Responsibility of Anoma Manuel DVP EKAS

Two days ago I’ve got the message that DVP Anoma Manuel is “exchanging her role with DVP outstations”, so she would no longer be DVP EKAS. I am suspecting that this is done so that in the case of media involvement the situation can be defended with the “she is no longer here” argument.

I can only hope that new DVP will understand the damaged condition of his employees and that he will, from now on, make their lives a little bit easier.

I do understand that managing a big and multicultural department, such as EKAS, is very difficult, but there are rather different managerial tactics to keep control over department than just bullying around, which is what Ms Anoma does. She may be in the company for a long time, she may did some favours to the management or presidency, she maybe knows the president himself, but she never had true knowledge or skills to be DVP.

I do understand that it is difficult to be a female “boss” among predominantly male managers, in an Arab country, and coming from Sri Lanka. I really do. You have to prove to others (men, mostly) that you are not just some “house maid”. You have to gain authority over predominantly male (and Arab) managers, you have to be strong and you have to play your role for a long time. You are, also, in the capitalist machine of making money and you are under great pressure not to make a mistake and lose some of that money. This is where skills and knowledge come to the scene, and they would help Ms Anoma to build successful department if she only had them.

Skills and knowledge are not something you are born with. You have to learn throughout your whole life. Moreover, you have to learn on your mistakes, to admit that you were wrong in some situations, swallow your ego, clear the dirt from your clothes and continue with a new attitude and a different approach. Ms Anoma went by easier way. She figured out that she has a power to punish employees for not “obeying” her, and she did it.

Obedience of managers and employees is not something you request in a modern, international company, especially if your employees are more educated, and sometimes, more skilled than you are and if they are coming from the countries with developed awareness of human and labour rights.

When I have asked Ms Anoma, on our meeting, why everyone is afraid of her when she walks around the airport, she answered “Maybe they are doing something wrong”. Really, Ms Anoma? You haven’t think for just one second, that you are the one doing something wrong? You have so little respect for employees that you keep them like a herd of scared cows waiting to be slaughtered?

The sad part is that Ms Anoma is just a product of the system. Yes, she did reach the position where she could change things and influence some members of the presidency, but as she did not learn anything from her past experiences, she just continued to stamp on her staff and anyone else who endangered her authority or position.

EK HR managers are the biggest disappointment. They are just dummies in the hands of managers. When staff expected salvation from HR managers, they just behaved repressive, failing to show any understanding for sufferings of their employees. They justified everything that Ms Anoma Manuel did, including forced overtime, although they know it is illegal. And they are coming from UK and Australia, countries with developed systems of human and labour rights.

At the end of the day, HR managers are just conducting meaningless surveys; dealing with resignations or terminations of the staff (this last role is specific for one mysterious HR manager by the name Karen).

They know nothing about other roles of HR management: staff motivation, establishment of organizational culture and communication, staff promotion, etc.

HR Managers became so lazy that their only (shocking) answer when someone is complaining is “why don’t you resign if you are not happy?” Or, when you explain them that staff is suffering, their only sarcastic response is “So, you are their voice?” (This is what I’ve got from HRM Michelle Carswell). So, why are you there, dear HR managers?

Bottom line: no one cares any more. For managers, EK became big cow for milking and living good lives with a lot of benefits, then going back to the home countries when there is enough collected milk to live nice lives back home. It leads to just one place – nowhere.

This is why someone has to take responsibility for all the mistakes and slavery culture built inside the company. Moving bad managers from one position to another and protecting them is not a solution. Bringing and keeping good managers, people with integrity and strong ethic system and nurturing internal culture of constructive opposition (not obedience) is a solution.



33 responses to “Responsibility of Anoma Manuel DVP EKAS

  • Rob

    Dragana, jel’ ti pokusavas ipraviti krivu Drinu? 😉


  • Draganamum

    What is the stereotype for your nationality Ms Dragana. You need to respect in order to be respected. I understand why emirates did not want you in their employment.


