Termination appeal meeting – audio record

This is an audio record that I have kept for myself until now for ethical reasons. I have decided to publish it.

Since I was honest from the beginning I told HR managers that I have recorded the forum. There is a possibility that they suspected this meeting to be recorded also but still some interesting statements appeared.

On this tape you can hear Michelle Carswell VP-HRBS-Comm & International and Mr Mohammad Mattar DSVP Airport Services.

You will, also, hear their ultimate contradictive argument: we don’t have staff so we are forcing people to come for overtime; we know that we have problems, but staff is happy, only few staffs have problems with passengers and staff can survive if they eat for 2 dirhams .*

* This is only my interpretation of the meeting, audio record is here to provide you with your own.



9 responses to “Termination appeal meeting – audio record

  • batman

    I work in dnata as chk in agent for 4 years now and we r facing the same issues.. i love what u’ve done here, i actually felt happy that finally sm1 had the guts to stand up for themselves.

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  • kendra

    I work for dnata for almost 4 yrs now and i can say i can relate to your posts. thank you for being brave enough not only to fight for your rights but for others as well. God bless you.

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  • SheenaMeena

    Deserves a little publicity.

    Well done brave girl!

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  • Ritva

    The only company that give a 3 month training in 10 days is non other than emirates.
    Staff are being forced to under go a 10 day training in ticketing with no previous back ground in ticketing and reservations.
    Ticketing and reservations normally takes atleast 3 months course.
    The facilitators have also hinted to the management that this training is ment/ favorable for people with a back ground in ticketing and reservation.
    The management is depressing staff with warning letters and threats of termination if one does not take up the training.
    Staff and under alot of pressure at ticketing counters making discrepancies on a daily basis and getting warning letters.
    Stop bring misery to staff please
    There has been no negotiation on added responsibilities to our job description as added responsibilities come with added pay..
    Emirates has no value for staff they never respect the contract thus enslaving staff.


  • Tony

    I am not even going to listen to this… These western HR “managers” are the worse. They sold their soul for a few dirhams, they are completely unprofessional but still pretending and snobbish and think they are the only ones who know how to run things. They are hopeless degenerates. 90% turnover rate and still talking like you are not a clown. Idiots.

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    • admindragana

      This devastated planet has no room for smart and honest people. Companies like this one run on the expense of people’s misery and on the incapability of those on higher positions. Smart and honest people know that greediness leads nowhere but to the devastation of life and their children. Stupid and greedy people know nothing except money and killing their own children.

      My conclusion from this meeting was that Mr. Mattar was seriously believing in the fact that someone is having a lunch for 2 dirhams and that he suppose to call for forced overtime when he doesn’t have staff. Ms. Michelle Carswell was exactly what you have described in your comment: pretending to know things, talking like teaching me where were my mistakes, expressing false empathy and really lost in her roles of the HR manager.

      I can’t say that company will die with this kind of management, company is already dead, just living on its old glory which is also fading, but I can say that they have no right to pull their employees with them.

      This is why I am so frustrated with the incapability of Ms Anoma Manuel. She (and many others there) thought that she can parasite on workers souls. That is why question about the salary hurt her so much. She is a parasite, not a manager and I have no idea at what point of the existence of this planet weak people took the charge over it.

      Yes, money and capitalistic “success” change people. This is why world needs honest and strong people, the ones who are aware of the importance of sustainable living and honesty and who know how to use the power they’we got instead of just being selfish parasites.


  • Workplace harassment in Emirates Airline | Truth about Emirates Airline Management

    […] can hear my whole story on the audio record from Termination Appeal Meeting with Ms.Michelle Carswell and Mr.Mohammad […]


  • Anonymous

    Mr Mattar expects airport staff to do forced overtime. While his own daughter who is a manager in finance has not done a single normal shift till date. Perhaps he should force his own daughter to work one whole shift before forcing hundreds in airport to work overtime.

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    • admindragana

      If this is true, it’s just makes me sad and angry because managers are having so many nerves to torture staff in cold blood, while their relatives are taking high positions, living good lives, on the expense of the multicultural staff from all over the world.



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