Why HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed AlMaktoum didn’t answer open letter?

It has been 17 days since I have posted the open letter to HH the Chairman of Emirates Airline.

No answer.

While I was in the process of fighting against my dismissal and for labour rights, me and couple of my colleagues went to Sheikh’s office twice and I’ve sent him couple of e-mails. He was never in his office and his staff answered only one of my e-mails, providing me with no other information than that HH “is away”. My Embassy forwarded my and my colleagues’s request for a meeting to Sheikh’s office. Still, there was no response.


I’ve heard almost only the best things about HH Sheikh Ahmed.

Also, this blog is attracting a considerable amount of public’s attention.

So, lets open a discussion.

What is the reason His Highness did not answer the open letter or request for a meeting?


One response to “Why HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed AlMaktoum didn’t answer open letter?

  • unknown

    My Dear friend do you think the top shots people actually will go through the letters ?? well lemme tell you THEY DON’T for them its just as nothing actually happened as of now and long long back they have plenty of money all they know is IF U DON’T LIKE IT U ARE FREE TO GO we can have many who can work at your place and this rule goes on and on .I myself am a victim of one of such cases . I myself trained the Arab national trainees and after a year i was made to report to one of them well it hurts when your student will teach you your job which actually you have taught him . Anyways back to the topic these top shots really don’t care so pointless sending them



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