  • Anonymous

    Fuck off all,.. thank u dragana for the main concern that other dosnt capt it 😉 full of support for u


  • girl

    You guys are full of Crap. Be grateful that you have a job that puts food on your table. Ask for whatever you want in a professional manner instead of washing dirty linen in public. This says more about your attitude than Emirates itself. Emirates is a great company to work for.


  • Hyperhogg

    Anyone with a shred of common sense will see what you are saying even if there is an occasional need for finesse in the way that you say it. Yes, as a rule (I could be wrong, but doubt it) women from SE Asia and thereabouts are not over-represented in management positions across the ME region – anyone who is, would have to have fought (possibly even trampled on people?) to get there – and would feel a constant need to defend it

    Nobody could have anything less than admiration and respect for the devoted nannies and housemaids, who do so much to help raise good children and enable professional couples to stay in the job market across the Gulf – and indeed the hard-working manual workers who clean the streets, lift refuse, and do hazardous work on building sites. But yes, if you told me you would introduce me to someone from that part of the world, and asked me to guess their job – yes, I’d probably say something similar. In our part of the world there is tremendous pressure not to lose face too.

    None of these factors are an excuse for bullying and threatening people, or treating every answer that isn’t an instant ‘yes’ as a punishable offence!!!

    I could list many good things about Emirates but have learned through close friends of bad things too.

    ‘Slavery’ may be a strong word that people will not respond to. It may well be the case that there are thoughtless and inappropriate methods of people management that start to verge almost on abusing and bullying the workforce – and bending of rules that is enforced with pressure and even verges on the illegal. Certainly it seems that there are some unpleasant methods of handling people that are needless as well as contrary to good business sense. A pity as there are some fantastic people also.

    Again, the idea that ‘if you have a disagreement, it must be personal’ or ‘if you have a grievance about something, you must dislike your job so leave it’ – make everything confrontational – nonsense, this is simply not a way to manage international talented staff. The idea that if someone’s presence is distracting or creates a bad atmosphere, is because they have done something wrong – this is not Prisoner Cell Block H! Some of the ways my friends’ wives tell me you are marked as ‘absent’ are highly questionable.

    As you say, respect is ultimately earned not given although any big company generates an enormous pressure to produce both profits and results. You can only get so much out of people by pressuring and pushing them. Pulling a horse towards the water is a painful and tiring exercise that eventually gets you thrown from the saddle, whilst cajoling and encouraging tries your patience in the beginning – but then pays off dividends when the horse eats out of your hands. If your business is hospitality and people, then not everyone can get what they want quite simply you’ve gotta have a happy workforce. If not, the intelligent customers Emirates attracts can see through a forced smile and an anxious person serving them..

    You often as a manager must tell people things they don’t like to hear – but also to a point your job is to defend your workforce and deliver some of their needs! I wouldn’t have voiced it in the phrase ‘you job is to…) (instantly puts noses out) but I get your point.

    A friend of a friend (now returned to Australia) got a severe nosebleed in the heat some years ago, then was punished and warned for leaving his desk. What, was he supposed to stay put and smile with blood dripping all over the desk and all over the customers? Would this have been preferable and helped raise the public image of the company? He loved the job but this was a nasty experience for him.

    There was no need for that disgraceful comment elsewhere about Eastern Europeans and certain lifestyles known for – in any nationality, there are as many professions and variations as there are people.

    Once again, all the best D.

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  • me

    Hyperhog, you make sense but you are basing your judgement on hearsay. I don’t deny the fact that there may be areas within Emirates that need addressing but one must realize a company as EK with more than 60k employees, they must be doing something right.

    Also, I would not expect to be introduced to an Aboriginal when introduced to an Australian.


    • dragana1981

      Maybe they know how to do something right trough surveys?

      me, are you working in Emirates?


    • Hyperhogg

      To a point you are correct ‘Me’, I don’t work for them and in fact have many positive things to say about them, as do those I know.

