.

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        • tagha1

          My treatment costed me too much and more than you can imagine as brain operations were done outside my country and I have to save every penny for that. Besides, taking EK to the court is not that difficult but, the court decision is not gonna happen in a day or a week, it could take years and years in the courts.

          Sometimes….loyalty can stop you from doing whats in your mind and take what whatever happened as “individual mistakes”, maybe I was wrong and defiantly totally wrong now and after reading stories of “Inhumanity” here.

          In 2012, I received many calls from lawyers of a “well known competitor” as they were calling from the US, they said that they have an offer for me….they would provide full treatment till recovery free of charge if I accepted to sue Emirates Airline through its Chairman as he would be responsible (directly or indirectly) for the staff and to attend some TV interviews with different western media they choose to explain my experience with Emirates Airline during my illness. They would file the case in the US to let the US government stop EK flights to the US and opening the world eyes on “Human Rights” within UAE through what is happening inside EK. I found out after, that this offer came from a passenger that I had helped his sick mother while transiting in Dubai and we became friends.

          The worst thing which had happened during my treatment life and before the termination, I had informed the HR manager who was responsible for my case that my doctors were doing all what they can to my case and they informed me that a medical seminar would take place in their country and its going to be a great chance to share my critical case with other doctors from all over world. I informed the HR manager almost a month prior the seminar and asked him if he kindly could transfer my DUES before that date…he promised me to do so and he said that’s too early but, when the time had approached…he went to BOM on “Vacation” and never left a hand over!!! When I called his cell phone he said “I am a human and I need a vacation” and ignored that I am a sick human that needs some kind of support so that I can have a chance to live my life without pain……hence, I didn’t attend the medical seminar!!

          It’s been since Feb 2010 and till now, I am under treatment……I became “Disabled”..Doctors have told me from the beginning that my illness is rare, critical and very dangerous, there is nothing guaranteed…..the tumor is a very large and lies in the left basal Ganglia, there is noway to remove the skull, cut the brain to remove it…..we would try to attack it from your leg artery all the way to your brain by Embolization and should be in stages. Thanks God….I am very lucky as the last patient of the same didn’t live to complete stage 4…..I am at stage 9 now and thanks God again……So the question is, why I wasn’t called to be examined by EK Doctors once I had collapsed on duty….isn’t worth it!! I had saved a passenger life in Dubai airport that I didn’t meet him before and he was’t working for me….I didn’t leave him alone even though I could…..or this page has to be folded ASAP so that other staff can have the same amount of the huge load of “Customer Service” for 12 hours and for a longer period…..I was having the 4/4 shift for more than 5 years….is there another cause!!

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