      Yes I know any large organisation will have a proportion of difficulties.

      However having ‘married in’ (with many colleagues who have done likewise) and with extended family in the business, I get to see and hear an interesting cross-section from a pretty solid and trustworthy group of sensible people. These people and their families are not a squeaky bunch of kids away from home for the first time who bitch and whine when they don’t get their bonus or get told off. (Incidentally this is also how I count amongst my friends some wonderful maids and nannies etc from across East Asia). These are also people who love the aviation business, the Gulf Countries and Emirates Airlines itself. It has been a gateway to a new life for many people.

      However there are some worrying and ongoing themes which tally exactly with what I hear from trusted friends, and friends of friends, sometimes in person at dinner parties. Or I see it wiith my eyes though nothing is said, and a word with the husband or wife confirms.

      Dragana comes across at times as blunt and clumsy (which she’d probably admit herself) but also brave, frank and honest, speaking up whilst others just nod and be intimidated.

      Listening to the soundtrack of a meeting, I would use it to train my management cadre on how not to speak to and motivate people. Listening to that really speaks for itself irrespective of what could have been said differently.

      Overtime you are rostered on to do that you don’t have a choice about doing, and is not in your contract, is therefore uncontractual and is forced overtime – people are people and need to be spoken to like people (I say as a manager who has had to discipline staff at times). The whole business of summoning people on off days for ‘hearings’ or sending medical cases away (then charging them with fleeing the sponsor) is also familiar, as is threatening disciplinary action for basically asking a question or not nodding like a sheep.

      As a manager I know that costs must be held in balance, to include staff overheads too. However I am also aware of the genuine struggle to get by especially with commuting costs on top of the exhausting job.

      I am not waving any burning torch for Dragana, nor am I throwing stones at Emirates Airlines. I can praise and criticise both. Had a proper system of representation been there, she would have had a mentor who could better advise her on how to make certain points. But if not listened to, then you have to shout a little louder/

      The fact though is that the nub of the matter is correct, there is bad management and demotivating handling of staff, people of the wrong calibre chosen to manage and conditions of service that make life in Dubai a debt-swamped struggle. Those who try even tactfully to speak out are dealt with swiftly, so occasional a brave soul has to find it in themselves to shout a little louder.

      In this case, her name is Dragana. We don’t have to award her five gold stars for everything, but when it gets to essentials let’s give her the respect she deserves.

      Once again, the individual making disparaging comments about Eastern Europeans should be ashamed and seek help.


      • Giggles

        @Hyperhogg, your comments always so unbiased and very well written. You might not be having the initials DNP could you? You sound like someone i worked for previously in Dxb. 🙂


        • Hyperhogg

          Regrettably not, but thank you for your kind words – appreciated.

          To me this whole thing is about core principles. When you peel away the surface and secondary things and get to core issues, yes there is a problem, yes it behaved hurtfully with D, and yes she was courageous in her response.



  • Taimour Agha

    My Dear Dragana,

    You have opened a very big wound that never heals however, due to your courage of writing this and your sacrifice….you have encouraged me to write my story with Emirates Airline in a blog that’s way different from yours I mean, we all suffered from iniquity and injustice as long as we are “their” staff….but the last thing we expect, is to have a little bit of “HUMANITY” as we are all human regardless of our skin color or nationality.

    I was against “hurting” Emirates Airline in any way no matter what and what ever had happened to me, I took it as “individual mistake” as am like many other staff, down to earth Emirates and my blood group is “EK”.

    Emirates Airline is wonderful company and it is very strong, we admit that the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 had affected the whole world but on that period, Emirates Airline was buying new planes when other companies were merging together and some were declaring bankruptcy however, this “internal issues” is going to leave EK with a big huge wound.

    My story which soon I will publish it in different blog is full of “inhumanity”, back on Feb 2010, I was collapsed with sever seizure on duty and rushed to Rashid Hospital where they refused to do MRI scanning unless I deposit 10,000 AED and the Health Card that was provided by the company was not helpful and meaningless in my case. Anyways, to avoid further embarrassment, I had to sign on the “self-discharged” form and went home.

    Ever since that time, my life became “unreliable” in a sense that, I had about 5 seizures and every time was rushed to Rashid and Dubai hospitals, doctors from both hospitals have asked me if I recently have a stroke or hemorrhage or even felt something unusual, I remembered that I had a weird case that happened almost 1 month ago, they were not sure but symptoms were just like hemorrhage however, they recommended MRI scanning as soon as possible.

    I had to bring my mother from back home as I was staying alone and if seizure happened while sleeping, this could mean a definite DEATH!!


    I don’t want to continue with my story on your blog but sure I will let everyone knows how EK had dealt with my medical case and I will speak about everything with evidences, many many violations happened from HR, managers all the way up and you all be the judge here!! It’s been more than 4 years and till now am suffering from the pain, till now am under treatment and I could face death in any moment.


  • Mariam

    My dear friends

    Its not just Emirates this type of behavior and attitude is found everywhere in the UAE. There are very few places where humanity exists. Do not expect any sympathy from anyone. Hearts have hardened, ears have become deaf and they have become blind. If you think no one is reading the comments every comment is being read by the concerned personnel. NO ONE CARES. We can just write on a blog and pour our hearts out it will not makeI any difference to anyone. I can write a book on what I have gone through and going through. Unfortunately no one hears as everyone is hand in glove with each other. Corruption is high, I was told by tormentor he has contacts with the police and even they will not take my complaint which was exactly what happened. Just forget and pray for DIVINE JUSTICE.

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  • Tagha1

    Dear Mariam,

    What you said is true and we are not asking them for “sympathy”…I’ve been waiting for more than 4 years for my right which the law gave it to me….and of course, for each one of us. I’ve been on 4/4 shift for more than 6 years…back old days, we had to work for more than 20 continuous hours after the second night on forced O/T to support our company…some of our colleagues have done car accidents because they were sleeping while driving after their 12 hrs shifts. The worst part is, if someone didn’t attend the O/T he would be banned from any promotions and if you report sick, you have to bring medical certificate from “their authorized” clinic as sometimes they don’t honor same from a certain clinics and you can only a certain hours in a month to report sick after that, you will face a “disciplinary action”!!. Enough when I say that I am suffering from “Brain Tumor” since more than 4 years…Do you think there is another reason, we all did the required medical examinations before joining and upon the positive results, we were recruited, they shouldn’t deny that.


  • doyouknow


    What do you know about Anoma? Her wealth of experience, knowledge and determination? She was not born yesterday as DVP-EKAS. She too started her career from the grass root level and rose up to where she is today purely because of her dedication, passion and simply – fire in her belly. You have only associated with her for a year or little more? which by it self disqualifies you to even speak about her.

    You have taken the liberty of criticising the HR of EKAS, the management and the process not only in public but also through internal communication whilst you were still an employee in such an inappropriate and unprofessional way. And you call yourself an ‘Experienced HR Manager’. Reflect on your very own reaction which in itself is self explanatory of your so called HR Professionalism.

    Yet again your professionalism goes down the drain when you brought up the Nationality. Comparing Anoma’s command of the Job to the need of having to proove to the Men who rule this land that she’s not another ‘Housemaid’ (rather ‘Domestic Help’ to word it in a more professional way) was indeed unnecessary. Anoma had proved her capability & comand well enough in her career for the world’s leading Airline to induct her into the organisation and benefit from her knowledge, experience & expertise. People are not threatened by her authority to be punished if they voice out their thoughts. They are quiet rather gobsmacked to even speak because she talks facts and she puts it out on the table for everyone to see & learn. She sure knows what she’s talking and so do people who listen to her. She is never afraid to speak her mind out for the right reasons. If you are truthful you take it if not you can debate it in your own world. Emirates has never seen such a passionate professional in their history and they never will. And hence have they moved her to handle a bigger challenge that needed some Essence of Anoma.

    HR does not work to the beck & call of the Management. They work towards ensuring a balanced approach, implementation & practice of policies and procedures. How closely have you worked with them to understand their worth ethics and principles? Do you have any idea of the time and effort and careful thought that goes into each and every decision before it is made? You may only see them coming and sitting in Disciplinary meetings but do you know the number of back end meetings, discussions, case & legal references that they have to literally chew before a decision is being made?

    Out of this whole ‘Saga’ directed, scripted & produced by you, there is just one take away – reflect the right ‘Attitude’.

    Had you approached your concern of not wanting to attend training on your off day/come in to work on your off day with a humble yet professional manner by addressing it to your chain of command with the right attitude, today you would be one amongst those staff who would have made their day and of the Passenger pleasant & memorable.

    Take some time to think, reflect on your self genuinely and work on things you have explored from within.

    Wish you well…


    • dragana1981

      Doyouknow, can you introduce yourself?

      My concern was not (primarily) attending the training on my day off (although Ms Anoma felt that she is free to take all of our days off). My concern was that my TWO days off were taken from me and I was given less than 5 hours to sleep.

      I am sorry, but I had a right to be upset because of that. I had to send polite emails for one year to admin and managers to correct all of their roster and other mistakes.

      This is not a professional behaviour and nobody ever apologized for this torture. No one in EKAS management behaved professionally towards me. Ever.

      I have met Ms Anoma, I have talked with her twice, my managers passed me her messages while they were giving me my warnings. She has no skills to be a manager. She is just bullying around.

      Which company threatens its employees with prison?

      Which company imposes forced overtime?

      What managers are speaking with their employees with such an arrogance and disrespect?

      Which company tortures their employees with shifts which have no justification in operational needs?

      Which manager tells its employees “If you don’t like it there are many others waiting to take your place” except Ms Anoma?

      Many people, who don’t have proper education, think that being a manager is being a god over other people’s (private) lives. It is not. You have to respect the employees because they also have that “fire in their belly” and that dedication. If you are above them in a company hierarchy it doesn’t mean that you are better than them. It means that you were there longer than them and maybe you were a little bit lucky to work with Tim Clark in Sri Lankan Airways.

      Ms Anoma showed her real bully face when she wanted to “improve” check in system. Instead of giving the staff bigger salaries, they paid a lot of money for the new ABC system. New system was implemented forcefully, although nobody, including supervisors and duty officers, could work in unfinished and untested system that missed so many functions that regular operation needs.

      This is well beyond my control now. Company just hurt too many people, and they are the ones who keep this show going. When you treat people like kleneex, you have to expect that some day a critical mass of injured people will appear, and that would be the day when all bursts outside.

      Wish you well, also.


    • dragana1981

      One more thing: it is so typical for people not to admit stereotypes that exist. It is a very dangerous way of thinking. If we are going to fight the prejudices, we have to be aware of them.

      I did not bring up nationality. Not even once. Not in my articles, not in my comments. I brought up only prejudices.

      Ms Anoma had to fight against them, also. And I understand that. Being a strong supporter of women rights, I am always glad when I see woman on a top position. This is why I feel sorry to say that Ms Anoma is a bad manager and a bully.


      • Jason

        Dragana please ignore the doyouknow person.
        Looks like he/she is one of Anoma ‘ s jail keepers.
        Please don’t waste your time replying to such cowards who don’t mention their name.


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    • Hyperhogg

      Here’s the tissues DYknow

      A workforce has to be treated like very intelligent form of herd. Move as a group, treat them as individuals and get to know them as far as you can, mostly encourage and cajole, occasionally push if necessary, incentivise good performance and initially coach (rather than punish) points of weakness. Someone whose first point of recourse is threats and warnings is, by definition, weak and a failed manager (-ess)

      An initially tiring effort almost always repays a hundred times.

      What’s it like up there? Looks good? The view from the top a manager gets is always good, as I know from my own line of work.

      Even the fall can feel good, as you’d know if you’ve ever taken a parachute jump.

      When the ground hits, however, it’s hard. Very, very hard. And all your erstwhile friends abandon you. Here comes the proverbial boom.

      And wipe your nose, appears there’s something with a brown tinge on it.


    • hate asslickers

      This is such a bullshit one another anomas licker interesting how much did she pay you to write this.
      She is so nice that ekas staff wants her come and do hand baggage task 12 hours for hydirabad. Lol


    • changeisneeded

      I just saw this comment i might be a little too late on the answer but here is my 2 cents on the comment left by doyouknow they work in EKAS HR department from the way they wrote and how they defended anoma meaning they worked for a long time in EKAS and watched her grow and grow but see let me give you my 2 cents as a national what dragana said is true every nationality coming to the UAE should be humble and thankful for many dont have such chances or end up in jobs not meant for them when they have good potentials in other jobs but as a UAE national saying this not any human on earth is even allowed to push a human NOT ANY human to the limits of feeling enslaved and yes i used the word enslaved i am ashamed to what happens in the airline to every citizen from around the world being pushed as far beyond their limits cause i guarantee you these are not the ethics we stand for in any time or space in the world and yes racism does exist in the company i have seen it as a traveler on the airline till i stopped supporting them i mean come on you see the exhaustion on their faces and i even further refused to spend my money on the airline after working with them for a long good period seeing it from the inside and outside and seeing the sad truth the cracks will come to the surface one day and it’ll be a fact and a sad one tied to the UAE’s name as they hold the name too and its something i do not want to see that airline needs refurbishing from head to to with a humble professional and ethical team and for gods sake someone needs to remove the dinosaurs sitting in positions from 15 years no one and i mean NO ONE should be holding a position that long the positions needs to be freed up after 5 years max and in those 5 years who holds that position should already be training someone else too to take over and no not what the position holder picks but an ethical HR that looks at every individuals efforts put into the business not by blackmailing staff into overtime while managements snores away in the weekends if staff are working then guess what you are staff even if you are management so you need to come in every hour of everyday you are paid a huge amount so you should be sacrificing the most you wanted to get this far will it does not come without sacrifices and one of them might be even living in the office you work in not sleeping the most while the rest comes in and as a business owner i do not allow anyone to hold any position for longer that 5 years i have juniors growing and you should be training them to take your place not set roots in it and part of growing career wise is even entailed on a manager by not getting comfy but also trying new paths and self challenging not every degree you take should be what you stick to for 40 years one day you might be customer service agent next day you might wanna grow and try marketing then next might be even taking up financing and whoever this doyouknow is i would advice you to not even respond at all as i know the benefits of my country’s image and future and our name better than you would ever do and one of them is defenitly is realigning emirates back into the old true golden days of proper genuine and professional ethics by people who are experienced and humble not cocky people who half lied on their cvs and their references and bringing half of their families into management those slots can be avail to other professional individuals who have been in the same positions for 10 years in the company and have dedicated time and effort who can also add more good to the company not the harm that names such anoma and others have put our company into this is a severe damage on our name too.

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  • doyouknow

    ABC was not Anoma’s invention. It was a Business Requirement to reduce Staff engagement time with Systems whilst assisting passengers. Like any new system implementation there are teething problems and you learn & rectify along the way. The system was tested with prominant functionalities and staff feedback was taken and actioned during testing & after. The learning and system perfection is continuing to date. When you implement systems in such a dynamic environment you can only troubleshoot on a case by case basis.

    Please don’t portray that you know everything that happens at EKAS. You only have facts of the end result and not of the facts that determine the end result.

    You are clearly inexperienced in terms of Industry Knowledge, Management and even more lack professionalism in your approach. You cannot compare the knowledge of Industry professionals which is equivalent to that of your age.

    Managing the largest hub operation of Emirates isn’t a child’s play ground. And the management has been successful only with the help of their capable & talented staff.

    You haven’t gone any far from this blog and comments on this topic. Which itself is selfatory.

    Remember these words of wisdom…

    ” You see the same people all the way up & down in your life..”


    • dragana1981

      You still haven’t introduced yourself. Please do. Then we can talk equally since I am discussing things with you under my real name.

      Industrial knowledge is just an excuse argument for you. When you are implementing new system, you do it on a selected group of people, not on the whole department. Otherwise, you cause whole system to collapse when something goes wrong and your staff to be frustrated (especially when they are blamed and punished for system mistakes).

      On an open forum one Duty Officer complained about ABC system. While I was at work, supervisors were looking for someone to write an e-mail to Ms Anoma to give their negative opinion on ABC and to ask previous system back.

      Staff was even threaten with punishments if they don’t use ABC system.

      Even if ABC was not Ms Anoma’s project, she had to listen to her staff and pass the feedback to developers. Instead, ABC was forcefully implemented in whole department.

      Being a manager is not an achievement. Being empathetic and decent human being is.

      This comment of yours is a pure manipulation. Unfortunately, claims and accusations do not make you experienced and skilled. They just make you a manipulator who forgets to answer the important points but answers the benign ones.

      I have met Ms Anoma twice and I was in her department for one year and five months. You said that it is not a ground to judge someone. So, how come then you took the liberty to judge and accuse me and you have never met me?


  • AnotherEKstaff

    Wow! Doyouknow, i would say you are Anoma herself, well if you are, let me tell you, you are going down, and it’s going to hurt, both in your pocket and your pride, maybe that day you will learn to treat people as humans.


  • hate asslickers

    Another ek staff well said I was assuming that it is Anoma. Or it is someone who she paid for to protect her here. However it is useless to do so 2000 ekas staff know that she is Desperate uneducated demon! And she is hater number 1. I just feel bad for outstation staff :((( she must leave company!


  • A

    ABC should be aborted. It doesn’t help anyone either. Anyone who have trouble with their transactions at the counter have to look around for someone using GUI just to ‘finish off’ the transaction,now tell me,is it reducing staff system engagement or the other way around?

    #abort ABC


  • Ritva

    The only company that give a 3 month training in 10 days is non other than emirates.
    Staff are being forced to under go a 10 day training in ticketing with no previous back ground in ticketing and reservations.
    Ticketing and reservations normally takes atleast 3 months course.
    The facilitators have also hinted to the management that this training is ment/ favorable for people with a back ground in ticketing and reservation.
    The management is depressing staff with warning letters and threats of termination if one does not take up the training.
    Staff and under alot of pressure at ticketing counters making discrepancies on a daily basis and getting warning letters.
    Stop bring misery to staff please
    There has been no negotiation on added responsibilities to our job description as added responsibilities come with added pay..
    Emirates has no value for staff they never respect the contract thus enslaving staff.


    • dragana1981

      Yes, I am familiarized with the situation of ticketing staff since couple of my batch mates finished the training. Now, they don’t complain much about the technical part, although I do know that they have problems with discrepancies and warnings (this is a usual thing in EK).

      And I do know that you are not paid for the additional responsibility and shift inflexibility that you have to handle. Working with money, especially in the organization that cherish money more than its people, is stressful.

      I have asked them once why they agreed to have the ticketing training and they told me that they were under impression that they have to, otherwise it would not be good for their careers (I think that they could refuse, but since there is all-present fear of job loss and from mistakes, they didn’t dare to refuse).

      The thing is that money from ticketing staff at the counters goes directly to EKAS, while money from the main office doesn’t (as one friend from ticketing counter once explained to me). This is why this ticketing staff exists.

      We should ask ex DVP EKAS Ms Anoma for further information.



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